September 26, 2008

kelas akhir before raya

okla...dah nak balik kampung nie...saje letak gambar kelas akhir sebelum cuti nie...

harap-harap korang dapat duit raya banyak2!!nanti dapat kongsi dengan aku...hehehehe

okla...take care..and kita jumpa lagi 2 minggu!!


September 25, 2008


i hope this will be the last post before i went back to my kampung in KB..

this year we decided to go back to KB since we havent been there for years...

but we only can stay there for a week,because the twins need to be here in KL on sunday because school start that day raya this year i hope that it would be a simple one..a good one..

in the month of ramadhan i am bombarded with a lot of sad news..and sad situation that really really take a lot of time and my focus are just out of line..

but i know i am a lucky person because i can still celebrate raya with my family..very very lucky indeed..

so in conjunction of raya...

SAYA INGIN MENGUCAPKAN SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI in advance to all my collueges and friends out there..


September 24, 2008

i love you guys more than myself

i dont have any ideas on what to write this past few days..

its been an emotional weeks for me....

and i dont think i want to elaborate further la..

im thinking of stop blogging..i dont know...i love to write..and i express my feelings..but some people hate me writing and expressing my feelings..

no use in blogging if people dont read or like it rite?

i start blogging for one sole purpose..and that is to make people understand about me..and what im feeling,what im thinking,what are my view of the world around me..

but this is not the case this past few weeks..

or maybe im just being emotional about all this..but no one want to read an emotional blog right?

if my friends said no to jiwang2 or emotional post..then i will stop writing about it..because i care about you guys more about me..

anyway..i will be writing another entry on raya before i went back to kampung..

p/s : please don't hate me..

September 22, 2008


you know..i have never know my phobia until recently when it hit me again..

when i was i think 10 years old..i have a friend..he was not my best friend,he was actually a lonely boy..

my other friends use to make fun of him, because of his physical and big size..he doesnt play or sport..but his a good boy..all he need was a friend

so i befriend with him..but only for a short period of time..why? tell u the truth,it was the result of my own so call friends...

i remember it like it happened yesterday..

it was during one day nearing the annual sports day..i was a prefect then, and i was doing my own work making round in the school..when i saw this boy,sitting alone in the class..when i ask him to leave the class since it was recess, he refuse..saying that the other kids bullied him..

well i dont care at that time..go somewhere else..and then i saw it..

he was picked by a group of boys,whom i know very much,half of them are prefects,my own friends..i was devastated..not because he was picked,but because the kid cried,and was looking at me..

i tell myself to never do that again and thats when i decide to be his friend..

i was his friend for 3 days..and never more..the reason?he left the school..

during the sports day..i was with him..but i had to work with my house(rumah sukan) at that i left him alone..

little did i know that he was picked and bullied again by my own friends..when i found him, he was crying and running out of school..i try to chase him..but i have my own priority to think about..

and that was the last time i saw him..

the next morning, on the first day of life change..

when i never saw him in class today, i know something must be wrong..and i was right...his father came to the school and inform the teacher that his son has left the school..

and that statement change my life..i ran to the bathroom and cry..yes i cry..i never cry for other boys..girls yes..but not for any other boys..

and i dont know why..i never trully understand what was my feelings than..

and than i realize it..i was crying because i couldnt do anything to stop him from leaving..

this is my phobia..fear of losing a friend..but i cant stop it now..i lose another one,due to my own im leaving in denial..and i have to keep going,because others expect me to do so..

i know i havent been the best of friends for you guys..but i hope all the best for you all..

and i vow myself..that i never ever make any of my friends mad or sad by me..i will never ever leave any of my friends..and because of him..i vow to stay loyal to my friends..forever

but the worse thing is..i never got to know his name..

secondhand serenade - your call

Waiting for your call, I'm sick, call I'm angry
call I'm desperate for your voice
Listening to the song we used to sing
In the car, do you remember
Butterfly, Early Summer
It's playing on repeat, Just like when we would meet
Like when we would meet

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight

Stripped and polished, I am new, I am fresh
I am feeling so ambitious, you and me, flesh to flesh
Cause every breath that you will take
when you are sitting next to me
will bring life into my deepest hopes, What's your fantasy?
(What's your, what's your, what's your...)

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight

And I'm tired of being all alone, and this solitary moment makes me want to come back home
(I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have)

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight
(I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have)

diamond..a woman best friend

there you go..a massive diamond digged out from Lesotho, Africa.

the diamond weight 478 carats and is the 20th largest uncut diamond ever found...and could potentially be the largest ever polished round diamond..

well..this is one diamond that out of anyone reach..(poor people like us..hehehe)

the company responsible for the dig site said, the diamond are worth up to tens of millions of dollars..

now the record for the largest uncut diamond is down here..

this is the Cullinan Diamond..weight over 3000 karats..3106 karats to be does this being a big number?let engagement ring is usually a 1 or 2 karats,anything above 3 is pretty impressive..this diamond is over 3000 karats!pretty pretty pretty impressive!

the diamond was found in 1905, and was cut into several pieces, below is the picture..
all these diamonds came from one single unpolished diamond..can u imagine how big it was?

oh..i think all the ladies out there are going..woah!..hahahaha

September 20, 2008


sebuah filem dari Norliana Samsudin

"cinta yang mahal itu tak perlu dilafazkan, cinta yang agung itu adalah satu pengorbanan, tak ramai yang sanggup berkorban pada orang yang dia cintai"

nuclear energy by 2023 cerita terbaru mengenai penggunaan tenaga nuklear di malaysia

hari ni malaysia baru je mencadangkan penggunaan tenaga nuklear pada tahun 2023..tak jauh lagi tu..

told you we will need this energy sooner or later..

so ape maksud semua nie?

  1. takde lagi la kawasan bebas nuklear di rantau ASEAN ni..
  2. peluang pekerjaan mesti triple..or double..
  3. mesti ade pihak yang akan menentang usul nie..sebab merosakkan dan membahayakan alam sekitar dan manusia

well..we just have to learn to accept that we need this energy to coupe with the ever growing demand in energy..

life is not all easy kan?

we will see where this plan is going..who knows what will happen in the future

September 19, 2008

a date with hana

this is hana..nice to meet you..

buat muka..ceh..

hari ni keluar dengan my new junior..hana..

oh my god!lupa nak tanya her full name..hahahahaha..takpe la..another time..

let me tell a lil bit about her...

1) she wont try clothes she wants to buy..just grab and pay..lucky you!
2) she has excellent taste in accessories and clothes
3) she forgot where her mom came it penang or johor?hmm?
4) she dont want another baby sis,nanti dia tak bleh manja2..ceh!
5) she like mainstream music...not fond of indie and gigs
6) she stay in tmn seri gombak for 19 dont know squat about the area around here
7) same taste and opinions with me in music,clothes,even politics...
8) want her bf to get a new gf..or something similar to that..hahaha
9) really funny gal! + crazy too!
10) down to earth..(almost) girl..

but theres another weird thing happen when i was with her, do you guys believe in Deja Vu?well i do..

i had a dream,before the start of this semester and in that dream,i was in an accesories store..looking at jewelries..but then a girl look at me with a weird look..and i said to myself..why did this girl look at me this way..

now this happened today!when i was with her!i never met her,never know her..but yet ive seen her in that dream..the girl that was looking at me was was really fun..lets do it again..someday..(let just pray ur boyfriend tak tau..)

September 18, 2008

secondhand serenade - the last song ever

I wish my life was this song
Cause songs they never die
I could write for years and years
And never have to cry
I’d show you how I feel
Without saying a word
I could rap up both our hearts
I know it sounds absurd

And I saw the tears on your face
I shot you down and I slammed the door,
But couldn’t make a sound
So please stay sweet my dear
Don’t hate me now
I can't tell how this last song ends

The way that I feel tonight (so down so down)
I pray I can swim just so I wont drown
And the waves that crash over me
I am gasping for air
Take my hand so i can breathe
As I write this last song down

And I saw the tears on your face I shot you down
And I slammed the door but couldn’t make a sound
So please stay sweet my dear
Don’t hate me now
I can't tell how this last song ends

The broken glass ..... your moistened skin
Was everything, was everything

And your broken voice ..... was quivering
Your everything, your everything

Scream at me make it the best I ever heard
Laugh out loud I know it sounds absurd

Scream at me make it the best I ever heard
Your everything, your everything

Heart beats slowing, pains are growing
Does she love you that’s worth knowing

Heart beats slowing, pains are growing
Does she love you that’s worth knowing


think about this

now i dont know if you guys heard about this yet..

do you guys know that the oil price has drop to $91 US dollar today...this is the all time record..

do you guys know whats happening out there that make the oil price goes down?well it has got to do with the US current financial and economic era now..

last week the 4th largest investment bank file for its bankruptcy after more than 100 years of operating in and out of US coast...

i wont go into detail of why this happened..but this year alone,the bank lose 94% of its share price..this year alone! may think that this wont affect us or this is nothing serious or this is just stupid..

but lets take a moment and today modern world,it is not the country with biggest military power that is in control..but it is the one with large and stable economic will thrive forward..

how do u think US can be so damn powerful?because it has share all over the world..

now, there's some new disturbing news...AIG,the main sponsor for Man U and another large investment bank is about to bankrupt in last 2 days, they need at least $75 billion US dollar in 2 days in order for them to stay on the market..

but they fail to get that..but the US goverment decide to give them $80 billion US dollars today just to make sure the bank wont go bankrupt..

what would happen is AIG goes bankrupt?

AIG provide 75% of world thats a lot..the world is not small..

in short term consequences..the world will go to panic..the world economy depression! meltdown..and panic panic panic!

now think about this the next time the oil price hit lower...

September 17, 2008

all you need is love..

thank to mun..i get to see this absolutely stunning story!!

the best part of this movie is..IT IS A MUSICAL MOVIE,WITH THE ENTIRE MOVIE BACKDROP OF BEATLES here are some of the list of songs that i put, so that you can download...

ok..this movie is about Jude who is an british that went to US to search his dad,but accidently met Max a young rebellious american guy...and decide to stay in US for a while before going back to UK

while there,Jude met Max's sis..Lucy who at time seeing someone,so is Jude..but as the story goes..Lucy's bf got kill and both Jude and Lucy fall in love..

but at that time,the era on US was a trouble one,the war on vietnam, the high racism on black people, and much more that in the end ruin the relationship of them both..

but..all they ever need is love..and thats what make them together again after so long..

this movie was trully wonderful!!

September 16, 2008

selamat hari malaysia!

post kali ni untuk meraikan hari terbentuknya malaysia..




Adapun hal yg memasukkan sesuatu kedalam rongga hidung adalah perkara popular yg ditokok tambah yg mana menyusahkan umat islam itu sendiri. Berikut adalah pandangan Prof Dr. Yusof Al-Qaradhawi:

"Para ahli fiqh radhiallahu 'anhum telah memperluas pembahasan hal-hal yang membatalkan puasa sedemikian rupa sehingga saya tidak yakin hal-hal tersebut pernah terfikir di benak seorang jua daripada para sahabat Nabi shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, yakni orang-orang yang menyaksikan secara langsung penurunan al-Qur’an, yang memahami secara terus pesanan Allah dan Rasul-Nya dengan sebaik-baik pemahaman dan yang berpegang teguh kepadanya dengan sebaik-baiknya.

Banyak ahli fiqh telah memperlebarkan wilayah pembahasan akan hal-hal yang dianggap membatalkan puasa. Para fuqaha Mazhab Hanafi telah menyebut sekitar 57 perkara manakala fuqaha Mazhab al-Syafi‘e tidak kalah banyaknya. Sejumlah ulama’ masa kini bahkan memperincikan hal-hal yang dapat membatalkan puasa secara aneh. Mereka membuat kaedah-kaedah lalu membangun di atasnya cabang-cabang persoalan yang tidak terhitung bilangannya. Namun kaedah-kaedah itu sendiri tidak didasarkan kepada dalil-dalil yang kuat daripada al-Qur’an dan al-Sunnah. Ada di antara mereka yang berkata bahawa kemasukan sesuatu benda, seperti kerikil umpamanya, ke dalam rongga badan orang yang berpuasa akan membatalkan puasanya."
[Fiqh al-Siyam (edisi terjemahan oleh Ma’ruf Abdul Jalil dan rakan-rakan dengan judul Fiqh Puasa; Era Intermedia, Solo 2001), ms. 118 & 107-108]

Berikut adalah perbahasan mengenai permasalahan puasa yg diutarakan oleh Kapten Hafiz Firdaus dalam bukunya yg berjudul "Menelan Air Liur Tidak Membatalkan Puasa":

[1]Memasukkan sesuatu ke dalam rongga badan membatalkan puasa

Tumpuan kita yang pertama kepada perkara yang ditokok tambah ialah hukum memasukkan sesuatu ke dalam rongga badan membatalkan puasa. Contohnya:

1. Memasukkan pen ke dalam mulut membatalkan puasa.

2. Menelan air liur membatalkan puasa.

3. Mengorek telinga atau membersihkan telinga dengan cotton buds membatalkan puasa.

4. Mengorek hidung atau debu pasir yang masuk ke dalam hidung membatalkan puasa.

5. Membuang air besar tanpa meneran sepenuhnya agar najis keluar sekali gus membatalkan puasa.

Semua di atas dan pelbagai lagi yang seumpama adalah hukum yang ditokok tambah ke dalam ibadah puasa sehingga benar-benar memberatkan umat Islam

Yang sebenarnya membatalkan puasa hanyalah tiga perkara iaitu bersetubuh, makan dan minum. Allah 'Azza wa Jalla berfirman:

Maka sekarang (1) setubuhilah isteri-isteri kamu dan carilah apa-apa yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah bagi kamu; dan (2) makanlah serta (3) minumlah sehingga nyata kepada kamu benang putih (cahaya siang) dari benang hitam kegelapan malam), iaitu waktu fajar. Kemudian sempurnakanlah puasa itu sehingga waktu malam (maghrib). [al-Baqarah 2:187]

Makanan dan minuman yang membatalkan puasa terbahagi kepada dua kategori:


Sesuatu yang mengenyangkan dan/atau menghilangkan dahaga secara hakiki kepada orang yang mengambilnya, sekali pun dalam jumlah yang sedikit.

Apa-apa makanan yang diambil secara sengaja dan sampai ke perut, maka ia membatalkan puasa. Apa-apa minuman yang diambil secara sengaja dan melalui tenggorok, maka ia membatalkan puasa. Apa-apa zat makanan yang dimasukkan ke dalam darah melalui suntikan, umpama glukosa yang diberikan kepada pesakit yang tidak dapat makan dan minum seperti biasa, ia juga membatalkan puasa.(Yang tepat, orang yang sakit sehingga tidak dapat makan dan minum seperti biasa tidak perlu berpuasa kerana keuzuran yang dihadapinya tidak mewajibkan dia berpuasa.)

Maka dengan itu apa-apa benda, makanan atau minuman yang dimasukkan ke dalam rongga-rongga manusia, ia tidaklah membatalkan puasa. Contohnya, memasukkan pen ke dalam mulut, menggosok gigi, berkumur-kumur, membersihkan telinga, mengorek hidung, menggunakan ubat titisan mata, menyedut debu, peneranan yang tidak sempurna ketika membuang air besar dan pelbagai lagi, semua ini tidak membatalkan puasa.

Merasai makanan yang sedang dimasak tidak membatalkan puasa asalkan ia dikeluarkan semula. Baki makanan yang ditemui terselit di celah-celah gigi tidak membatalkan puasa asalkan ia tidak ditelan secara sengaja. Menelan air liur, sengaja atau tidak sengaja, juga tidak membatalkan puasa. Air liur tidak pernah dianggap di sisi manusia yang normal sebagai minuman. Seandainya air liur adalah sejenis minuman, nescaya tidak ada manusia yang mati kehausan jika terdampar di padang pasir.

Demikian juga, mengambil suntikan insulin bagi pesakit kencing manis dan menggunakan alat melegakan pernafasan bagi pesakit asma, ia tidaklah membatalkan puasa.

Timbul persoalan, adakah menelan ubat tanpa disertai apa-apa minuman membatalkan puasa? Contohnya seorang berpuasa yang menghadapi pening kepala, lalu dia menelan dua biji Panadol. Adakah ini membatalkan puasa? Yang benar dia tidak perlu meneruskan puasanya kerana sakit yang dihadapinya adalah salah satu bentuk keuzuran yang membolehkan dia berbuka. Maka berbuka adalah lebih utama daripada menjerumuskan diri ke dalam sesuatu yang diperselisihkan hukumnya.


Sesuatu yang mengenyangkan dan/atau menghilangkan dahaga secara psikologi sekali pun dalam jumlah yang sedikit. Ia bukanlah makanan dan minuman tetapi mengambilnya memberi kesan psikologi berupa kepuasan atau kenikmatan yang mengenyangkan dan/atau menghilangkan dahaga bagi nafsu.

Contohnya ialah orang yang menghisap rokok. Asap rokok bukanlah makanan atau minuman tetapi bagi penghisap rokok, ia adalah suatu nikmat umpama makanan yang memuaskan mereka. Maka menghisap rokok membatalkan puasa. Akan tetapi bagi orang di sekitarnya yang terhisap asap rokok tersebut (secondary smoker), ia tidak membatalkan puasa kerana asap rokok tersebut bukanlah satu nikmat bagi diri mereka.

Tetap pada contoh asap, menyedut asap kenderaan di lalulintas yang sesak tidak dianggap membatalkan puasa. Ini kerana asap kenderaan bagi manusia yang norma, tanpa dibezakan dia penghisap rokok atau tidak, bukanlah suatu nikmat yang memuaskan.

Contoh lain ialah menghisap dadah atau mengambil dadah melalui suntikan. Dadah bukanlah makanan atau minuman tetapi bagi penagih dadah, ia adalah suatu nikmat umpama makanan yang memuaskan mereka. Maka menghisap atau menagih dadah membatalkan puasa.

Dalil bagi apa yang disebut dalam kategori kedua ini ialah hadis daripada Abu Hurairah radhiallahu 'anh, Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam bersabda bahawa Allah berfirman (Hadis Qudsi):

"Setiap amal anak Adam adalah bagi dirinya…kecuali puasa maka ia adalah untuk Aku dan Aku sendiri akan membalasnya. Dia (anak Adam) meninggalkan makanan kerana Aku dan meninggalkan minuman kerana Aku dan meninggalkan kenikmatan kerana Aku dan meninggalkan isterinya (tidak bersetubuh) kerana Aku."[Sanad Sahih: Dikeluarkan oleh Ibn Khuzaimah di dalam Shahihnya – hadis no: 1897 dan sanadnya dinilai sahih oleh Muhammad Mustafa al-‘Azami.]

Yang dimaksudkan dengan meninggalkan kenikmatan bukanlah semua bentuk nikmat seperti tidur, mandi dan sebagainya. Akan tetapi ia adalah nikmat yang terhasil pada diri seseorang seumpama makan dan minum.

Daripada penjelasan di atas, jelas bahawa dalam kebanyakan aktiviti seharian kita yang normal, tidak ada sesuatu yang menyebabkan terbatalnya puasa. Antara hikmah berpuasa adalah mendisiplinkan diri daripada bersetubuh, makan, minum dan sesuatu kenikmatan yang seumpama makan dan minum pada siang hari. Menokok tambah hukum bahawa kononnya memasukkan sesuatu ke dalam rongga badan membatalkan puasa tidak ditemui dalilnya daripada al-Qur’an dan al-Sunnah yang sahih. Ia juga tidak memiliki apa-apa peranan mahupun manfaat dari sudut hikmah disyari‘atkan berpuasa.

Dalil yang lazimnya digunakan oleh pihak yang mengatakan batal puasa bagi seseorang yang memasuk sesuatu ke dalam rongga badannya ialah hadis berikut:

"Sempurnakanlah wudhu’ dan bersungguh-sungguhlah dalam menyedut air ke dalam hidung (dan menghembusnya) kecuali jika kamu sedang berpuasa."[Sahih: Dikeluarkan oleh Ibn Majah dan dinilai sahih oleh al-Albani di dalam Shahih Sunan Ibn Majah – hadis no: 333 (Kitab Thaharah, Bab Anjuran menyedut air ke dalam hidung…)]

Berdasarkan sabda Rasulullah “…kecuali jika kamu sedang berpuasa” mereka memahami bahawa seseorang itu dilarang menyedut air ke dalam hidung apabila sedang mengambil wudhu’ dalam keadaan berpuasa. Jika dimasukkan air, ia akan membatalkan puasa. Kemudian fahaman ini diluaskan kepada semua rongga tubuh badan berdasarkan analogi (qiyas).

Fahaman ini adalah tidak tepat kerana pengecualian yang dimaksudkan oleh Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam bukan ditujukan kepada menyedut air ke dalam hidung tetapi kepada “bersungguh-sungguh” dalam penyedutan tersebut. Dalam erti kata lain yang dimaksudkan oleh Rasulullah ialah, apabila berwudhu’ dalam keadaan berpuasa, tidak perlu bersungguh-sungguh menyedut air ke dalam hidung kerana dibimbangi sebahagiannya akan masuk jauh ke dalam sehingga sampai ke tenggorok dan ditelan sebagai “minuman.”[Yusuf al-Qaradhawi - Fiqh al-Siyam, ms. 117]

{Petikan dari buku "Menelan Air Liur Tidak Membatalkan Puasa" oleh Kapten Hafiz Firdaus}

~juga boleh visit link dibawah 4 more details (english version)

moga bermanafaat,iAllah..wallahua'lam

petikan di atas di ambil sebab ada ramai yang musykil dengan status atau hukum hakam sama ada mengorek hidung itu batal atau tak..

ingatlah yang Islam itu mudah..tapi tidak boleh dipermudahkan..

September 15, 2008

hari ini hari cucuk jarum!

hahahaha..aku tak kisah apa orang kata..aku nak letak gak!

hari ni jabatan aku kena vaksinasi or immunisasi dari rubela!

ape itu rubela?google la..malas nak terangkan..

ni antara gambar menarik..and ade satu video itu masa fid tgh cucuk..dia takut jarum...sian dia..hahahaha(i shouldnt laugh) tapi seriusly..tgk muka dia.. :D

September 14, 2008

waktu berbuka

rasa nak letak post baru plak kat sini

semalam budak-budak geologi(hampir semua) berbuka puasa kat luar..

aktiviti yang dah dilakukan setiap tahun so kali ni macam biasa buat lagi la benda yang sama..

tempat di hotel 2 bintang jer..Lisa De Inn..ramai nak berbuka bagi la tempat murah..buffet dgn harga rm20..mane bleh dapat kan?(budak geo ni kedekut betul)..tapi buffet tak ditambah..dan makanan tak banyak pun..

tula..nak murah lagi..hahaha

program macam biasa..sampai situ..tunggu waktu berbuka..lepas tu berbuka...

tapi yang lain kali ni adalah waktu karaoke yang telah disediakan oleh hotel tersebut atas permintaan orang ramai..hahahaha

itu je la yang best malam tu..yang lain-lain sama jer..

okla..nak post gambar..

September 13, 2008

my dangerous queen

What Your Playing Cards Tell About Your Future

Right now is a time of warning and caution for you.

Your emotions are currently tied to a trusted woman in your life. She is just, and she has your best interests at heart.

Your closest friend is a great woman. She could be your sister, wife, girlfriend - or just a woman you've known for a long time.

The near future will bring an outgoing, flirtatious woman into your life. She will be alluring and fun - but ultimately dangerous.

Beware of some very bad news. This may mean the loss of someone close - or the loss of a close relationship.

pact with the devil

there's come a time, when i will look back at this time when i wrote this post

my life has always resolve around people's life..not my own..

and i have no regrets, because i know i was made for the sole purpose of comforting other..i have always known this even when i was a child..

i would always give way for others to be happy, and i have no problems in this..

im not a not an angel..but im just a simple human being, that think of others first before myself..


sometimes i need a life of my own..

to be love like anyone would have want..but i know i cant make it happened alone..

in my recent years, i have met a lot of girls..and none of them can ever be as good as you..

but my past years mistakes has taught me a lot about love and life..that i can never have this kind of crush like i have for you..

i know i never been lucky in love, but i put that aside so that i could let my heart open for another time..

how i hurt myself doing things i i could only look at you, but never to love you..

are you just another chapter in my life?

am i another chapter in your life?

i don't want to make a pact with the devil

September 11, 2008

who are you?

who are you
that make me feel this way?

who are you
that make me crazy of you?

who are you
that came in my dream last night?

who are you
that bright my day every time i look blue?

who are you
that make me speechless when you near?

who are you
that look perfect in this imperfect world?

who are you
that doesnt need to try hard to look beautiful?

who are you
that make my head in cloud every time you smile?

who are you
that make my heart beat faster and faster?

who are you
that is soft in the inside,but strong on the outside?

who are you
that love everything?

who are you
who im lucky enough to call my best friend?

who are you
that im lucky enough to have the chance to get to know you?

who are you?
who are you?
who are you?

current mood : in denial

September 10, 2008

stupid post

this is a stupid post that i decided to write..

people said to me,that we can only live once and try to make the best of this life..

i stick to that saying..and believe,if we dont make the full of our will just be a waste...


this are things that i hold dearest and closest to me for as long as i can live..i dont want to wake up one day to find out that i have lost one of them..even worse,if i lost everything..

if you have someone that love you,even if that person is the biggest jerk ever..would you stick by that person?would you give that person a chance to change?

if you make a friend mad or sad..would you regret what you did?or would you rather wait for everything to turn out fine?

if you have 2 people that you would you handle it?

i always said to myself that life is full of shit..but we must always move on..if we want to get out of the shit..but it would be nice to have someone there to guide you,give you strength and be there when you out of breath..

i want to live my life with no regrets..because life is too short to be wasting it on sitting and doing nothing..

go and find love,go and try all the delicious food in malaysia..go and make new friend in facebook..go and have holidays every weekend..go and make love,not war..

and if you mad or sad,call the person you love most and talk to them..because no matter what people said..we cant live alone..


now this just in!

apparently i just know this,but the project has been there for over 30 years!and today is the day,when the machine is open for the first time


nickname..THE BIG BANG DAY

a group of physicist and scientist have been preparing a machine 100 meters under the surface and in a 27km tunnel to actually recreate the BIG BANG THEORY!

the BIG BANG THEORY, a theory where supposedly when the universe first formed, to turn back time and see it for ourselves. how planets,stars,parallel universe..and how everything in it first come to this world.


the machine will also try to see if the famous BLACK HOLE radiates radioactive ray or not..propose and believe by some scientist to radiate it

but there is a lot of stakes guys have heard of BLACK HOLE and what it does right?it sucks everything even light!

so if the project goes all wrong..we are not only facing the end of the theory..but maybe the end of the whole human race...

let just pray it will not go wrong..

but with the success of this experiment..we can finally answer..WHAT IS MASS?

understand a lot about the universe we are living that human race can go 1 step further..or even 1000 steps

September 9, 2008

tagged by Fina

10 best pictures

gambar masa dapat anugerah kat PASUM..tak tau kenapa..tapi aku nampak segak sangat..wah!

masa dinner kolej 3, time aku 1st year..kat sebelah tu zatil..kenal dari pasum..aku suka gambar ni sebab kita org sedondong..

gambar bercuti kat langkawi..dah lama rasanya tak bercuti dengan famili lagi..aku suka gamba ni sebab masa ni best..hehe

yaish!gamba ni tahun masa berbuka puasa kat mines wonderland..time tgh tunggu bot nak pusing tasik..

muahahahahaha...nape dia org nampak sangat innocent time nie?!!

gambar time program petronas dkat akademi laut..yg tak best pun program dia..tapi the scholars are awesome!!posing tak tahan..

suka gambar ni sebab dapat tgk aysha pakai mcm tu!thats the only reason..

ntah nape..gambar ni nampak best la plak..

gambar takde motif..di paksa seri..aku rasa patung kat backdrop tu..bleh la disimpan dalam stor..

gile punye adik!!!!(lepas geram lepas kalah lawan mengutuk tadi!)

don't want to tag anyone la..

September 7, 2008


ah..saje nak letak gambar nie..

dalam kereta berjalan-jalan...(kena paksa dengan dia orang!waa!)

16 september..a new Malaysia?

im sure you guys have heard or read about the 16 september dateline date?

no?if you guys haven't read it then im gonna write a short info about it here..

sept 16 will be the dateline or..'tarikh keramat' for the PAKATAN RAKYAT to make a new goverment,so said the leader of PR Datuk Anwar...

how?by BN MPs to turn over to PR party..all the PR party need is 30 MPs and they will have a new goverment..

now this are just speculation..we can't say anything until the date come..but if it is true,i don't think it's a good idea...not because of my political views,like i said a free political views..i don't sided with anyone..

im saying that it's not a good idea because we are a democratic country..we have rules and constitution that was made by the people for the people..

today in Malaysia politics there are many holes and mistakes that arise after years of peaceful democracy..and why?because of certain people and parties that just think there are right from the other?

we choose the 'wakil rakyat' to think about 'the rakyat', the welfare of 'the rakyat'..not for stupid ambitious power to be the PM or the never ending corruptions in any party..

if we are to live peacefully and harmony..there has to be a balance..balance of power and responsibility..

if the new goverment get form on sept 16..then all i can say is democracy is dead in this country..because now..people can go above the law..when there's no law..there would be no order

September 6, 2008

tagged by fina

Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questionaire underneath until you write the names of all 5 people. This is alot funnier if you write the names randomly. No Cheating!!

The lucky 5 who came straight outta my head right now are:

  1. jaja
  2. biha
  3. munirah(junior)
  4. ayol
  5. niza
Reminder : Don't read ahead unless you fill above names first!

Question 1 : How do you meet 1?

we were suppose to meet in PASUM,but God we ended meeting up in the same department..hehehe

Question 2 : On the Scale od 1 - 10, how you rate your relationship with no 1?

1 would be the best or worse?if 1 the worse...the rate with her would be number 8..9 kalo kita berdating,and 10 kalau kita dah kahwin..oh no no no

Question 3 : How long have you known 4?

hmm..let see...almost 4 years

Question 4 : How do you know number 3?

munirah?she's my scandal in my she's my junior..hehe

Question 5 : Where is 5?

where?kat umah dia kat Pantai Dalam yang selalu sangat sesak jalan dengan jalan sempit dgn kereta berlambak-lambak..hahahaha..i hope..if not,she's dgn boyfriend dia..*gasp!*

Question 6 : A Fact about number 1?

too cute!

Question 7 : Who is no 4 going out with?

i don't think she's seing anyone..though i hope she will..hahahaha

Question 8 : What does no 1 do for living?

oh..a future geologist..for now..menghabiskan duit parent dgn kawan-kawan dia..

Question 9 : Would you live with number 3?

sure...(straight face)

Question 10 : What do you like about no 2?

biha?hmm...she's a good listener,when i needed one..most importantly..i can argue with her about a lot of stuffs..

Quthestion 11 : Do you miss number 5?

tak juga...5 days a week jumpa..except when she skipped classes la..hahahaha

Question 12 : Would you make out with number 4?

would i! way!that would be just weird

Question 13 : What is your opinion of number 2?

degil..kuat merajuk...perasan kecik lagi..hahaha..all and all..she's a good friend

Question 14 : What is your fave memory with number 5?

the first time i met her would it..can't believe i met her because we were arguing about a comic book...psycho!

Question 15 : What would you do if number 1 going out with number 2?

going out as in dating ke?suka :)..hahahaha

Question 16 : ever had a long conversation with number 5?

everytime..she's my good friend here in UM..and she's like the first friend here in my no big deal there..

Question 17 : Have you ever sleep at number 2's house?

looking forward to it..i've met her i want to get to know them better..hahaha

Question 18 : Do you hang out with number 3 often

not really..she's busy..but i would love to spend a lot more time with her..

Question 19 : Who do you known the longest?

would be ayol..dari PASUM,jaja tak termasuk..although she's from PASUM,but i know her friend better than her..hahaha

Question 20 : How often do you talk to number 1?

everytime i have the chance..she has a lot to talk about actually....which is pretty amazing...

Question 21 : What about number 2?

we talk a lot..i usually talk about other things beside geology stuffs with her..she knows a lot of my secrets

Question 22 : Have you every thought 3 more than a friend? comment..

Question 23 : May be you want to go out for a date with number 5?

hohoho..taking consideration of everything..nope..dia dah ade boyfriend

Question 24 : Do you dream about number 2?

occasionally..but its a good dream...ok?

Question 25 : What did number 4 did to you that you never forget?

a lot!ade one time we talk on merdeka eve..and we talk atas tangga almost every night kat tu zaman muda2 and stupid..hehehe

Question 26 : What have you done to number 1 that she never forget?

what eh?i don't know..maybe fix her laptop a few dozen times!hahaha..(suka rosakkan laptop)

Question 27 : What is number 3's hobby?

i think its karate or reading..

Question 28 : Who do u want to tag?

  1. ayol
  2. aysha
  3. niza
  4. aneesa
  5. ili

i want to go

i want to go to all this places..which i have no idea,though i think its around the world...hehehehe

i love to travel..but like ayol not the type yg akan pergi backpacking...well ayol..because you said that..i'll show you!i will go backpacking around the world with private jet and personal assistance..hahahaha

ayol..lets go backpacking together someday..i choose the place..and i belanja semua ok?!

sape nak ikut bleh la join sekali!we make it a school trip..hehehe