July 28, 2010

Nerds Assemble!

This is a great no..this is an AWESOME news for all the nerds out there! The full cast(probably) of the The Avengers has been announced during the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego!

Some familiar faces, Robert Downey Jr. will still be playing the role of Iron Man. We also have few new names to play Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and Hawkeye.

Here's the full list of who's playing who

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark
Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Evans as Captain America
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Incredible Hulk
Joss Whedon, Director

Although some believe that the movie will introduce many more of The Avengers, including Wolverine and Spiderman. For now, let just live with this moment.

July 19, 2010

Due Date movie trailer

Due Date is a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. (the man that plays Iron Man). He's in this hilarious movie about a man that wants to see his wife who is giving birth in 5 days, hence the title of the movie.

The funny part of the movie is that he's traveling cross country with a wash-up actor, where they..ah hell! I just let you watch the trailer! A must see movie! Going out in the US on November, no news yet on when will it hit here. So enjoy!

July 18, 2010

Green Lantern new pictures.

Photos of Green Lantern emerged in the internet this past days, showing Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, but sad news, he is not wearing any costume for the movie. Rumors is that the suit will be made by CGI, this really kill the character. However, judgment can wait until the movie come out next year.

Another star of the movie is Blake Lively, she's gonna play the role of Green Lantern love interest. and probably future nemesis. So more sexy leg from Miss Lively can be seen in the cinema, I like that idea. A LOT. Source here.

So I'm gonna be honest here, the reason I'm gonna watch this movie is probably because it has Blake Lively in it.

Au revoir.

July 17, 2010

The Social Network trailer

The Social Network is a movie that revolve around the story of Facebook, and it's founder Mark Zuckerberg. No much details are release about this movie though, you can watch few of the movie clips in the trailer below, and you can also go to the official website http://www.thesocialnetwork-movie.com/

The movie will be release in the US on October, and it will hit cinema here on November. Again, for more info just go to the official website. Enjoy the trailer.

July 16, 2010

2 months after Mexico Gulf's oil spill

For those that don't know this, a couple of months ago, there was a MASSIVE oil spill in Mexico Gulf by BP Oil. It was due to an accident in one of the deep sea rig that BP had leased.

Now you may think, that the oil spill has since stop, well you're wrong! The oil, that kept pouring out from the underground reservoir has not seen any evidence of stopping. To date, it is estimated that 125 millions barrel of oil has been pouring out since the accident!

After 2 months, it has finally reach the coastal area, and are now threatening the wildlife and also affect all the people that live and work around or near the gulf's coast. This, as many scientist and people said, is the worse environmental disaster of all time, and I have to concur.

BP and the US government have done a lot in containing the oil inside, but with no clear result, one outlandish solution is to build a massive dome and put it on top of the crack where the oil seep through..see here and here, how crazy is this?!

Here are some photos that were taken after 2 months of the oil spill that reach the coastal area, that shows the deadly consequences of human's need for more oil

More photos and stories can be found in this link.

July 13, 2010

3D lenses and smallest MP3

A couple of updates in Tuesday morning...do you guys love watching pictures of movies in 3D? well now you can! With Loreo's 3D Lens-in-a-cap offer you pictures taken using your DSLR (doesn't matter what brand) into a 3D pictures, of course you will need the special glasses to see the effect or you could buy Loreo's software to see the effect (this will be sold separately).

This haven't reach here yet, but it will eventually. Since most of the newest camera and video camera model let you take 3D picture and video, this will help those old model to have the same feature. Though the price in US is about $179, so it's not going to be cheap here.

Another update is this...the world's smallest MP3 player! Dubbed Kube, the MP3 player looks only like a cube. It weight only 18 grams! Now don't be fool by the appearance, it can hold up to 8000 songs with it external micro SD memory card from 2gb to whooping 32gb!

Though, I personally like control on my music player, particularly in choosing what song to listen too, and not pressing button to skip it along.

Time has change, I haven't seen anyone using MP3 for a long long time, nowadays people opt to use cellphone to listen to music, but if you interested, and just feel the urge to be different from others, than why not try this? the price is $35 US dollars, so it will probably price at about RM100 here.

Later then

July 12, 2010

2010 World Cup winner

SPAIN is the new 2010 World Cup winner, after defeating Netherlands 1-0 in overtime.

The Spanish is the 2nd team to win both European and World Cup at the same time, after West Germany, and this is the first World Cup win for the Spaniard.

The Dutch played a good game, but I have to admit, the Spanish have the upper hands, and played better than The Dutch. Thank God there was no controversy from the referees this time, at least it was a clean game, mostly clean..12 yellow cards in 1 game! hahaha

The Spanish has shown their true strength when they lose in the first group game against Switzerland, to finally won the cup, and there will be more good years ahead for the Spaniard since the players are relatively young.

So the World Cup is finally over here's a song from Shakira to end the World Cup 2010

p/s: Paul the Octopus was right AGAIN! 100% correct prediction, he must be national treasure now!

July 9, 2010

cerita cinta Coffee-Mate

ni adalah sebuah cerita pendek dari Coffee-Mate..sebenarnya video ni dah lama keluar, dari bulan Mei..

cerita ni ada 3 episod, aku akan letak ketiga-tiga video kat sini..

ada orang kata cerita ni merepek, poyo, geli, menyampah, busuk, bosan, jiwang sangat dan macam-macam lagi, and mostly yang bagi komen tu adalah LELAKI! hahaha..ala..aku tau korang pun kalau bercinta ke main-main cinta ke mesti nak menjiwang gak..aku lelaki, aku faham la..macho ke tough ke, kalo suka kat orang tu, bulan pun nak di bawa balik bumi! hehehe


July 8, 2010

Paul the Psychic Octopus!

HAH! for those that don't know, or don't even wanna know, it's Spain vs Netherlands in the final of 2010 World Cup! both team are equally good, and I can't make prediction about the final, but PAUL CAN!

who is Paul? well Paul is an octopus..no really! he or is it a she? anyway..Paul live in German and is regard as a psychic octopus after successfully predicted all of Germany's games..and I mean ALL! 100% right! from German's lost to Serbia to German's win over Argentina..

however, before last night game against Spain, Paul betrayed his/her fellow countrymen and choose Spain to win, which Paul was right again! sorry to say, Paul probably end up getting chopped and put in some double decker's snacks or something..hehe

here are video evidence of Paul choosing Spain as a winner..

p/s: why not bring Paul to Malaysia? let him predict the game at least once...cause we need all the help we can get..hehe

July 7, 2010

Twilight For Guys!

so if you're a guy, you will probably hate Twilight, for all the good reasons (and there are many reasons), let's not get into that AGAIN!

but not to worry! here's Twilight For Guys!!

May (definitely) contain lesbian-ish behaviour hehehe

July 2, 2010

Recovered ozone has its downside

So, the story of ozone layer getting thin has been around far more than we can remember, personally for me, this is what makes me dwell into geologist in the first place, and this happen to be the first climate change that I knew of..

The story is that harmful gases, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and CFC have been identified as major sources of ozone's thinning, this was first discovered by British scientist in 1985 at Antartica, the extend of the thinning reach Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa, this raise threats of several skin cancers arose from the thinning of ozone layer

Thus, several plans and counter-measures were set up to prevent and repair any damages done to the ozone layer, including the banned of CFC gasses worldwide

However, recent studies by New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, done by Guang Zeng and his her colleagues shows that recovered ozone layer may prove more damage than thought

For those that don't know, our sky consists of several different layers, the layer where the air we breath is call the troposphere, and where the ozone layer is located in 1 layer above is call the stratosphere, the problem with healed ozone layer this ozone layer can seep into troposphere and this gasses are deadly to human and other living life forms

Evidence of the gas actually penetrate through troposphere is still small, but in time, if the ozone continue to heal itself, more and more of this gas can get through, as shown by computer model prepared by Guang Zeng

sources here

There are still no possible solution for this, how do you deal with something that can kill you, if you save or destroy it either way? I just wanna raise some question here, so how did the people before ozone thinning live? surely the ozone before that would have been much better than today, but we don't see any people dying from ozone

Well, until then..

July 1, 2010

Bees decline due to hand phone?

Here's a scary fact, it is said that the past years show a decrease in honey bees population up to 30% in US alone and 17% in UK

This disappearance were previously unknown, but recent studies in Panjab University, northern India, shows that cell phone can be the cause of the disappearance, this is show in an experiment when a hive is subjected to 15 minutes of cell phone usage, and shows, after 3 months, the bees stopped producing honeys and the queen eggs reduce to halves, source here

They said, this is due to the electromagnetic disturbance that the bees experience that screw with their pigmen, that control navigation, without navigation, the bees couldn't come back to the hive and simply die

However, this is still in theory, although people are blaming each other about the effect of electro wave out there, they seem to forget the real problem here, and that is the bees is in a brink of extinction!

This is alarming, as we all know that bees contribute to the continuity of more than 90% of the world's plants, flowers, and fruits through pollination, the extinction of bees, could possibly mean the extinction of many other species, including human

This may seem trivial to most of you, but look this in the future, if bees stop pollinating, grass won't grow, cows will have nothing to eat, and we human won't have nothing to eat (for those that eat meat)... and the same goes to all you vegetarian, you can't eat anything since almost everything's gone

I guess the extinction of human kind may be due to our own fault..