February 27, 2010

6 hours

well most of you knew about this, some of you don't, so last Thursday, I had an interview with PETRONAS, this is what I've been waiting for..FINALLY!

and I hope I pass the interview...not just for me, but for you guys out there..YES you know who you are...hehe

anyway, here's what happened on that day..the interview was supposed to start on 12.30, but somehow the morning session got drag too long, so the interview had to start on 2pm..it ended at 6pm! you can't imagine how tiresome and tense that is..almost 6 HOURS!

so basically, the interview has 2 part, the Competency Based Interview (CBI) and the Structured Interview (SI)...what does this mean?

what this mean is that CBI is the part where they ask you a number of question, but not like.."tell us you greatest strength" , its more like "have you been in a situation where you need to make difficult decision" or "have you been given a goal to accomplish and how do you accomplish it?"..question that test your behaviour and skills..and to see if you're would be perfect for the company..so you have to remember the time when you had to this, this take about 1 hours to finish, and during this is also the Q&A session..and I asked them,
"what is a suitable or perfect candidate for a position in PETRONAS?"

and they asked me back,
"what do you think?" ,

here's where it got really good..I just list all my strengths here..hope they find that in my CV hahaha

in the SI, you are given a case study, where you have to understand the key elements, the problems, the best plan to solve it and the risk of the plan you took..this is where it get hard..the interviewer will ask question to see how you think, you need to have a vast amount of general knowledge..SERIOUSLY, if you say "I don't know" a lot of time, then it probably mean you get the X..and this was really tough for me,

my case study was Consumer Power, where Global Warming in the future can be blame to the oil industries, see how this conflict me? interviewing a job at an oil company that is to blame for Global Warming while at the same time environmentally conscious? DAMN!

and that's not all it in SI, there is also call Role Playing, where you are given a situation, where you can be a manager, a worker or anyone..but usually the manager, because they want to see the type of leader and the path you take in the role play and you are given a tough situation,

example of my situation, I was a manager at a factory, where pollution in a nearby river is suspected to come from my factory, there was numbers of card, where you play the same situation but with different story..at first I thought I was given 1 cards only..but then they decide to continue and continue, they was this one woman, she was really persistent in continuing with this..at the end of 3rd card, the other interviewers sigh a relieve...ME TOO! hahaha..

as I mention, the role playing it to see what is your leadership style, what would you do, what kind of leader you are..they also want you to think and really THINK about your plan of actions, you can't just jump into decision quickly..and the SI took me more than 1 hour to complete them..

by the end of both the interview I WAS TIRED AND HUNGRY!! but I think I did ok.

so here are some advices when you're going in the PETRONAS interview..
1. EAT FIRST! or bring your own foods and drinks
2.be SUPER PREPARE! fill your brain with general knowledge, it really REALLY helps!
3.don't be afraid to ask
5.remember all the time where you have to use your non-technical skills
6.practice practice practice

and there you go, I don't know if that helps, cause I don't know if I pass the interview or not but it helps..so, au revoir

February 26, 2010

Deer ninja is soo COOL

this is how you do it!

February 22, 2010

what if

what if this can happen in real life?hehe

February 18, 2010

American Idol 2010 top 24

American Idol has their top 24 now, you can see all the top 24 by following the link here

here are my favourites with videos


ok benda ni dah lama dah aku buat, just tak confirm lagi, tapi tadi Jaja dah call kata benda ni dah sampai kat dia..so boleh la post kat dalam ni..

*drum roll*

jeng jeng jeng! ni kad harijadi yang aku buat untuk Jaja..ye ye, aku tau birthday dia dah lama lepas, tapi since every year pun janji nak bagi hadiah kat dia..so ni je yang termampu..

and this card is a pop up card! yeay!

why is that?

did you guys know that at some point in history, our economy is on the same level as Singapore and Taiwan..now, look where we are now compare to those 2 nations? pathetic isn't it?

some may wonder, why is that? to understand this, we must understand the power of the economy all together, the economy of one nation are dependent on certain factors, one of the most important factor for developing country like us, is the foreign investment..

Singapore has no natural resources if you compare with any of the nations in South East Asia..but how did they manage to become the super economy country here? it's because of major foreign investment in Singapore..

now, foreign investment is not easy, the most important things is trust and commitment, why does our country economy fall behind?its because of the lack of trust to invest here, due to poor management, bad publicity and all this politics dramas..SERIOUSLY!

some might say, we still got our natural resources..what resources?unless the coconut oil replace fossil oil in near future, I won't be jumping up and down yet..even if that happened, I still wouldn't be jumping up and down..

so why doesn't they trust us here? because of several things actually , generally?its politics..here in Malaysia, the gap of the richer and the poor are too great..the richer are TOO rich while the poor are TOO poor..and the people suffer from it, well the poor people suffer from it

you guys pay taxes right?so where do everything go? yeah sure there are some new building here and there..new schools, new universities, WAIT, scratch that..new universities that is upgraded from college..yeah..this is all part of "budget" saving..and the development of is TOO SLOW, and don't give crap like "yang elok tu datang lambat" or "bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada" yeah..sure, just look at you and the rest of the people, you have a bungalow, maybe 2, a car that can buy another 2 cheap cars..how can you compare everybody the same? and if you can make things better for all of the people, shouldn't we be doing that?and be grateful at something better instead?

don't believe everything I say, read the net..don't read the newspaper or the news, they are all in a one sided media..well most of them..

I write this so people would start thinking, and not just blindly follow all the things "they" said to us..but then, even the freedom to write and speak has been taken from us..I'm not making a scene, and not to create chaos, but to inject just a lil bit of perspective

until then, cheerios!

February 17, 2010


aku nak perkenalkan kucing ni..bagi aku kucing ni takde nama yang official lagi, tapi since adik aku dah panggil dia comel(klasik kan) aku terima je la..tapi aku personally suka nama Gaga..sebab dia suka makan dan kunyah semua benda yang kita campak kat dia...gile

February 15, 2010


fuh~! tu je yang boleh aku lafazkan bile balik dari Kuantan petang tadi...cuti kat Kuantan weekend ni memang tak menghampakan lansung!!

plan utama ke Kuantan adalah untuk merasa pelbagai makanan yang ayah aku dengar dan jumpa kat internet..

kalau korang dari Kuantan atau ada niat nak ke Kuantan, korang boleh la merasa pelbagai jenis makanan yang bukan jer sedap tapi MURAH gile!

ok..malam first aku satu keluarga ke Restoran Ikan Bakar Petai Ana kat Tanjung Lumpur.. tak jauh dengan bandar, dalam 5 ke 10 minit je kalau naik kereta, tempat ni kalau nak makan kena keluar awal, kalau tak memang takde tempat duduk..popular sangat ke?MEMANG! seawal 7.30 malam, kedai ni dah penuh..specialty? tengok nama la..ikan bakar petai..aku tak minat petai..tapi ikan bakar dia memang BEST! bukan tu je ada..almost every seafood ada dalam menu makanan..boleh pilih goreng tepung or bakar jer..harga makanan ikut berat..walaupun agak mahal..tp memang sedap la..ingat, kalau nak merasa kena datang awal
view kedai Restoran Ikan Bakar Petai Ana yang betul-betul tepi laut

ni seawal 7.30pm, bayangkan kalau dah pukul 8pm nnt

the next day, kita orang tak terfikir nak lunch mane..first choice nak makan kat pantai..on the way nak check Pantai Sepat terpandang satu kedai makan kat Kampung Peramu, nama kedai tu Pak Su dan Mak Su, sebelah balai polis Kg.Peramu...kedai ni SANGAT SANGAT popular..baru pukul 12 tgh hari orang dah berkerumun kedai makan ni..specialty dia? Satar dengan otak-otak yang sangat sedap..selalu satar kat KL isi tepung je banyak, tapi yang ini memang isi ikan 99%..otak-otak dia THE BEST yet.. and plus, kedai ni SANGAT MURAH! udang 5 ekor, 1 cucuk RM 2 jer! udang tu plak medium size la senang citer..satar tu 3 seringgit, kalau kat KL 3, 2 ringgit..kedai ni pun ada jual benda lain, ada nasi dagang, nasi berlauk, laksam, and plus ada air kelapa! memang sangat puas..tp kalau nak merasa aku cadangkan after 2pm la..sebab 12 ke 2pm memang ramai giler orang..
ni tunggu makanan siap goreng la nie..

sorry, before punye gambar takde, sebab dah lapar sangat..hahaha

ah, petang tu plak kita orang pekena cendol Air Putih, one word, HEAVEN! terbaik yang pernah aku rasa... bukan je manis, tapi lemak.. dia..pergh! cakap kat sini terasa meleleh air liur..dah la time tu panas terik..pekena cendol memang sedap punye

hah..last sekali makanan yang nak cerita kat sini, sape pernah dengar murtabak Mengkasar?aku rasa kalau sape duk Kuantan mesti pernah dengar punyer..kalau korang ke Kuantan murtabak ni wajib rasa..yang standard harga RM5! hahaha..mahal tapi berbaloi..dia punya daging dalam murtabak tu besar-besar! tepung dia bukan je lembut tapi crunchy.. tak terucap la dengan kata-kata..macam cendol tadi, one word, HEAVEN

so tu dia..review makanan dari Kuantan...aku makin jatuh cinta dengan Kuantan..next time pegi sana, benda ni la yang harus di rasa..until next time...arrivederci!

February 12, 2010

cerita lama

cerita ni dah lama, tapi teringat time driving tadi..

awal Februari bulan ni, sepupu aku kawin kat Penang, aku tak ikut pegi sana, tapi parents aku dengan famili dari Johor ikut pegi sana..masa famili Johor tu singgah KL, dia orang bising-bising la..bising pasal anak-anak dia orang plak yang kahwin sekarang..

masa dia orang borak-borak tu aku lalu la depan makcik-makcik aku ni..keluar la plak satu ayat yang ngeri untuk di dengari...

"Hah! Anip lepas ni turn awak plak.." kata makcik 1

"Betul tu, lepas ni Anip la plak.." kata makcik 2

jawapan pantas dari aku..

"Heh..hehehe" sambil tersipu-sipu malu..

hahahahaha..ada ke tanya pasal aku nak kahwin biler?lambat lagi rasanya aku nak kahwin..ada beberapa perkara yang perlu di lengkapkan dalam hidup aku ni before aku terfikir benda tu...

anyway, esok aku nk pegi Kuantan lagi, and you guys know bile aku ke Kuantan je mesti merasai makanan-makanan yang mengemukkan di sana..hahaha..

till then, au revoir

February 10, 2010

kesepian Fina..hahaha

hari ni Fina belanja makan lunch..perlu la laporkan di sini...kenapa dia belanja?ntah..dia cakap kat Farid, yang walaupun rumah aku dengan Farid dekat pun tak pernah datang jenguk dia..so pegi la jenguk dia..aku tak kisah..asal makan free (celakanye makhluk ni)

ok-ok malas nak tulis panjang-panjang..ni foto after makan, foto tika makan tiada, kerana saya tak suka tangkap gambar tika orang tu sedang makan..

February 9, 2010

February 8, 2010

an A-list stars

have you heard of the movie Valentine's Day? coming out this 12th February in US of course

it a must see movie, because of the number of stars in the cast list..let list down a few names here..

  • Jessica Alba
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Jessica Biel
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Eric Dane
  • Patrick Dampsey
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Queen Latifah
  • Taylor Lautner
  • Taylor Swift
  • Emma Roberts
  • Julia Roberts
I know right?!

in other note, I've seen The Book of Eli...and I LOVE IT!!

an easy 4/5 stars..do watch it when it come out in your cinemas..

the synopsis is simple enough, the movie is set in a post apocalyptic war..it doesn't actually reveal what the war is about in the early part of the movie, but I think the war is religion related..the hero, played by Denzel Washington is a lone traveler from before the war..most of the people from before either dead or really old..so the movie must have been in setting LONG after the war..

Denzel was traveling west..carrying a book, unknowing to many but only a few..the book was a bible, and although most of the people doesn't care about it, the one that knew it potential seek to exploit it for personal gain..it is later reveal that the war erupt because of this book or anything similar, because almost all religious book has been destroy, the bible he's holding could be the last one in the world..

he will eventually reach west, even with all the troubles..and the ending is REALLY unexpected..seriously..

now, this movie is not a drama movie..it is an action movie..lot of blade swinging, gun shooting, car blowing..so don't let the synopsis fool you..

so there you go..watch it when it hit cinemas near you

February 4, 2010

digitize your emotion

oh yes, when technology really change the way we live our life..here is a good example..introducing the Emoticon Mask

what is it? in simple term..its a mask that digitize our emotion...pretty cool..or pretty weird? why do they build it? they said, people don't show emotion face to face nowadays with technology around, people usually type emotion using YM or Facebook..really? that's pretty sad if you ask me..

here's more after this link

February 3, 2010

suddenly Venice

suddenly have the urge of going to Venice before I die..thinking of buying a house by the waterway..by day, travel around Venice and just enjoy the renaissance city..and by night, enjoy the beautiful colour of lights and sounds and the great taste of foods..and music..

suddenly Venice..

February 1, 2010

The 52nd Grammy

The Grammy this year shows the best year for Beyonce and Taylor Swift, although Lady Gaga did won several awards, non of them can compare to Taylor and Beyonce..

not to miss the unexpected King of Leon, who also won some big nominations..who doesn't love their hit song "Use Somebody" right?

Beyonce was nominated for 10 Grammys! that's a lot of nominations for one artist..although we can say its Beyonce night, there are some surprises in the winner list..

here are several of this year Grammy's winner, or you can view all the winners in their official website here http://www.grammy.com/nominees

Record of The Year:
Nominations :
King of Leon - Use Somebody (winner)
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift
The Black Eyed Peas

Album of The Year
Nominations :
Fearless, Taylor Swift (winner) shocker rite?!
Lady Gaga
Black Eyed Peas
The Dave Matthews Band

Song of The Year
Nominations :
All The Single Ladies (winner)
Poker Face
Pretty Wings
You Belong With Me
Use Somebody

Best Female Pop Vocal
Halo (winner)
Hometown Glory
Hot n' Cold
You Belong With Me

Best Male Pop Vocal
Make It Mine (winner)
This Time
Love You
If You Don't Know Me By Now
All About The Love Again

and a lot more can be seen in the official website, Beyonce pick up 6 Grammys, which is a golden record in Grammy and Taylor won 2 Grammys and I think Lady Gaga also won 2..

hopefully this year we will see more talent..

I leave now with red carpet photo of Lady Gaga..you know you want to see it..hehe

yes..she's holding a freaking star!