November 27, 2011

work place

So, as is my office, it's kinda dull..there's not much to tell. The office looks deserted because most of the staffs are doing their work at the client's office, and also cause it's during lunch time. If you want to see larger size, please click on the picture.

November 20, 2011

New show, New Girl

Hey there..
Just want to share a new show, I think it's airing right now on Star World. New Girl is the show, starring Zooey Deschannel. It's about a girl that move out from her apartment after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. So she seek out a new place to stay, and end up with an apartment with 3 guys after mistook thinking the ad was written by a woman seeking a new roommate, so that's how it all started. The guys can't stand her crazy and awkward behaviour, but in spite of all the quirk, they rally to bond and become like a family.

Some critics said this might be the next big comedy, I doubt that. It's still too early to said how this show is going, it just aired up to 6 episodes in the US, so it's a long way to go before we could call it the next big anything.

However, the show is kinda good. So far the show has some great punchline and crazy acting. I think because of Zooey Deschannel eccentric behaviour, this show has found a solid ground to hold onto. Also, the smooth acting, the well written episode, and great chemistry between them in this show making it one of my favourite show to watch each week.

The other main reason, beside watching the eccentric Zooey Deschanel, is watching her best friend on the show, Cece. Played by the beautiful and steaming hot Hannah Simone.  I think, if the show kept getting good reviews, she most definitely be one of world's top 100 sexiest woman alive.
The hot Hannah Simone
You can read more about her on Google, or go to her Facebook Page or click this link for sexy FHM photo shot. She's definitely on my radar for the next year, let's hope more sexy photo shoots surface

So there you go, you could watch this on Star World and let me know what you think about it, but here's a promo trailer for you guys. Later.

November 18, 2011

Galaxy Note do you want it?

So it's been a while..let's talk Android..hehe

I think everybody already heard and read about the new Galaxy Note. Most of you already feel sick about how people talk about it..a lot! But let your stomach swallow a little bit more of this...

So what is Galaxy Note? Galaxy Note is the next Samsung's line of Galaxy Family. For those that still remember Galaxy S2 (has it been that long?) Galaxy Note put all the best of S2 into it. 

Comparison of Note from other Android's phones and iPhone
Here's the low down of the phone, it has a huge..and I mean..HUGE 5.3 inch screen! S2 screen is already a big 4.3 inch, 5.3 inch is a little bit smaller than a 8.9 Galaxy Tab. But, I don't think Samsung gonna stop there, don't be surprise if they gonna release a bigger phone. Also, with Super Amoled HD, the screen is crystal clear, some said, the best smartphone screen out there. For those that hate technical terms, a Super Amoled HD can only be found with Galaxy Tab 10.1 Plus, so you have to expect a very crystal clear screen and with thickness close to S2, who wouldn't be tempted right?

Comparison between Note and S2
So if you finding a gap between a phone and a tab, Note is obviously your choice. Although with larger phone, and heavier too, you have to wonder how does it fair with other Galaxy's family. The main concern is not the software, but the size. You have to wonder how it look like when you holding something this huge to make a phone call, how unsightly it might look. Also, with a heavier phone, you might feel uncomfortable having it inside your pocket

Note come with a stylus, dubbed the S Pen, and don't call it a stylus, Samsung prefer them to be call the S Pen. The S Pen is a great substitute for your finger, it can basically do whatever your finger can do, writing, drawing, taking picture. A great addition if you love to write, and drawing.

The major different of Note, is that it's front camera of 2 mega pixels. The S2 front camera is a mere 1.3 mega pixels, so with a 2 mega pixels camera, it's a better quality camera for those that love to have a video call. 

Alright, enough all this technical specs and all, you can read more of it in this link.

Now, you need someone to tell if this is the right phone for you. You need to ask yourself, what do you look for in a phone? If you searching for an all rounded phone, that is not too big for you, I still recommend S2, or wait for the next Galaxy Nexus that come with the new Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwhich. If you love to read, and play with your tablet, but want something smaller, than Note might be the right one for you.

Remember that newer phone come out every time, so choose wisely.

November 7, 2011

Aidiladha 2011's food search

Aidiladha come and go, this year was nothing extraordinary. Although..our local mosque had to kosher 14 cows! 14! That had to be a record for the mosque. If you think about it, to kosher and fully cut all the meat for a single cow took about an hour, so 14 cows, if you only had 1 group of people for one cow, that's a total of 14 hours! On the bright side, more people gets the meat.

So how was your holiday? I was thinking to spend the long weekend in KL, but last minute plan changes it. I had to follow my parents to Kuantan, visiting my little bro studying there. The plan was to depart on Saturday, but after careful planning, it will be suicide to travel on Saturday, so we decided to head there on Sunday, and return on Monday.

The whole 2 days was fill with nothing but searching for great foods. Of course, on Sunday we didn't expect any good eating place to be open, since it's a holiday. But my dad remembered a steak house, called the East Grill Steak House, that rumour has it, the Pahang's Sultan once dine there. Since it's open, why not try it.

The restaurant is small in term of spaces, only a few available tables, if you come in late, you have to wait for a table. Another problem is the reservation table, although it's good to have reservation, but the restaurant really need to set some time time for the reserved patron to be there. Because even after 9pm, the reserved table still empty, and people are still coming in.

In term of the food, it is what you expect of a steak house. There are lamb, chicken, meat and fish, however, you can choose to have the Teriyaki Steak, or choose between the red snapper or salmon for the fish. You can't choose the side dish, which for me is a let down, because not everybody eat the coleslaw, or the corn. You can also choose a list from the chef's favourite, and another specialty from the restaurant is their homemade sauce, which include, black pepper sauce, BBQ sauce and mushroom sauce. The black pepper sauce is pretty much like its' name, too much black pepper, and too little of everything.

The price are pretty much in range of between 30-70 per person (including water), pretty decent if you decide to eat there once a month. But beware, for those with large appetite, this may not be a good place, unless of course, if you ordered the Mixed Barbeque, which include everything plus a jumbo size sausage.

That's for Sunday menu, on Monday, when we decided to return home, we must first find a place to have lunch, I don't why the first thought come to my dad's mind was Berserah's beach. It's a good thing too, because we had the opportunity to taste a famous place in Kuantan, call the Pak Su's Seafood. 

My dad said, if you ever in Kuantan, you should really try this place. It is a seafood place, so don't expect anything crazy from this review. Of course you can expect the usual from a seafood place, however, it is their way of cooking them that is what we are looking for.

We ordered Fish cooked with asam, deep fried squid and western style prawn (basically butter prawn), and seafood tom yam, with mix vegetables. We also ordered the specialty, stuff crab, crab's meat mix with vegetables and flour, (not worth it). The fish was a let down, since the Asam overpower everything, you can't  taste much of anything else. The best dish has to be the prawn, worth the money spend. 

I can tell you everything you need to know, although I doubt you didn't know already how Asam or butter prawn taste like. The most important thing when going to a new dining place, is the taste of the food, and the money spend on it, is it worth it? It's a lil it expensive for my taste, RM150 for everything. The most worth thing eating was the prawn, Don't buy the stuff crab, RM7 for a crab so not worth it. The fish was also a let down, we should try the fish cook with ginger instead.

The drinks were expensive, and in small glass, so ordered a large jug and don't order any fruits drink, RM3 for a small glass, that has to be highway robbery.

 So there you go, if you decided to try those places, why not tell me about it. Talk to you later. Adios.