April 27, 2010

love babies?

here are some photos of babies with "WTF?!" face courtesy from theChive.com

is it true?

everyone living must have hear about Marco Polo and his famous book of adventures right? The Travels of Marco Polo was great..but there's a little details that he forgot to mention to you, the book, it's a freaking lie, maybe

everyone who has read or heard the story of Marco Polo, knew that he went to Middle East and China right? apparently historian believe that Marco did not even went to China, heck! he didn't even leave his hometown!

it is believe that Marco wrote his book by listening to stories told by travelers that actually went there and by gathering books from China that make it back to Europe

he probably lie about all of it..it seems that his story in the book were too awesome to be true, apparently he lead a battle in China and became a hero, govern a small town in China..and at that time, people would believe anything, not until recently when historian start to wonder about it..

some historian start looking at the Chinese history and found no record of him ever being there, and we all know how details the Chinese with records..

an author, Frances Wood in her book, Did Marco Polo Go To China? raised some interesting questions and arguments of Marco's famous travels..

I still don't know who's right, but the evidence does not look good for Marco

April 26, 2010

Zee Avi singing lullaby and Lin Yu Chun in Lopez Show

ok, couple of things, here..first of all here's a new video from Zee Avi, a medley of famous lullaby in malay and english

and have you heard of Lin Yu Chun? no? go google him, and then go to YouTube and find him..here in the video he's singing Total Eclipse of The Heart with William Shatner, you have to turn the volume up, and William Shatner can't sing..please don't let him do this again..ENJOY!

April 24, 2010

Eclipse Trailer

I want to make this perfectly clear to everybody that I am not a fan of Twilight, never has, never will..I think the heroin (what is her name?) is a really REALLY bad actress, not to judge..since I've only watch the 1st movie, but I think the 2nd movie is the same right? always confuse, always the damsel in distress, always have that blank-face..she's even worse than Megan Fox..at least, Megan balance her bad acting with the sexiness of 10000 women

and since when vampires are soo gay? I mean..come on people! this is the vampire we ARE talking about..if you're goin to make a hero vampire, better make him more like a man than a wuss..example of a manly vampire; Vampire Diaries..killing is suppose to be natural for the vampires..if you don't want to kill human, at least be more macho!

the only moment in the movie that I fell remotely entertaining is when the action begins, and let be honest, how long was the action?10 mins? 20 mins? it's not even worth having to watch almost 2 hours of...of...I don't know what to call the rest of the movie..

having said that, this movie is OBVIOUSLY not for men..if you guys love it, than there's something wrong with you..either you lost your man card, or you're a 16 years old gay

now, this is my personal opinion, please don't take it seriously, we can't all be fan right? I know how much this movie meant for everybody else so...after all this ranting, here's the new trailer from the last of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse..enjoy!

April 23, 2010


here's the latest buzz in the movie world...Kick-Ass!! yes..if you haven't heard about it, then you either live with yourself in your own world or...you just haven't heard about it..

anyway, here's the official trailer..the movie is out now on cinemas everywhere..go watch it now!

April 21, 2010

best 29 cities to live in

here's a quickie...AskMen.com just conclude a survey that the best city to live on 2010 is *drum roll*.... New York! woohoo! not like I'm living there, but I would like to go there..

here's the full list, and don't worry, KL not in there..wait..that's not right..it should totally be in the list!

celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April

most of you don't even care what I'm writing in this new post (don't lie, I KNOW..hehe) but being a socially responsible human being on this planet, I figure I need to write this down..

so tomorrow is the official Earth Day, much like Earth Hour, it is here to promote climate change awareness and how we can react to change it..

NASA has reported, if the scenario we in right now doesn't change, we could see significant change to the Earth environment as early as 50 years! though most of you probably think you won't be there to see it, think about the children you left behind to clean up your mess! and what if you are still here after 50 years? think about it you're old, you are expendable..hehe

and some of you might think there's nothing wrong with an increase in 2 or 3 degrees..right? WRONG! there are now evidences that even 1 degrees celcius increase could lead to catastrophic change to the world climate..

one day on your way to work...

now, some may ask, "what can we do?its not like 1 human being can change the world.." and you're right, but all you have to do is to have the conscience to do better to the Earth, cause as long as we live here, we might as well do our part to maintain it..

que the song..we are the world! we are the children!

here, click on this site and see what would happen to your city if the sea level rise..I tried it on KL, and hey! guess what?! my place is pretty safe..it's not good news to those people in Klang though..hehe

so celebrate Earth Day with you reflect on what little thing we can do to help the Earth, recycle perhaps? or watch awesome series on National Geographic this Thursday..

until tomorrow..

April 20, 2010


so after a long hiatus on this blog, I decided to try to write something, at least to keep me sane, hehehehehe...

so have you guys heard of the volcanic eruption in Iceland? yeah..never thought there would be any volcano there eh? as to me, studying geology tells me that the geology of Iceland is actually an island plump, much like Hawaii, except that the island situated above a rift (what?!)

to many contrary believe, Iceland is not just..well, ice, Iceland has numerous geothermal activities such as the hot geysers, which doesn't make any sense to call it "Iceland"..(wonder how there get the name Iceland in the first place?)

is it normal to have 9 volcanoes in 1 island? and that just the main one

anyway, on the weekend last week, a volcano name, Mount Eyjafjallajokull (yes, that is it's name, pronounce eija-fjatla-joe-kytl) erupted, causing major trouble to the people in Europe, the eruption causes airline in Europe to a halt, no in or out of the continent, which is pretty damn-pain-in-the-ass for thousands of people..but nothing can be done..

the mountain look pretty, if its not engulf in lava and toxic ashes

however, recent news, suggest, minimal airline travels are now allowed..but lets be realistic here, flying while there's a hot, sharp edges ashes that could potentially bring airplanes down? I DON''T THINK SO

but that's not the worse part, after the initial explosion has stop, toxic gas are now traveling across the continent which could harm all living things, especially cows, wait..no..humans..humans and cows..

see..told you cows are important too!

World Health Organization or WHO..has issued a statement that potential health respiratory danger could happen across Europe (man this isn't a good time to be in Europe)..

however, there is something good from all this chaos and probably potential life ending situation, great photos emerged from the explosion of the volcano! credits to this pages and more photos can be seen there, credits also to the people that risk their AWESOME life to get this pics

if you're a fan of Lord Of The Rings, doesn't this look like a scene from Mount Doom to you?

if it wasn't for the fact a volcano just erupted, this could be an awesome ad for a car tyre

can you see the lightning in there?awesome huh?

April 19, 2010

enjoy it while it last

here's a new look, I LIKE IT VERY MUCH THANK YOU! hahaha...so anyway, enjoy it while it last, I will start writing something new tomorrow, and I try to write more about me, but there just nothing interesting now and its not like you guys SOO excited to read nothing but me, right?!...till tomorrow then..

April 13, 2010

April 10, 2010


been a while since I've last posted something...not that I'm busy, I just don't have any drama (contrary to people's believe) in my life..hehehe..

reality is sooo much fun! hahaha?

so here what's goin on with my life...its not like its interesting enough for you to read the whole damn thing..hehe

last Saturday, we had a lil gathering since Farid's get his first salary...woohoo! (damn! what if I get a job? I'm gonna keep it a secret...) and we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid, the only reason is to play the ice skating, anything else is just necessity....but the ice ring is close due to competition..DAMN YOU ___!! (fill in any name you hate here)

but no harm done, we did had fun, playing erm...wait..what's the name of the thingy where you dance on top of it called? dance machine? dance thingy? hell to the name, all I know is everyone of us start dancing on top of it..even Jaja..queen of queen hahahaha! (pictures will be provided as prove!)

see? told you we got prove! go Jaja go!

I don't want to say anything here, but I TOTALLY OWNED THAT GAME!


so there you go, life is becoming really fast, really quick..getting together and realize the changes we all are in, is really surreal..just have to keep moving..

ok..Seri, nape pose ko macam tu?

more pics, can be seen in Fina's Facebook, if you're her friends of course..

anyway..I still looking for a job..hmm..there is some prospect where I would like to venture to..I will try that, and see what other options available..

isn't there a job like ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALIST OR ENVIRONMENTAL COLUMNIST that I could apply to? would really appreciate if someone give an idea of where to start looking..

anyway..I will see you the next time my mindless mind and tormenting soul decided to write another piece of thoughts..au revoir..

I leave you with a trailer from Sex and The City 2.....kidding! sorry but I hate the first movie,hehe..here's a trailer from Date Night, go see it now!

April 1, 2010

video klip Hujan Bunga di Kuala Lumpur

ni video klip Hujan Bunga di Kuala Lumpur dinyanyikan oleh Ana Raffali, enjoy!