December 31, 2009

the best one yet

hey there,

the end of 2009 is almost here..what a year 2009 has been? a lot of happiness and sorrow

one of many significant events, is the first African-American President of US, Barack Obama..not to mention..and the most sad moment in this year is probably the departure of the King of Pop Micheal Jackson.

this year also sees the expansion of worldwide web and new social networking that gain popularity in short period, Twitter for instance take the world by storm..

the upset on American Idol..yes..who can forget this?

but as for me..

I finished my studies this year, though it take a little longer..there has been many ups and downs this year..from great friends, new friends to great moments..unforgettable memories..this has been the best year yet..

the worse and best moment for me this year, has got to be fighting with Seri, oh..its been a long time since I said that name..hahaha..well, its not like we gonna see each other again soon..anyway..its the worse moment coz well, who love to fight with your friends right?and it's the best moment cause, well all that I could think of when I think of Seri is the fight..weird..oh and the explanation for the fighting of course remain between me and her..all I can say is, its way way too weird to explain here..

there was also moments when we just hang out all day long doing nothing, until the day ended, or the no more class..yes..until we get kick out that is..hehe..but lets not forget all the free movies and TV series that I've provided, it seems my time as a supplier for you guys is over...

oh right, I had the best birthday cake this year..hehe, although I did bought it for myself..haha..and who can forget my first DSLR?though, I still am..technically owe my dad for this! gonna pay this one up..haih!

not to mention, most of my friends, Convo this was a sad moment..its a fact that all of us can't deny that one day, we might not see each other again...
and one of the best Iftar yet, thanks to Fina for organizing it..lets make next year a better one..I'm still voting for Palace of Golden Horses..

and who can forget the time we spend in Batu Caves?hahahaha..

so, the whole one year was without a doubt, one of the best year yet..I wish all of you the best year ahead..and may the years to come be a wonderful one...

Happy New Year everybody!

December 24, 2009


as mention in the previous post, I was out with my sisters to catch the new Alvin and The Chipmunks, the 2nd movie has its pros and cons like any other movie, but I like this one better, it has a lil bit more drama when Alvin acted like a jerk in this one..

and new addition to the cast, The Chipettes, an all female chipmunk like Alvin and his brother, also a very great singers...

in this movie, we see some old casts came back, like Ian Hawke, the 1st movie's bad guy..only this time, he's poor and living in a basement of his previous company..but his luck turn around when The Chipettes came to his life, and here's where the real story started..

for those who love the 1st film, and is the fan of Alvin and The Chipmunks, this is a great movie to go and see, it is fills with laughter and drama..not to mention the music, I give this a 4/5 stars..

here are few pictures from was Christmas wonderland, since it's Christmas tomorrow

and here is a trailer of Alvin and The Chipmunks The Squekquel

December 23, 2009


suddenly today I decided to go to Jusco Wangsa Maju...bring my sisters there to play in the arcade..since they kept bugging me to take them somewhere..(ingat abang korang ni cop duit ke?!)

anyway..tomorrow I'm going to bring them to watch the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie plak, I'm not a fan, but they kept bugging me, for at least a month now...this is what it is to be jobless and penniless..just wait till I get a decent job..I bring you to Disneyland! and not the one in Hong Kong, the original one! muahahahaha..ok enough.. are couple of photos from today.. both of them are wearing specs..haih..nerd

and I left with a photo of a kid, that look like Russel, the fat kid from the movie UP..never watch it?go and watch it now!!


December 19, 2009

Copenhagen Accord

ok, I'm gonna write something really boring don't bother reading about them...unless of course you as worried as me..

the Climate Change Summit that taken place in Copenhagen that lasted 2 weeks, ended was supposed to end on Friday, but with no possible deal happening, the summit was push to one more day..and a deal was made..but does it help? did the summit really tackle growing concern of climate change of the Earth?

the summit started relatively peaceful with developing and developed countries presenting their drafts on how to tackle and their commitment on reducing greenhouse gases, however as the dateline came closer, the tension increased, with desperation to create a deal where not only it benefit the developed countries but also the developing countries..

although the summit was attended by almost 192 world leaders, but most of the decisions was made by few developed and important nations, such as the US, China, and India..this resulted in some developing countries considered as a one way benefits to the important nations only..

however, if it wasn't for the midnight meeting of China, US, India, Brazil and S.Africa, on creating a deal with each other, the summit might fail all last a deal was made and the summit does not end up in failure, but not a total victory too..

the last deal known as the Copenhagen Accord have a long-term objective, that states that all nations will be responsible in keeping the global temperature to rise at a maximum of 2 degrees only in the next centuries..this is achieved after studies show that by the end of the centuries, if no actions is taken now, the temperature could increase up to 4 to 6 degrees, and that's is too hot to handle..

the Copenhagen Accord also states that all nations will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, from 2005 data..the accord also states that developing nations will reduce deforestation and in return they will be help by funding from developed and rich countries, $100 billion US dollars a year to be precise

although the summit did not end in failure, some said the deal that was made between the US, China, India, Brazil and S.Africa would only benefits the rich nations only..

in my opinion, although the deal might be one-sided only..its a small step that shows, if the leaders of powerful nations can sit down in 1 room to discuss this, changes can be is now that we must commit ourselves to what we promise to save the Earth not for us, but for our children and grandchildren

December 13, 2009

made to be different

so here's a good thing to look at and ponder upon..hehe

let me remind you, that NOT all ladies are like this ok?almost 90% are..the other 10% are fat or don't give a damn...kidding!

and here's a good definition of women I found online..

hehehe..again..this is just a joke..don't take it and woman are made to be different..its our job to embrace and love any definition of our woman..or our man..

December 9, 2009

Funniest Facebook Status

I found this in the internet today, and thought to put this up..

here's a good reason why you should not add your boss..or your co-workers..well maybe just some co-workers(that hate your boss too)

publicly announce you're gonna kill yourself(or move to other countries maybe) just shows there's gonna be at least 1 friend that has no sympathy for you..

never EVER add your mother and father..and here's why

another example why you should not add your family members..
mom first time Facebook..

so there you go..may your status gets pick next year...hehehe

December 4, 2009

is it normal? know a lot of things about me right? so you guys also know I love this planet we call Earth right? apparently there is this shocking revelation that the warming of the Earth was a hoax..there are scientists who study this and was discredit because apparently the data was all made up..

so how did the polar ice cap melt?and where did all the ice cap in the Alps gone to?aliens took them?I don't think so..

I know this sounds like global warming was never there to begin with., but look at all the evidences, rising sea water, melting of ice caps, and ice caps does not simply melt..the dying of corals, the increase numbers of typhoons and hurricanes

some scientist however said that global warming is normal..because the Earth has cycle of ice age and warm period, and we are on the warm period..however, ice age will come next after a global warming..and ice age period is much worse than where we are now..

how ice age begins and when? read a link here, here and here

although more studies are needed to determine the cause of global warming, but I still believe we are the biggest contributor to it, here's a picture for you to ponder upon, click for larger view..