July 30, 2007


ari ni nk buat blog...letak gamba adik jer...hehehe

muka hepi!!hahaha

muka menyampah..hehe

ni muka marah dia..

muka sedih..mcm tak sedih

muka berpikir..huahuahua

July 29, 2007

wonderful people...

wake early morning today..despite im still sleepy..i guess i cant sleep well enough..nothing happened much today..

ive bought a new router with wifi,so that i can surf the net now without cable..

oh something fun happened while i went shopping wit my dad..there was this salesgirl..i was in front of her,and she was waiting to go in front of me..i was blocking the way,when i realized this,i went the other way,so that she can pass me by..and as she walked by..she looked at me..and she was in state on disbelieve..i dont know why..but she was like watching me as she walked by...and she was kinda cute too..hehehe..but it didnt end there..she then bumped wit her co-worker..hehe,and her face was all red..i smile and laugh a lil when she did that..well,that the last time i saw her..

what does that mean?well..what do you think?hehe

and there was this other salesgirl in another shop..my dad was paying,when she look at me..well not a look..more like a glare...hmm..scary one too...what wonderful people we have inside lowyat..hahaha

well i write more later..

July 28, 2007

tell me its not true

ah..i had a wonderful conversation with my friends that were all girls..

i had this conversation about luv and life...and well they said that they would luv a man that can give them a lot of material stuffs..in other words..they would gladly luv that guy for his money..

and they said that it is the way the world now..true luv is just not around anymore..

they also said that im a fool to find someone that would luv me for who i am,and not how thick my pocket is..and im wasting my time looking..hehehe

is it true?i dont think so..i dont think that real and true luv has end or extinct..if it really true,that i wont get any girlfriend..ever!hahaha...

but im not being stupid or not open with this..i know the scary facts..and i know how life has turn out to be around me..but im an optimistic..i believe there is still someone out there,that would luv someone for who they are..

well..this subjects is still open for debate..has true luv dead?and are being replace by materialistic luv?

mp3 dari soundtrack Kayangan

bukan semua la..mcm biasa,kalo guna IE..right click and save as...kalo guna firefox klik jer..ok?

1.Kayangan Strings Version.zip nyanyian Ajai dan Tunku Mimi
2.Kayangan Rock Version.zip nyanyian Ajai dan Tunku Mimi
3.Menanti Pasti.zip nyanyian Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

oklah..enjoy it.and make sure to buy the original cd and watch the movie..

lirik kayangan

Ajai dan Tunku Mimi

Bukan aku tak cinta padamu,
Bukan aku tak sayang padamu,
Tapi harus ku berdiam diri,
Kerna itu yang terbaik.

Telah ku tunjuk kepadamu, ( tunjukanlah woo…wo.. )
Telah ku katakan pada hatiku, ( katakan padaku… )
Tapi tak pernah ku nyatakanya, ( nyatakan hasratmu… )
Kepadamu sejujurnya. ( yang dikau cinta padaku )

Bukan niat untuk mengecewakan mu kasih,
Tapi kau tahu,
Cinta sukar bersama,
Kerana diriku,
Tidak dapat lafazkan kata-kata cinta.

Kita hanya bertentang mata,
Hati pun mula bicara cinta,
Cintamu dan cintaku,
Tak ada hujungnya,
Tuhan saja yang akan akhirkan cerita.

Akhirkan cerita cinta, ( cinta kita… )
Cerita cinta kayangan, ( cinta dikayangan… )
Ikut saja kata hati, ( kau dihati… )
Mungkin cinta kan bersemi, ( oh bidadari… )
Antara engkau (dan aku).

Bukan aku tak cinta padamu, ( ku cinta padamu… )
Bukan aku tak sayang padamu, ( ku sayang padamu… )
Ikut saja kata hati,
Mungkin cinta kan bersemi,
Antara engkau dan aku.

Cinta kayangan kita…
Cinta kau dan aku….


tak tau nape nak bagitau cite ni..maybe sebab soundtrack dia best kot..hahahaha

tapi movie tempatan ni memakan belanja sebanyak rm2 juta..citer cinta antara 2 darjat..

for more info..klik the link below..


week that was...<-too lame for using this title..hahaha

orait...week that was..it was like the best week ever!!ahahhaha..nah..nothing interesting happened..

my net connection were down because of my router got fried by lighting..hehehe..so i havent been able to update my blog..

so what happened last week?nothing much..just feeling some tension in the air since i have a lot assignment now..my chemical sedimentology test due next week,and i havent know squat!..hahaha,but i try to do the best..i need some miracle too..

oh,niza been feeling the tension living in college..yet again..she already felt this way,the 1st time she stayed there..i told her for the thousand time..dont get to involve in college activity..you have enough problems with academics..

seri did something stupid..again..hehehe..well she deserved that after she embarrassed aisar...well at least aisar got his revenge..hehe

well..thats for now..i wrote something else later..daa..

July 24, 2007


the earth is dying,
look out the window and tell me can you see the sun?
the earth is dying,
look out the field and can you see kids playing football?
the earth is dying,
go to the forest and can you hear the birds?
the earth is dying,
go to the river and can you see the fish?
the earth is dying,
and who should we blame?
the earth is dying,
maybe we should die with it too..

i wrote this just to remind you guys how the earth are dying now..just look in the news..the papers..the climate is changing..we still have time to give earth a second chance..

today's stuffs...

so nothing great happened today..no bomb explode..or girls screaming my name..hehehe...anyway..i like to talk about ayol's latest blog..that talked about how her friend spending a lot of money for her bf..kinda normal if you are blindly in love..

jaja a friend of mine said that "susahkan bercinta nie..kan senang stay single mcm kita anip?"

hahaha..weird..she said this when she's single..but she didnt said this when she's in luv with her ex-bf..wakakaka!crazee jaja..

anyway..the topic came up when we talked about seri,another fren of mine..she said she just had a fight with her bf and she's feeling pretty down now..but the truth is she really luv him,its her bf that's kinda crazy..

but that's the price you have to pay when you in luv,your couple wont be perfect..becoz nobody is..but if you really luv him/her,and really believe that you and ur couple should be together than stick wit it..if you dont think so..DUMP HIM/HER..HAHAHAHA....

well...there is one funny thing happened today..we were in math class and we were like bullying the tutor in there..we were like saying stuffs that aren't supposed to be said in front of her,and she was like.."ape2 la budak2 nie.."hehehehe

and we did make some funny remarks of what she said..poor tutor..she must thought that we are all crazy..hehehe

ok then..later..daa

July 23, 2007

today's word..TAK TAU

nak tau nape today's word TAK TAU?sebabnya...kwn2 aku ni..asyik bincang psl sumthing yg melibatkan sampai beratus ringgit..dan semua budak2 geo tau ape benda tu..aku je tak tau!!!waa!!kejam!

bile aku tanya ape benda yang dia org bincang..dia org ckp..TAK TAU..rasa nk gigit je budak2 tu..

takkan la taknak btau aku kot!rasa mcm aku dah kuar dari inner circle jer..

takpe2..maybe tak penting pun..aku tak kisah...tapi aku taknak kawan ngan korang sampai esok..hampeh betul!


so my friend asked me a question today...and i quote..
"anip,aku nk tgk la gf ko..agak2 mcm mane dia kan?"
and this is what i aswered..
"hahaha..aku mane ade gf nie..takkan ade sampai bile2"

hahaha..let me tell this here and now..my luv life sux!big time!wanna noe why?its because of me..im just to picky when it come to someone..

furthemore..i will easily get bored wit something..very2 fast..this is who i am..i cant change this..that is why im not looking for someone right now..probably ever..im actually happy bein the way i am..even though i look miserable and kinda jealous when i see some really cute couple..but..that's normal..

im not a good guy..i love to look at beautiful and really cute girl..i dont think i can be loyal enough to anyone..and all my past history taught me not to trust too much on anyone,and to be careful of my feeling..

because of this i cant say those 3 precious words to anyone..

now you know..stop asking the big question,"bile nak ade gf?""nape takde gf lagi?"..because im happy as long as the rest of you are..that's what i believe in life..

July 21, 2007

What A Day!!

today was the orientation day for my junior geologist..it was soooooo tiresome..im tired the whole week because of this day..

but it was fun..the whole day was a blast!being the one that bullying the kids is kinda fun..hehehe..

the juniors was cool...everybody participated...

ok..the activity as follow..
-at 9.15,ice breaking..the junior was told to introduce themselves and we were told the same..
-10 am,treasure hunt a.k.a explorace started,i was one of the clue that they have to search and i was also the one in charge of the checkpoint.i had so much fun torturing the juniors..haha
-11.30,explorace ended and the karaoke started...here when i lost my sense of hearing for like half an hour..hahaha..
-12.30,lunch..BBQ!the chicken was soooo...yummy!hahaha...thanks to those that cooked that delicious lunch!
-2.15,games begin and the torturing continue..there was water in balloon game,picking rubber band with the straw and the musical chair game..it was a lot of fun and the seniors took part too..
-3.30,closing ceremony and the announcement of winner..and then the whole team took picture and that was the end..

so overall the day when well,except for the rain..i cant wait for the next orientation day..hahaha..later then..

July 20, 2007


ah..some might remember the name shida..the one that took my heart and crush it into a pieces that even the king's horses and men cannot find and glue them together..hahahaha

well..you can say that shida is the first crush i had in PASUM..kinda the first girl i lay my eyes and just fall in luv..but it was never meant to be..

it was the first day of lecture and i remember when she entered the lecture hall..the light was shimmering from behind her..and she looked just like an angel..i will never forget that day..

but i guess im just not good enough..that's ok though...i have learn a lot from yesterday..and move forward..and i did some stupid stuffs to her that make her uncomfortable around me..my fault i guess..

she will always be in my memory..nothing could take that away..so now you knows..

July 17, 2007

a blast from the past..

met the juniors today..pretty lively kids...hahahaha...anyway..orientation day for the junior are coming near..and i have to prepare the prizes..heck!

but it's not so hard..got to buy some really cheap stuffs..hehehehe,and i have to think the prizes for queen and king..hmm..how about a pair of car?kinda cool huh?

been to mid valley and was about to go to putra when i met with SHIDA..ah for those who doesnt know her..i will talk about her later ok?if you guys interested la..

kinda brought the memories with her when i first so her..but then i realize..those memories are just painful to think..and i kinda felt good i didnt end up with her..my life seems a lil bit happy this way..

but i have to say she is still beautiful..just like the first time i lay eyes on her..

alrite la..tired now..so who is SHIDA anyway?hehehehe

July 16, 2007



oh god...thank you for this..hahahaha...get the latest FHM magazine and see all the contenders for this year..there are some new faces..for info click here...FHM online

and YASMIN HANI got 9th places..which is the highest for a local woman..COOL...


July 15, 2007


gwen stefani the sweet escape concert...will be held on 21 august(tuesday)i dont know why they choose tuesday and not saturday...it will be held in the bukit jalil indoor stadium

im not a big die hard fan of gwen stefani..but i thought i should tell you all...

the tickets are now selling in www.axcess.com.my tickets are sold for a price of RM385, RM365, RM285, RM175 & RM125..enjoy the show..

July 13, 2007

a week that was...

well..a week passed...and it was tiresome...pretty hectic too!!

now that ive got the taste of staying home,im soo dead!hahaha...i have 2 classes starting at 8am..and both of them in monday and friday..the class in monday will definitely kill me..

anyway..a week that passed was kinda ok for me..i met my old friends..and some of them changes completely..some of them don't change at all...

and ifa said that i change..i look different...well..coming from her was nice..and she looks absolutely gorgeous as always..

and some said that ive lost weight!woohoo!hahaha....weird..i don't think i lost anything..

im gonna be really bz after this..i might not even have time to write my blog..but i try to make time..

next week orientation for the junior gonna start..wonder if i could get to know someone..hmm

well...that's enough now..i wrote again later..daaa...

July 11, 2007


tomorrow,thursday will be the worst day ever for me..i have classes from 9 till 2 non stop..argh!!

i guess thats the price i have to pay...

anyway..today was like any other day..i just know that jaja just broke up with his bf(who is also a geologist)..pretty strange...i have like..3 friends breaking up in the new sem..what happened?this is not the season to be merry?

whatever the reason..i know they did what they thought was the best thing to do..

ive got my first assignment...gotta start studying to get better results...a lot of my friends asked my grade..and i told them i was below 3...most of them did not believe that..haha,can't blame them..i was kinda good in class,except recently..

alright..gonna do my stuffs now..ah and i did not get the chance to see my junior today..the cute girl i talked about..hmm..

July 10, 2007

it starting

ah...so the second year started already..its been the second day..and it was tiresome as i thought..my schedule was sooo damn packed and there's still need to add and drop a few here and there..

met most of the geologist junior today...yesterday i knew couple of them...pretty nice junior..pretty nerd looking too..well maybe they need time...but there was a couple of girls that seems kinda gorgeous..hahahaha...

anyway..i've got to many stuffs to do in the next 2 weeks..well later then...

July 8, 2007










July 7, 2007


the concert is worldwide..with 150 artists worldwide and in all 7 continents and 6 bombastic concerts..WOW!!!

alright...among the artists..








and this is just a few of them...let celebrate the day the earth get a second chance..

watch live here..LIVE EARTH best view with Internet Explorer

July 5, 2007


Siang ku gembira,
Malam ku sengsara,
Tapi aku,
Selalu begini,
Hidupku...selalu begini.

Siang ku sengsara,
Malam ku gembira,
Tetapi ku,
Rasa gembira begini,
Gembira begini...

Jika kau ada disisi,
Kau pasti akan mengerti,
Apa yang ku lakukan,
Demi kebahagianku,
Kerna diriku keseorangan,
Kerna diriku kesepian,
Kerna itu yang perlu ku lakukan....

Aku yang begini,
Aku yang sengsara,
Tapi ku dah biasa,
Walau hidup tanpa cinta,
Tanpa cinta dihatiku...

Hidup tetap kuteruskan,
Walau ku harus begini,
Bertemankan perasaan,
Melayani hati ini,
Kerna diriku keseorangan,
Kerna diriku kesepian,
Kerna itu yang perlu ku lakukan.....

Kau pasti akan mengerti,
Apa yang ku lakukan,
Demi kebahagianku,
Kerna diriku keseorangan,
Kerna diriku kesepian,
Kerna itu yang perlu ku lakukan.....
( Inilah lagu tidurku... )

want to hear this?download it here...

Syed Azmir 07 - Lagu Tidurku.mp3

July 4, 2007


most of u must have read about the bombing in England and Scotland the other day...

yeah but im not talking about the bombing..im talking about the investigation so far that stated asian is involved in this act of terrorism...

this has increase the racism in those places with report that some asian's stall is being targeted and attack by some groups that the police said has nothing to do with racism..but the asians think otherwise...

whatever it is..whoever thinking of goin to UK or Scotland may want to rethink that...especially asian people..

the not asian may "accidentally" trip you over..

July 2, 2007

the next best thing

possibly the best thing ever that has ever happened in this year..this is a must have item for anyone out there...well for now that is..some said its like something u need..like air u breath and water u drink...

here are some pros and cons of the iPhone...

1.fun new interface
2.huge screen
3.terrific web browsing!
4.function flow seemingly into each other
5.built in speaker for voice calling and music

1.bad audio quality during phone call
2.virtual keyboard hard to type
3.no fm radio

anyway..this is just version 1..or generation 1...there are still some bugs to work on..

more stuffs here...iPhone

July 1, 2007

art of seduction

i just found this article..and it listed what u need to seduce a woman,but i must warn anyone that read this..it sole purpose is to end the day with u on the woman's bed..

here are the elements of seduction

1. Physical Attraction
Yes, you need to appear clean, stylish and trendy. But this doesn't mean that you have to look like Brad Pitt -- although it will definitely help. The point is, take the time to make yourself look your best.

Tip: You will definitely improve your odds by maintaining proper hygiene. Having a little fashion sense won't hurt either. Items that need special attention are: stylish shoes, a trendy belt, and a classy watch.

2. Harmlessness
It is only natural for a woman to hold her guard up when first speaking to a complete stranger. So it is every man's duty to make the subject of his attraction feel comfortable by showing that he's harmless.

Tip: Smile and show a lot of teeth. Presenting yourself in a non-threatening manner is essential. Avoid sexual comments or gazing at her body at all times. You don't want her to think that all you desire is a one-night romp in the bedroom.

3. Charm
The art of attracting people (especially beautiful women), consists of 10% projection of success, 10% appearance, 10% intelligence, and 70% charm.

Tip: Charm is simply the art of letting someone know that you feel good about them, without asking anything from them in return. Eye contact is charm's ally. Never forget to look into someone's eyes when speaking to them.

4. Intellectual Magnetism
The mind is the primary erogenous zone, and it is the most powerful tool an individual has to make a seductive first impression.

Tip: Make a woman think. Show her that you respect and value her opinion by asking her questions related to current affairs. Show her that there are other things on your mind besides sex. Topics to avoid: sex, sports, ex-girlfriends, cars, and so on.

5. Emotional Seductiveness
Women are creatures of emotion -- hence the estrogen hormone. You can raise a woman's interest level in you by making her feel those warm and fuzzy feelings.

Tip: I have only four words for you -- excitement, excitement, excitement, and spontaneity. Make her adrenaline rush, without stalking or scaring her, and she'll be addicted to you.

6. Chivalry
There is an ongoing rumor with the female population that the chivalrous man is extinct. Show your woman that you are living proof of how wrong this rumor is.

Tip: Being a gentleman consists of more than opening doors and being polite. You also need to know the general rules of etiquette.

7. Spirit of Essence
Who you are is a mix of all of the above. By enhancing all these elements within yourself, and making sure they become part of who you are as a person, you will become an extraordinary seducer without any effort.

Tip: Make sure that all these elements are genuine. Your objective is to make people believe that you are being sincere with all your intentions. If people have a suspicion that you're only putting up a front for selfish needs, you're toast.

try and enjoy it..