April 28, 2012

RIM is dying.

To those hardcore BlackBerry user, you guys is at an end of an era. Adapt or perish..hehehe

April 15, 2012

At Least You Tried


I've got this great picture from the internet and thinking of sharing a little bit of what I want to call "At least you tried"
I don't know about you guys, but I have a lot of life philosophy, and one of it is "better try than not knowing". The idea is simple, if I were given choices or opportunity to try something or having a chances to do something crazy or something new, I would like to do it. Who knows what's the consequences is.

There's a saying "prepare for the worse, hope for the best", and that's basically what I want to emphasize here. Our life is short, who knows where we will all be in the next 10 years? So if you have the chance to do something crazy, go for it! This is your chance to feel alive once in a while, if you want to try to get a promotion from your boss, go for it, even if your boss said "no" at least you know, you've tried. If you want to ask for a raise, go for it, your boss might be generous enough to give it to you.

So go, have a great day, and try everything...just make sure it doesn't kill you or harm you in any way.

awesome Draw Something drawings!

Hei there, 

Do you guys ever heard of Draw Something? Some of you have right? So Draw Something is an App for Android and Apple user. It's basically a game where you draw something to your opponent and they gonna guess what it is. 

It has gain popularity in the past months, and was the No.1 App for more than 20 countries. So go Google all about it. 

But I'm not gonna talk about how awesome the App is, I wanna show you some of the drawing that was actually drawn by people that literally taking this game too serious. When you're done looking at the picture, you will feel so untalented.

April 11, 2012

notice to all employees

I've got this from thechive.com