June 15, 2013

wish you all the best


This coming 2 weeks will be the hardest for me. Liza is leaving. She will be miss, especially by me. 

Those that read my blog, know that when I like a girl, I really like her. I would move mountains and cross oceans for anyone I like. I think that was the mistake I could have avoid. 

The story has been told by many people through many versions. But here's the truth, coming from my mouth, the one that could stop all of this, but ended up making it worse. 

I chase Liza all the way until she was so deep in trouble by the highest management. She got a warning letter, and by then, I should have stop. But due to my ego, I couldn't stop. I may have make it worse, or it will become worse either way.

The past has gone, and I shouldn't think about it. But I always thought "what if?" What if I stop chase her the minute I know it gonna a mess. 

She's leaving, not because of better prospect, but because all the bad things happening to her. I am not saying I trust her completely, but I do listen to both side of the stories. Now I'm a left with this hole, and also this smiling face, that everyone know is a lie.

Liza, you're not gonna read this. But you are a gift, for a year you've make my life truly wonderful and hell too. Even if you don't remember me in the future, or when you find someone you could replace, know that I wish you all the best.

Thank you for all the memories, craziness, heart breaks and friendship.
The only "decent" photo I had of us

June 9, 2013

until the dust settle down

Salam and how are you guys doing?

Since my last post, there was a lot of thing happening. So let start by saying I am so bless having great families and friends. I don't say this enough, but I truly am.

For your information, this past month, I was in a project for a geological study for a client from Japan. It was a really good experience, but working with the Japanese is really tough. First and foremost, they really are a bunch of hardworking son of b***h I've ever worked with, but also very proud of their work. They don't want to use our interpretation (not saying they are wrong, but there are problems).

Anyway, it was an awesome experience for me, and in the next couple of week, I'll be out for a training with one of the brightest mind in sequence stratigraphy. So future looks pretty ok for now.

There is also some not so great news. Last month, I've got a news that a colleague of mine was about to be call to HR for something she mentioned to me. She said it was because L told HR. I was really devastated, but not 100% sure it was L fault. 

So I met with L and asked L the truth. We've ended up talking for more than 2 hours about all the rumours and lies that I've heard. I've gathered enough to conclude that people talk in my office due to their misinterpretation and perception. There are always 3 sides to a story, the 1st side, the 2nd side and the truth. Most of it was too cruel to mentioned here. I can't understand why people hated L so much? Is it because of my friendship with L that somehow people talked? Or maybe it's how L behave around people? 

I'm ok with L for now, I've told L that we need to make sure that the dust settle down so that everyone can see the truth. Or until this blow over, and people stop talking about it.

Ah..we've got 2 new additions to Uzma, Jalilah and Genevie, I'll write about them later. It will be weird, and funny, depends on how you see it 

Adios amigos..salam