February 27, 2012

Lindsey Stirling amazing talent

I just found an amazing talent today. I would like to introduce Lindsey Stirling to you people. She's become a popular icon on YouTube after her audition in America's Got Talent. 

You should like her too, not because she's cute (although, that's a plus) but because of her amazing talent. Don't believe me? Watch this video from her YouTube page.

Want more of her, just go to her YouTube page and have a go at this amazing talent.

February 26, 2012

February 21, 2012

Fun-We Are Young ft Janelle Monae music video

This music video..does not make any sense...

February 19, 2012

Every Bart Simpson chalkboard quote

I just knew that The Simpsons reached its' 500th episode recently. Of course, I stop watching The Simpsons on season...erm...well I just stop watching it.

So to celebrate, here's everything that Bart Simpson ever wrote on the chalkboard during the opening scene. Thanks to buzzfeed.com for this.

Now, you can read EVERYTHING...or not, I prefer the later.

February 16, 2012

2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Here's a first look at 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, by Kate Upton. For those that didn't know her, it's ok. But now you do, start googling. 

For more image, click on this link and this link.

For bigger view of the picture, click on the image.

February 12, 2012

February 11, 2012

malang ke?

This happened on Friday yesterday, a colleague of mine was walking to my table, and asked me.

"tu air bancuh sendirik ke mesin?" (we have a machine to make drinks, just so you know)

in which I replied..

"buat sendirik la..ape kelas main mesin, dah la tak sedap..you have to learn to buat air tau..you tu isteri orang, kena ambik hati husband"

and I continued..

"kalau I ada isteri, I akan suruh dia buatkan air, and kalau dia keja kat office lain, I akan call dia suruh datang office ni buatkan air untuk I, Ayang, I nak kopi, datang sini buat..hehehe"

hahahaha..siapa lah wanita malang yang akan jadi my wife..


February 7, 2012

tumblr account

I am currently learning how to use tumblr. 

It's so simple it blows me away.

Blogger will be use to express anything that may come in my mind, when I'm at home. While my Tumblr is use for when I have a anything to say, but I'm not at home. So do follow me in Tumblr from time to time.

Here we go

February 4, 2012

long weekend thought


So, I'm here to write about something that I have encounter day in day out as I board the LRT to go to work. As we know it, most of the seats are meant for those in need, pregnant lady, the old people, and so on. However, most of us man, prefer to give it to the ladies. Yes MOST of us do think the ladies should be sitting down.

Now, the problem here is when the ladies themselves acted selfish and decided to literally fight for the seat, cutting queue and actually yelling at people to give them a seat. This kind of people are bastard. We know you're tired, so are everyone else, but that doesn't mean you have to act all bitchy. 

If only I could slap this kind of people. Some people are just asking to get one in the face. But enough about that, thinking about it making me tired. 

So the long weekend is here, I have no idea of where I'm going. Some may go crazy staying at home all day, but I prefer staying inside, since everybody else are out there. You may call me boring or lazy, but I call myself lucky. How often does you have a long day of staying at home after you started working? And NO, weekend does not count, hehe. But I do like to go and eat at all the places that I have been meaning to go, of how I'm getting fat by the minutes!

Working life has been good to me, I said good, not great or bombastic. Office politics are always there, people stabbing people in the back, people talk behind you, gossiping..this is all normal office life. It's how you dealt with them that shows who's the better man or woman. Yes, walking the high road may be consider weak, but at least you won't sunk down to their level. But it would be nice to just once get a lil bit of revenge, hehe.

Working for a service company that provided the work to a client is brutal. You will, if not all the time, get beaten verbally by the clients for the work you did. This is normal. Yes, this is normal. You would like to slap them in the face, but then you realize that they are paying for your work. If only the roles are reverse.

But its understandable, they pay us to give the best service, so they expected us to delivered. But it would be really nice if we could just hold on the verbal abuse for a moment.

Orait then, it has been a long post, I don't want to make you boring. So adios for now, and we'll see each other later