February 1, 2013

a house is a must

Ola everyone, salam semua..

This year, I am 26 years old.

I've got a car, now all I want is a house.

I woken up one day and immediately think "Shit, I'm still living with my parents..seriously need to get a house".

Been searching high and low. But with my current salary, there's no way I am able to afford anything decent.

Yes I shouldn't complaint and be grateful that I even have a job, but everyone have the choice to pursue their happiness. And I am pursuing mine, a bungalow with 10 rooms, a swimming pool, and a big enough garden for my horse..what?!

For me, a guy need to have his own house. One that he can proud to call it his home, his castle, his bachelor pad.

Dear God, please let it rain money tomorrow.