December 31, 2011

Merry 2012!

So..have a merry 2012 tomorrow or tonight, depends on how you celebrate it. 
Let's not ponder what 2011 has been for most of us, instead let us look to the future and hope for something better.

Also, since most of us, have a new year's resolution, I would like to list a few of my own
  1. lose weight, at least until I could wear L size shirt..hahaha
  2. get a house
  3. get a car
  4. get a much larger salary..hehe
  5. get a girlfriend(s) to share all this..yes, plural..
  6. be a better co-worker and friends
  7. be a better son
  8. be a much more sadistic big brother..hahahaha
  9. have a lot more vacation(s)
  10. get married?
So there you go, of course, I probably end up forgetting half of the list. Never mind. What's important is that I have set a goal, at least try to achieve it.

So, here's hoping that you all have a wonderful last few hours of 2011, and have a great all year round of 2012! Drive safe, party safe, and be grateful for everything that you still have, or had and may we are bless with good health and longevity.

HAPPY 2012!

December 23, 2011

just a recap


How long has it been since I last wrote in here? Seems like ages..hehe

So how are you guys? I hope everyone are picture perfect, if you aren't then smile, and think positive, cause whatever happened, happens for a reason.

So let me recap everything that's been happening so far. 

The last time I wrote about my sisters got 4 As for their UPSR, they are growing up, and are going to secondary school next year. How fast things seems now. Wish them all the best, and hoping for them to be better than their brother here. Preferably a doctor or a pilot, so I can get free medical check up and free flight all around the world, seems realistic enough rite?

So, a week after my post on Uzma's Treasure Hunt + Canopy Walk, I had a great time out with close friends of mine (you know who you are). It's a simple celebration for Aysha's new job, and Seri's birthday. The original plan was to celebrate Biha's birthday too, but she had to canceled due to an unforeseen circumstances. Also, I totally forgot about Fidz's birthday the next day, but I'll make it up to her when she's in KL, YOU BETTER GIVE ME A CALL!

Here are some photos of the day.

Also, the next day, I had a bowling tournament at Berjaya Times Square. SPE KL Tournament (SPE stands for Society of Petroleum Engineering),  is a tournament that is annually held by the society. Usually they held a bowling and a golf tournament, and the prizes was amazing, especially the lucky draw.

Uzma totally loss that bowling tournament, the other companies came with the big gun! Most of them have their own bowling club, which is a lame excuse for a sour loser, but you aren't there, so shut up!

Here are some photos.

Life has been good so far, I have a great job, a great place to work, and best of all a lot of great people to bully!
So until next time.

December 8, 2011

Treasure treasure

Hello world,

First of all, for those that didn't heard, my twin sisters got 4A's for their UPSR. So my parents decided to get them a present. Now the the plan was for them to get my iPhone if they got 3A's, but since they got 4A's all they want is an iPad or a new phone..which is absolutely out of the question! What? Even I didn't get something that cool..hehehe

So while my parents think about what to get them, I try to be a good brother, and get them a present. Now a good brother NOT only bully their lil sisters or brothers, but also not cheap when we need to be. So, I found a great present to give them. I got them a wrist watch, wait a minute, it's not a normal wrist watch, it's an LED wrist watch! What they do is that they don't use a normal hour, minute and second hand. Wait..let me just show you.

The 2 watches
See the LED light?
So back to my parents. My father search ups and lows to get them a new phone, a smartphone, but not that expensive. So my dad found this new Samsung phone, it's a smartphone, but it does not run on an Android OS. It's call Samsung Corby 2. 

Here are some pics. 

They have all you need for a basic phone. But with the capability of a smartphone. You may heard about Samsung Galaxy Y, a much more cheaper version of the Galaxy family. But price wise, Galaxy Y is about RM500, while Corby 2 is around RM200.

For more info on Corby 2, just go to the link here.

Well, that is..later.

December 4, 2011

Uzma's Treasure Hunt + Canopy Walk

How do you do?

Yesterday, my company, decided to have a treasure hunt at FRIM, Kepong. I was reluctant to go, because..well just because. 

But after being "politely" asked by the HR dept, I went anyway. So the plan was to have a treasure hunt, and then up to the canopy walk. The treasure hunt was suppose to be a 1 hour game, but since we started late, it was cut short to 30 minutes, which require us to run around searching for answers. This make us, very very tired to go up the canopy walk. For your info, the canopy walk is up to 1 km above the hill from the visitor centre and the slope is about 45 degrees.

So the treasure hunt was pretty easy, my team won by the way! YEAH! So, all we have to do is run around searching for the floras and faunas, name them and pick up some leaves.

Immediately after the treasure hunt, we are up to the canopy walk, with little time to wait, if we want to get down by lunch time. The hike took about 1 and half hour, for 1 km up the hill. The worst part about the canopy walk is the hiking itself, since the hill slope is about 45 degrees, so you really have to force yourself up there, I suggest you don't overexerted yourself before you hike up, and bring very light items with you. But once you got up to the canopy walk, it was really breathtaking. 

Here are few photos from yesterday event.
Registration "booth"

Introduction to Uzma new ISO team by Kimi (orange hat)
Click for larger viewing
Yana (with hat) is the one that "persuade" me to come, she's from HR by the way.
Ladies and Gentleman this is Tongkat Ali
Ira and Mia
This is a Giant Bamboo (do you know bamboo is a grass?)
Nurul, Yana, Fieza
Adik is testing this tree, since the FRIM rep said it could hold even an elephant!
The puzzle tree, notice how the leaves not touching each other?
half way to the canopy..500m to go

it doesn't look that scary..hehehe
I think the FRIM Rep said, we are about 50-70m above ground.
Some of the view when you're on the canopy
Treasure Hunt's prize ceremony, which my team won of course.
  So that's it, yesterday was a great day, tiring, but a great day nonetheless.