June 30, 2010

Megan Fox is married, Gaga as a boy?! damn world!

ok..few not so important updates here, first of all..did you guys know that Megan Fox is married? when the eff did that happened? according to TMZ, Megan Fox married his boyfriend, Austin Green in Hawaii last week, it was a simple ceremony..there's gonna be a lot of disappointing guys out there, after this hot picture of Megan Fox appeared last week

next update is have you heard about (possible) Lady Gaga's photo shot by Vogue Hommes Japan? take a look at Jo Calderone a.k.a Alejandro (+C)? a.k.a Gaga's alter ego..AS A BOY! sources are here and here

now this is disturbing, if this is Gaga, won't this intensify the fact that she could be a man?! speculations are still running around the web, can't say anything until an official statement..

well, until next time, cheerios!

June 28, 2010

2010 World Cup so far

so, it's World Cup season if you don't know, how could you NOT know? even if you're not a fan of sports, you should know this, unless you either dead or mentally unsound..

anyway, there are a lot of controversies surrounding the World Cup, from denied goal to unexplained red card to a clear offside position..

so to round things up, here are some videos of World Cup 2010's biggest controversies..

this was USA disallowed goal against Slovenia, which I still don't know why it was disallowed

here is Brazil's player, Kaka getting red card for doing freaking NOTHING!

here is Frank Lampard goal (0:20 seconds) being denied by the referee and the linesmen, which as you can see is pretty obvious a goal, but England loss 4-1 to Germany

Argentina's offside goal..still blaming the linesmen

however, there is some amazing shot..here are few so far..

Spain vs Chile, 45m goal..I feel sad for the stupid goal keeper

Portugal 7 goals against North Korea, biggest goal yet in 2010 World Cup..

there are still many more, and I'm sure many more will come..until then

June 23, 2010

Katy Perry's California Girls video

Katy Perry's new music video California Girls feat Snoop Dog

now the video is all kind of sexy and hot..but look for the part where Katy Perry laying on the cloud..

enjoy the video!

June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 review

move over Up..there's a new sheriff in town!

Toy Story 3 can be summarize in 1 word, TEARS, not because it was bad, but because it was so damn good

I remember the first movie, I knew there was going to be a great ending one day..I don't know if there's a 4th installment, but if the franchise end on the 3rd movie, it will be a great ending indeed

at first I was very skeptical about watching the movie, after the disastrous Shrek Forever After (oh..I didn't review on that, but it was disastrous) Toy Story 3 really have a good story line

so here's the review and


the story so far...Andy is going to college, and he hasn't been playing with the toys for quiet some times now, and the toys feeling alone and left behind, this lead to idea that Andy is going to throw some of the toys away, they had lose many of their former friends from Toy Story 1 and 2 including Wheezy and Woody's love Bo Peep, it is not mention why there weren't there, it could be either they were thrown out, left in the attic or sold

no more love from Bo Peep

the singing penguin from Toy Story 2, Wheezy

now the team consists only a few of the original toys, including Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Mr and Mrs Potato Head, even the army guys leaving the team to go to a better place

when the toys mistook Andy's intention of moving the toys out from the room as an act of throwing them out, they set their goal on going to a nursery where there would be kids all the time for them to play with..this however was a mistake

at first everything seems to good to be true, but this was just an elaborate lies done by an old toys, Lotho, that had its heart broken by his kid a long time ago..Andy's toys were force to play with very young kids that brutally abuse Andy's toys, and led them to feel even more miserable and lost hope

Woody, who doesn't want to be part of the toys that choose to stay in the nursery, wanted to go home to follow Andy to college, but instead getting tangled up with Bonnie, when trying to escape the nursery, Bonnie is another kid but with great imagination, and much like Andy when he was young

when Woody heard that the nursery was a bad place, he vow to help his friends escape even with the risk of losing Andy going to college, with much adventures and misadventures they finally escape the nursery and Lotho misdeed was finally paid

the toys reach Andy's home just in time for Andy going to college, so Buzz, Jessie and the other toys decided that Andy's attic can't be as bad as the nursery, but Woody would leave with Andy to college, this sadden the them, that they would finally be apart

however a last minute idea by Woody gave hope that they would stay together, Woody wrote in a note to donate the toys to Bonnie, because of what he felt when he played with Bonnie, Andy was reluctant at first, especially when Woody decided to stay with Bonnie too, in the end, confident that Bonnie would take care of them just like Andy had done for years, Andy left for college leaving all the toys with Bonnie

and so a new story begins

Toy Story 3 has a very good story line, it doesn't have a great twist, but why would you need that in a kid's movie right? it is simple, short, lovely and funny

the ending bring tears to anyone that watched, unless you're not a fan of the franchise or cartoons, which can only mean that you have a very sad childhood..

anyway, the story definitely deserve a 4.5/5 stars due to its well written script, simple yet funny jokes, great songs, tearful dramas, and just by bringing in some of the original traits that made this movie a must watch movie for those that love the franchise and great cartoons

and so, I left with the ever lovely original song of Toy Story franchise You've Got A Friend In Me sang live by Randy Newman

brings back my childhood memories

June 14, 2010

post surgery craze?

so here's something, yesterday, went out and to see Fina, just heard she had a surgery, nothing big she said, but nonetheless..we all are worried

so Jaja gave the idea to go and see Fina, the idea is simple, meet up and see Fina..with just 1 tiny problem, nobody freaking know the way! HAHAHA

so I suggest, using MRR2, since it's the nearest possible way..but we got lost and well, we went on to AKLEH and then out to Jalan Tun Razak..you know what? I just let you see the map below

yeah..how do you like that? from up north to down south and take a u-turn and voila! you reach her house..what a luck! hahahaha

anyway, she was fine...I really thought she was like lying on bed, doing nothing, all bundle up..BUT NOO..she was healthy as an ox..well maybe not exactly like an ox..but she's fine..

the plan was to go visit and go home, but the she got this crazy idea to go eat ayam kampung, according to her, FAMOUS among the resident there..and off we go..and we all thought, that's that


suddenly out of the blue she decided to go and watch a movie! she's the one that supposed to be sick! so bout 5 minutes (according to Fina) later, we arrived at Leisure Mall..watch Killers and went home..oh! quickie about the movie..AWESOME! Katherine Heigl is SOO hot!

so there you go, I'm glad we could make your day better Fina, let's do this again..yeah..going spontaneous!

au revoir!

June 9, 2010

iPhone 4

so this may not come as a surprise to most of you. Apple just launched it newest iPhone 4 yesterday..with tagline

"This changes everything. Again"

some of you is not a fan of Apple, but this is not about who's best and who's not..this is just educational review of the new iPhone

one of the most prominent and newest features is the front camera on the phone that is use for making video call, this camera is not available in iPhone 2G,3G or 3GS..however the video call can only be made using iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 via wifi using an apps call FaceTime (clever marketing), however Apple is working on making this available for all networks and services (I don't keep my hope high on this)

another big different is the retina display that offers highest resolution display that have ever been build into a phone...so no more dotted display, and clean sharp images..with LED backlight to top things up, the images and display is mind blowing!

another great upgrade is multitasking! this come after several complains that the iPhone can only run one application at one time, but with this upgrade, you can change to other apps easily!

a new 5 megapixel camera with LED flash will give clearer and better pictures everytime, well..I don't know about EVERYTIME..but it's a great improvement from the other iPhone that doesn't even have a flash..and the best part of the camera is that it can now record a full 720p HD video!

the new iPhone 4 also give you 40% more power, because the battery inside has been build bigger, with 7 hours of talk time, 40 hours listening to audio, 10 hours watching video, and 300 hours of standby

now, you may read and ask yourself, there has to be something wrong or bad with it, unfortunately, you are right, due to larger battery, the iPhone 4 can only use micro sim card, what is it? exactly! micro sim is not yet available in Malaysia, however, press release on when iPhone 4 will hit Malaysia said second half this year! probably around September or August! can't wait!

another great thing about the iPhone 4 is that it's environmentally approve! you know how much I love to talk about the environment, and this came as a good news..at last a big company concern about the environment..though there maybe some issues that I don't want to point out here

now, more info can be read here in Apple's iPhone 4 official website

and here's a video summarize all the best features of iPhone 4, God please let this be here next year or this year if possible!