December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010

And so the year 2010 will come to an end. How has the year been to you? Good I hope. For me, it's a roller coaster of happiness and disappointments.

I could call this year, the worse yet for me, I'm still unemployed, which means, I am not only making myself look bad, but also my parents. I've had several interviews, you name it from oil and gas companies to simple local companies, and most of the time, the interview has nothing to do with oil and gas industry at all, alas I've still has no luck. But hey, I walk this life with one simple rule, "whatever happened, happens for a reasons", there's no way I'm giving up. I've got some plan coming up next year.

Although, that is not the case through out the year, I've been traveling around Malaysia, and I'm lucky to been able to travel with my family, eaten at great places, taste new foods, it's really been a blast. So this year has not been all that bad, in fact, I travel a lot this year, compare to any other year.

I've been to Penang, and Kuantan the most, but I've taste a lot of great foods along the way. It's impossible to name all of it, I think I've posted a few places in the blog already. Just last week, I went to Penang, and have an opportunity to taste some of the local dish there, even Radix Fried Chicken, hehe. Next year my dad plans to go out of Malaysia, I think he forgot that I'm jobless.

But all and all, this year has been a soul searching one. I hope this year has been a blast to you guys, with a lot more coming in 2011. So have a blast new year's celebration, and hope your new year's resolution for 2011 comes true.


December 30, 2010

DJ Earworm's 2010 United State of Pop video

Remember DJ Earworm? The guy that made a mash up video from 25 most popular songs from each year. Here's Don't Stop the Pop 2010, give it a listen, the full list of songs is below the video.

Ke$ha - Tik Tok
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
Train - Hey, Soul Sister
Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg - California Gurls
Usher Featuring - OMG
B.O.B. Featuring Hayley Williams - Airplanes
Eminem Featuring Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Taio Cruz - Dynamite
Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris - Break Your Heart
B.O.B. Featuring Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You
Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull - I Like It
Young Money Featuring Lloyd - Bedrock
Jason Derulo - In My Head
Rihanna - Rude Boy
Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce - Telephone
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are
Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be
Jay-Z + Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
Usher Featuring Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
Travie McCoy Featuring Bruno Mars - Billionaire
Eminem - Not Afraid
Iyaz - Replay

December 28, 2010

200 years in 4 minutes

Here's today fun info. See how the world has change in 200 years in 4 minutes video.

December 21, 2010

Facebook defacing

Hey there, here is a great trick on defacing your new Facebook profile. You need to activate the new profile in order to get this done. In the new profile, your tag photos are up on the wall, it look great if you have an amazing photos.

It was first done by a French artist, Alexandre Oudin. Now it seems more and more people are getting into it.

Here is my new profile after 'defacing', this is a simple picture, as I have only trying this stuffs, I probably try something else next time.

Here's the link that guide you through all the process, it took me about half a day to get it right, yeah even with my skills in photo editing. It takes a lot of trial and error.

So have fun when you decide to do it! and GOOD LUCK

Paramore break up!

The web is abuzz from the news that Paramore loses 2 of it's founder, brother Josh Farro and Zac Farro leave the group.

The band has posted an official statement on their website stating that the breakup has been going on for months. Zac and Josh decision has come to no surprise as the other members feels that they are happy doing something else, and wish them all the best luck.

The band three remaining members including Hayley have no plan on leaving the band, with statement to the fan "We really hope that you can be encouraged by the fact that the three of us who are still here are ready to take on another chapter of our journey together."

Although with the break up, the band are still going strong, and with plan of new album coming out on 2011 and a South America tour, I'm sure Paramore is here to stay.

Bruno Mars-Grenade music video

Hey guys, here's the look at Bruno Mars newest music video from his newest single, Grenade. It's been on the internet for some weeks now, for those that haven't seen it, enjoy it.

December 20, 2010

National Geographic 2010 Photo Contest Winner

A few weeks ago, I've posted a post about a contest by National Geographic to find the best photos of the year. The contest has come to an end, and here's the photo of 2010 winner.

Surreal isn't it? You might think this is a photoshop or even a digital photo, but the fact is this is the real deal. For more photos, you can go the official website by clicking the link below.

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa's Trailer

So, I don't think I wrote about local movie as much as international screening, but here's a look at KRU's Studios Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Looks good to me, suddenly prouder to be Malaysian.

today's update

Here are 2 news that may or may not be important.

First of all, the author of Bleach (no, not the detergent, the anime) , Tite Kubo has come out with a statement that the title will go on for another 10 years. This is a great news to all of the fan, since Naruto and One Piece might come to an end soon (hopefully not).

Tite Kubo says that the story has only reach half way through, and hope to continue for another 10 years.

There have been mix reactions to the announcement, with some saying that the comic has come to the peak of the story and continuing it will just make the anime lose its magic, while most of the fans agreed that the story has not yet fully develop, saying that it could go more and excited to keep reading it.

But whatever the fans think, it is clear that Bleach won't go out easy. Being known as one of the biggest name in anime, it is unclear what will happen when the series finally come to an end.

Secondly, is this awesome or maybe weird thing I heard at Dubai. Apparently, there's a Christmas tree that worth 11 Millions USD in the Emirates Palace Hotel! Yes 11 MILLIONS!

Why is it so expensive? It's is not the tallest tree, I'm sure, but it is decorated with diamonds, earrings, golds, necklace or all shiny ornaments that I'm sure most of us can't afford, sponsored of course by a local jeweleries store.

Now, is this cool or crazy?

Hurdle your way through it!

Here is a video that shows what it meant to never give up! If you can't go over it or under it, than ran right through it. If this didn't disqualified the guy, running into other runner lane surely will. Hehe

December 17, 2010

Places to visit in Italy

Ever since I heard about the Colosseum, I've always dream of going there one day. The thought of going there increases every time I played Assassin's Creed 2. So for those that haven't been there (like me) this maybe some of the popular place to visit the next time you decide visit the country.

Cinque Terre
Ancient Pompeii
Historic Centre of Siena
Saint Mark's Basilica
Roman Forum
Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria fel Fiore
Grand Canal
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Mount Vesuvius

December 16, 2010

movies trailer

If you a movie buff, here are some movies that you would like to see next year. Your Highness has Natalie Portman in it (yum!). Kung Fu Panda returns with it second installment, though the trailer is a it first. Remember to mark it on your calendar.

Your Highness

Sucker Punch

Batlle:Los Angeles 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

December 15, 2010

Seaventures Dive Resort

I never knew this place existed until today. Apparently there's a great diving place right here in Malaysia (my own backyard) where people from around the world has dubbed one of the best place to go diving.

Introducing Seaventures Dive Resort. Located on the north east of Sabah, just outside Malaysia's water, near to Semporna, Sabah.

The place was constructed from an old abandoned oil rig, yes, an oil rig. People from Europe, Japan and even the US has come here to experience the best part of the journey, the diving. Suzanne Harris, a Singaporean owner said that this is much better place to dive than the Great Barrier Rift.

It is said that the rig lies on the coral triangle, where apparently there are rich with marine life. This is due to the number of plankton (foods for most fishes) that are high in numbers here. So you can expect to see all kind of marine life here.

This place has everything, from wifi, so that you can still connected through Facebook or other social networks and chat with people about your adventure here, to a bbq, and even a live band.

So, for those that love diving, and would like an experience to live on an oil rig, why don't you try it here. Here's an official website link. Here's a review from The Wall Street Journal.

December 14, 2010

Pirates of The Caribbean, On Stranger Tides

Here's the look at the your favourite pirate! Pirates of The Caribbean, On Stranger Tides first exclusive trailer.

Capt. Jack Sparrow, return into this new installment to find the Fountain of Youth, the most prized treasure of all time. During the adventure, he will face mermaid, zombies and the dreaded Capt. Madbeard.

So, enjoy the trailer. The movie coming out on May 2011

Cancun's Climate Summit

If you haven't heard yet, there are currently climate talk on Cancun. Over 200 delegates from around the world gather to discuss about the current climate change.

Now, we know from many of this climate summit that action are far greater than words alone. So, even though the 200 delegates agreed to spend almost $100 billions towards 2020 to tackle the climate problems, and the act of preserving the forest, helping the poor to adapt and share clean techs, this is just words and promises, actions after the promises is what important.

Some of the important evidence of the dangerous rising in global temperature is the heat wave in Russia and China, also the flooding in Pakistan. Some scientist however, do not believe that this is directly the result of the rising global temperature. But most of the scientist do agree that the rising temperature are due to human effects.

The main talk of the summit have change since the last one. Now they are talking more about adapting to the new environment. Tackling the issue is still important, however seeing how "well" that was in the past few years, the idea of tackling global warming has been put on side.

More greater threat however are being recognize, such as the rising in sea level. This has come to attention in the past months, when several smaller island, has start losing their coast. This island, will in the near future, gone from the map, if no actions were made. The coastline cities and settlement has to be relocated, and the cost are astronomical. This is something that the delegates discuss during the summit to adapt to the new environment.

Scientist predict, the rise of sea level will be up to 1.4-2.0 meters in next years, and could be disastrous for the coastline settlements and island nations. Most of them will be wipe out, and they will be without nationality.

To date, the Earth is now 0.8 degrees celcius higher during the Industrial Revolution. Scientist predict this will keep rising until about 1.5 degrees in the next few years, and would bring irreversible effects. Although actions are being made, it is clear that this actions will take time, too long to take effects, and most likely wouldn't do any significant changes in the near future.

The significant of this summit is how to adapt and help the coastline and island nations in the near future, should the rising of sea level changes the modern map. This is however, like I've said is very costly, the idea of resettlement is just too big to consider. Another problem is when the island nation is wipe out, who would take this people that is without nationality? Who would risk, diseases, economic and space to help this people?

Climate change is just gonna get worse in the future. To date, we are about 6.8 billions people, in 2050, we will have to deal with 9 billions human living on this tiny blue planet. How do we cope?

December 12, 2010

Thor's first trailer

Here's the look on the first trailer of the movie Thor. Thor is a superhero character for those that wondering. He was created by the same man that created Iron Man, Spiderman and The Fantastic Four.

With many more superheroes coming out next year (The Green Lanter, Captain America), you could say, it would be a year for the superhero. All of this superhero are going to meet and form The Avengers, read about it on my previous post.

Here's the link for the official website,

p/s: Natalie Portman in here.

December 10, 2010

Nelly - Just A Dream

Yeah, yeah, I know the song and music video has been in the internet for some time, I just wanted to say this song is currently my ring tone.

December 9, 2010

SS Huckleberry

So for those that waiting for a zombie apocalypse and wanted a safe house, here's one, it won the 2010 Zombie Safe House Competition. Introducing the SS Huckleberry, click picture for bigger view.

How the safe house come to be, is because of one simple rule, zombie can't swim, we've seen this many times in countless movie, that zombie doesn't have the necessary function to swim. So what better place to go on living than on a river.

The best part of this safe house is the fuel it use. Zombie diesel. Yes, that's right, using zombie to fuel your boat, what a great idea! We have countless zombie trying to eat your brain, it's basically a free source of energy, plus we also cleaning the world.

Living on a river is also a great idea, you constantly moving, and have major cities all along the river, providing plenty of resource, plus a great view out of your bed room, living the dream baby!

Now if only somebody just release the virus on the water treatment facility, we can all have a zombie apocalypse.

Link here.

December 8, 2010

Tomb Raider getting a reboot

Here's an interesting story about the biggest woman in gaming franchise. Tomb Raider is getting a reboot, the storyline, the company developing it, even the most popular player in the game itself, Lara Croft. The new artwork shown below, shows a much 'macho' Lara Croft, although still probably curvaceous and tight wearing lady she is known now.

Square-Enix are in charge of the new sequel to the game, simply title, Tomb Raider. It will be a reboot of younger Lara Croft, in time where she is still learning about herself and how she became in icon today. The new installment will include a ship wreck in which our heroine was on board, and has to survive anyway she can.

There are still information coming in, but people can expect much more when the official news come out later this week.

Tomb Raider is game that has been here for a long time, and although the character get reboot over and over, one thing remain, Lara Croft will not be replace. She is an icon in her own domain, and even if Lara Croft gets a reboot, reborn or remake, fans still want to see the new her, because she is an icon of the gaming world.

December 7, 2010

Amber Heard is now a lesbian

So, remember Amber Heard? No? Well, here's a post I did about a year ago. Apparently she is now a lesbian, yes she is. She made an announcement at a GLAAD event, about her orientation and introduce her girlfriend. GLAAD is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

But it's all good, cause' have you seen her? I don't normally do this (well not true), but she's hot, this type of hotness I believe, can make any gay man turn straight or a straight woman turn lesbian. Check out the pictures below.

I don't know why I love this woman.

December 4, 2010

The New World's Hottest Pepper

Who love to eat spicy food or who love to cook with spicy ingredients? Now you will have a whole new experience with the all new World's Hottest Pepper.

The Naga Viper, has claim the top spot as the new hottest pepper by defeating the previous title holder, the Bhut Jolokia by 300,000 points according to Scoville scale. Scoville scale measure the heat release by chemical from a pepper, can you guess how much the Naga Viper points is? A whopping 1,359,000 on the scale, ouch!

If you're thinking of picking the pepper for free, you might have to rethink about it. The pepper was not grown naturally on the wild, but a cross-over from three of the hottest pepper to date, by one man, Gerald Fowler. You can still choose to grow them.

Just like the man said, "It's painful to eat" but insist it is also good for the body and mind. Read all about it from the link below.

The New World's Hottest Pepper