March 31, 2011

Avril Lavigne still hot!

So, if you guys were born on the 80's, most of you know Avril Lavigne, she was he pinnacle of hot superstars that once reside in every mind of teenage boys, and girls if you want too. But after years, her popularity just drop and after she gets married, it was all down hills from there, at least for me, I think it was.

However, she recently divorced and coming strong as always. She has new songs, new albums, and still smoking hot. I know she doesn't have the voice of Celine Dion or Beyonce or Alicia Keys, but if Lady Gaga can won grammys looking like what she is and with that voice, what stopping Avril right? Anyway, I'm not talking about a new song, I'm talking about how hot she looks in the new photoshoot of Maxim! You got to admit, she's still got it!

p/s: Avril totally remind me of Niza, such a huge fan..I mean HUUUGE fan! hahaha


Ok, so as you guys know, I am not a guy that talks about classical music, or any type of orchestra music, but I do love some of them. Here I am presenting Scheherazade. An orchestra that tells the story the famous 1001 night. The story goes that the Shah, married a lot of virgin and kills them the next day, this is because of his pain towards his first wife that cheated on him. Soon he married Scheherazade. She tells a story every night, but let it hanging so that it creates suspense. The Shah of course decided not to kill her, because he wants to know the ending. Scheherazade tells the stories for 1001 nights, until the Shah actually falls in love with her.

So this video has 5 parts, I only took the last part because of the solo violin. I would like you guys to listen at 3:50, when the solo starts. It will took your breath away, if you like this, please play the whole 5 parts, it is truly a beautiful piece of music.

March 27, 2011

billions gave support!

So, how did you celebrate your Earth Hour yesterday? I was lucky enough that it felt on the same day as my birthday. So I celebrate it with darkness, and some candles. Here are a few videos I came up with in YouTube, some in Malaysia, some from around the world.

Thank you for still supporting Earth Hour, and make a commitment against climate change.

March 26, 2011

close your light for an hour tonight

Don't forget to close your light for an hour tonight at 8.30pm! I know Earth Hour is done to promote the climate change, but let's do it to remember Japan that was struck by disasters this past weeks, and pray for their safety.


March 24, 2011

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain

Here's a new song from Adele, Set Fire To The Rain. Beautiful song,

I let it fall, my heart,
And as it fell you also claim it.
It was dark and I was all right,
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me.
My hands they’re strong, but my knees were far too weak,
Stand in your arms without fall into your feet,
But there’s a side to you that I never knew, I never knew.
All the things you say that where never, where never true,
And the games you play, you always, always win.

But I set fire to the rain,
Watch it pour as I touched your face,
Let it burn while I cry,
Cause I heard it screaming at your name, your name!

When I’m with you I could stay there,
Close my eyes, feel you’re here forever,
You and me together, nothing is better!
Cause there’s a side to you that I never, never knew,
All the things you say that where never true, never true,
And the games you play, you would always, always win.

But I set fire to the rain,
Watch it pour as I touched your face,
Let it burn while I cry,
Cause I heard it screaming at your name, your name!
I set fire to the rain
And I feel lost into the…
And it felt something nice,
Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time!

Sometimes I wake up by the door,
And heard you calling, must be waiting for you,
Even that when we're already over,
I can't help myself from looking for you.

I set fire to the rain,
Watch it pour as I touch your face,
Let it burn when I cry,
Cause I heard it screaming your name, your name
I set fire to the rain,
And I feel lost into the…
Cause I knew that was the last time
The last time, oh, oh!

March 22, 2011

Earth Hour on 26th March

"If you can do this IMAGINE, what else we can we achieve"

You guys know how much I am for sustainable living and against global warming, so I am here to announced another year of Earth Hour.

On 26th March 2011, this Saturday will be another year where we pledge to help save the environment by closing the light for an hour. Earth Hour as you know, has been a global celebration that started in Australia.

It was started to make the world realize that there is still people pledging for sustainable world, and to fight global warming. It was never meant to stop global warming, but to create awareness, so that our children and our children children may yet see the world as beautiful as it is now.

Since the start of Earth Hour, more and more countries has joined, Malaysia too has been in the vibe. We, as a developing country are one of the major country that contribute to global warming, but measures has been taken, public has been educated, but we can do more, to show how committed we are.

So on the 26th of March, at 8.30pm, close your light for an hour. Promote this awareness, educate your family and friends. Until we find another planet to live on, let preserve this one with our best effort.

March 21, 2011

Family's Day weekend

Well, it was one hell of a weekend. Not literally, almost. My mom's department planned a Family's Day in Port Dickson. When my mom said I had to go, I was reluctant at first, who would want to go to a gathering where you only know your own family? Nonetheless, since we had two room reserved for us, I had to go.

The event was held in Thistle Hotel, PD, google it. The hotel is in a new management, the best part of the hotel is the lobby and the pool. Although, when in PD, you have to go to the beach, although nothing beats the beach on the east side of the peninsular, it's still a decent beach. Best part of the hotel is that they have water game, Banana Boat and Jet Ski seems to be most popular, no scuba diving, since there's nothing to see underwater. If you feel like kayaking, they also have that.

Back to the event. The first order of business when we arrived was a feast of DURIAN! Yes!Free DURIAN!! Since durian's season has started, who would want to miss it? We must have eaten a lot, because right after that, we feel hot (literally), even when we had the air-conditioner at full blast.

In the noon, we had games for the whole family. The game was divided into kids and adults, and each families are assigned to a group. We were assigned to the blue team. The problem with blue team is that we have only 5 children in our group, when it come to the kid's game, we pretty much doom! Except for the musical chair where we totally owned that game, thanks to my 2 big sisters!

In the end, the blue team is at number 2, well, it does not matter what your position, the prizes are all the same, but it was a lot of fun! None stop laughing all the time.

The dinner was equally fun, the theme was Hollywood Night, so you have to wear something from the west. My father and I did not wear any costume, since it was troublesome to search for one, but my sisters when as a Hogwarts's Wizards, and my mom went as a witch.

Most of the people attending also looks equally good. Some came as a princess, some came as pirates, there's even one Storm Troopers. Most ridiculous costume was a Narnia's closet, he bought the cheap closet with zippers on them and posted a cardboard sign on top that reads "Narnia", hehehe.

The next day, we had a little fun in the pool and on the beach, after long day, we went back home. So it was not a bad weekend actually. Oh, my mom said, the hotel had a discount for PETRONAS's staffs.

Au revoir.

March 17, 2011

world update

A few updated stories. First of all, I'm sure most of you heard of what happening in Middle East right now? First it was the Egypt uprising, and now it looks like the whole Middle East is going to some major changes.

There are many countries where the people demand changes, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, but the most crazy one is probably in Libya. The opposition wanted democracy since Gaddafi has been their leader for more than 40 years without a single election. I am all about democracy here, the stupid part, for me, is when the opposition start taking the changes serious by using guns and attacking the pro-government, taking over cities, that is when the whole changes movement start crumbling down.

Gaddafi mobilize his loyalist, mostly soldiers that have no problem shooting their own people dead, and bombing buildings where he believe the opposition stayed. Not only that, he is cutting off his country from all foreign helps, mostly medicine and food, so that the opposition starve to death.

The opposition has one powerful weapon when all this started, the global sympathy, but since the fighting begin, they has lost their objective. Now Gaddafi are winning, never ending bombing, capturing key opposition leader, induce fear in the people everyday life, has made the change movement all but whispers. I wish the foreign community especially the leader, takes drastic action on this. Last I check, killing of innocent people are punishable by death in the World Court.

Another major story now, is the earthquake in Japan. As you guys know, the death toll can reach up to 10,000 people, as 2,000 bodies were found recently. But that's not the worse part, the worse part is the nuclear plant that is going critical right now.

Fukushima nuclear plant is undergoing a meltdown as we speak, effort to restore power to the plant (ironic right) has taken longer than expected. What this will do, is that it will restore the cooling system in the plant, so that the core temperature can be lowered. However, up till now, 2 reactor are in critical states, another 2 are going to blow any moment.

Radiation level are soaring up to 800 times than normal near the plant. Currently there are no workers in the area, since the radiation are too high to work in. Most of the foreign leader are blaming Japan for not taking faster measures to deal with it, but I say give them a break, they've been hit an earthquake and tsunami, they are doing all they can.

There are 7 scale of danger in reactor meltdown, 7 being the most dangerous, only Chernobyl has been categorize as a number 7 scale. The plant in Fukushima is being categorize as number 4, but other said it is as close as a category 6. If the plant does explode, it will be deadly to people of 50 miles radius, with up to 1 millions death could occur.

In a lighter note, here's a video of a dog, that is loyal to it friend, even after the quake hits, it will not leave the friend, helps eventually arrived, and the 2 of them are safe. It just show how loyal animal can be.

For a complete translation and article, go to Yahoo! site here.

March 13, 2011

127 Hours

I had the chance of watching 127 Hours today. It was superb! If you haven't heard of 127 Hours yet, you will. 127 Hours tell the real life story of Aaron Ralston, a mountaineer that became trap in Utah desert, and survive to tell his extraordinary story.

I will not spoil any revealing details here, so don't worry. Aaron love to do adventure activities, and often do it alone without anyone know where he went. One day, as he was traveling through Utah desert, he fell and his hand was trapped between a boulder and the canyon. His quickly realize that he will probably stay there for a long time, but then realize that he will probably never gonna make it out.

In between his escape and becoming trap, he will start thinking about his family, his friends and past life. He will also fight the weather and environment. You will see what it took to survived, and the human will to keep on living.

It was a great choice that James Franco was nominated for and Oscar, although did not win, it was a superb performance indeed.

This is a highly recommended movie for those movie buff out there. A simple 4/5 stars.

March 12, 2011

aftermath of Japan's earthquake

The aftermath after Japan 8.9 magnitude earthquake is still unfolding. This is what I currently know. For more, go BBC
  • One of Japan nuclear power plant explode and threaten to melt and pose an environmental danger.
  • Currently the radius of people need to evacuate raised to 20km.
  • The nuclear melt down is due to a malfunction in the cooling system.
  • If the radiation increases, it could reach to much more dense populated area on the north and south.
  • Relief works are still on going, and bodies are still being found.
  • Almost 200-300 bodies in the Sendai area alone, with almost 1,000 in total to be expected.
  • Some cities remain silent as the local authority were unable to establish contact, due to mechanical failure or total lost of lives, this cities sum up about 10,000 people.
  • The earthquake was as close as 130km offshore.
  • The main island of Japan move 2.5 meters according to scientist.
  • The island of Hawaii has been declared a disaster zone after being struck by the tsunami, some county in California also declared disaster.

March 11, 2011

8.9 magnitude earthquake hits Japan

All live and latest news can be read in BBC link here.

So here's is what I have gathered so far.

  • 8.9 scale earthquake hit North East of Japan near Sendai
  • minutes later 10-20 feet tsunami began hitting the coast
  • this earthquake is the largest in Japan since the scale system introduced
  • more than 200 bodies are found on the coast of Sendai
  • report from local network says, 80,000 may be dead
  • tsunami warning has been issued around the Pacific, including, Hawaii, Philippines, west coast of North and South America
  • passenger train missing near Sendai
Let's all hope the best of Japan, and may it remain strong in this hard time.

March 8, 2011

real life balloon house from UP

National Geographic takes thing literally when there put balloons inside a house to make it float, just in the movie UP.

It's a new show from them call "How Hard Can It Be?". The house flew up to 10,000 ft. Now if you decided to go on an adventure to the South America, why not try this, hehe.

For more info, go to the official website.

March 7, 2011

Top 13 Ways The World Could End Now

Ah yes, your daily dose of death by err...well a lot of things. So here are your Top 13 ways the world you knew could end right now. You could get the full explanation from this link

13. Nuclear Holocaust
12. Black Holes
11. Nanotech
10. Gamma Rays
9. Strangelets
8. Bio-Terrorism
7. Mini Black Holes
6. Antimatter
5. Supervolcano
4. Loses of Biodiversity
3. Solar Flares
2. Near Earth Objects
1. Alien Invasion

March 6, 2011

American Idol Top 13

Finally, the Top 13 has been announced. Why 13? Well, 10 of them were chosen by the viewers by voting, the 3 of them were chosen by the judges from wild cards contest.

So here are your Top 13. My favourite is still in the competition, how bout yours?

Ashton Jones

Haley Reinhart

Karen Rodriguez

Lauren Alaina

Naima Adedapo

Pia Toscano

Thia Meghia

Casey Abrams

Jacob Lusk

James Durbin

Paul McDonald

Scotty McCreery

Stefano Lagone

Here are my favourite performances from the men and the ladies.

March 4, 2011

What is Your Typical Human?

National Geographic tackle the question of What is Your Typical Human? Watch the video and find out!

March 3, 2011

Top 10 Gentlemanly Gestures has this article that list out the top 10 of gentleman gestures, it's kinda right, although most of this suppose to be your everyday behaviour, unless of course you weren't taught about it, or you're an alien.

10.Walk outside of the sidewalk (done)
9.Let her sit down first (done)
8.Watch your language (occasionally)
7.Carry the umbrella (obviously)
6.Walk her home (how bout drive her there?)
5.Offer your jacket (done)
4.Offer your seat (done)
3.At the table, turn off your phone (working progress)
2.Introduce her (common sense)
1.Hold the door (common sense)

Click on the link here for the full list and explanations.

iPad 2 unveils

Hey there, as you guys know, the iPad has revolutionize the world one way or another. After the unveiled of the iPad, more and more companies are coming out with the similar device. Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, and a few more to be names.

This month, iPad 2 make its debut, the biggest difference is a forward camera, where TimeFace or video calling can be made. The size has not change, but it is getting slimmer. For more info on the iPad 2, and other devices, click the link here.

So, do you want iPad 2?