March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Review

Remember I told you about the upcoming movie, The Hunger Games? I was fortunate enough to catch it today with my sisters.

I am here to give my review on the movie.

For those that didn't know, the movie is based on a trilogy of best selling novel from author Suzanne Collins. It is about the survival of our heroine, Katniss, in a tribute game, call The Hunger Games.

Now, unlike Harry Potter, I think you may not need to read the book for this one. I've read the first book and compare it to the movie. Although there were some difference, the overall story telling was spot on. And some of the unimportant info was omitted or change to better enhanced the story telling in the movie, which I think has worked. Although some of you loyal and hardcore fans might disagree, I think the movie shows the best of the novel, and that's enough for me.

Thanks to the brilliant director, Gary Ross, that managed to enhanced what was written in the book and maintaining the originality of it is the secret that the movie that has managed to capture loyal and new fans. Opening weeks saw the movie racked 68 million USD, and 12 million USD alone in the opening midnight! This prove that movie from novel can achieved millions when it is put in the right hand, and crews.

Jennifer Lawrence, was brilliant as Katniss Everdeen. She managed to show the best side of her character, that is innocent, scared but brave soul deep inside. She also managed to pull the audience in, I don't know how to put it into words, but the acting was superb. Although, in the book, she had much more intimate moment with her co-star Josh Hutcherson, who played Peeta Malark, in the movie however, this was not shown. Josh, in the other hand was not the main character in the novel, and because of this, he did not have that much scene in the movie. However, I felt like he has done his part flawlessly, showing the best and quirky side of Peeta in the movie, which is what I was hoping for.
The main characters wasn't the only one stealing the show, the other casts was also memorable and very impressive, I wasn't expecting much from Woody Harrison (Haymitch) or Elizabeth Banks (Effie) or even from Lenny Kravitz (Cinna), but they totally make the character believable.
I can't say much about the whole storyline of the movie, it is pretty much straightforward from the novel. Although some scene had been cut from the novel, I think this weirdly make some sense for those that didn't read the novel.
This movie is pretty much a great one in my book. Easily a 4/5 stars, but don't take my words on it. Here are some reviews from more experts. WARNING! Spoiler may be in the link.

So there you go, if you watched it, I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as I did. If you haven't and intrigued to find out if the hype is worth it, then go see it. 
Til next time.

March 22, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour 2012 has return!! Come this 31st March 2012, at exactly 8.30pm let us celebrate this wonderful planet we called Earth, our home.

So let see you guys get ready, put that passionate love into something real. Click off every light in your home for an hour, and let the light of hope shine for mother nature.

For those living in KL, celebrate Earth Hour at KLCC, view link here.

Now view the video of Earth Hour 2012, and be inspire! Let us go beyond Earth Hour, do your part for this planet.

March 20, 2012

The Hunger Games

Ok..I don't know if you heard about the Hunger Games yet, and I think I wrote about it before.

 It based on an award winning book by Suzanne Collins. In simple summary, the story is set in the future of once North America, where now stood the nation of Panem. There are 12 districts in Panem and each year, there will be a game to the death, where the contestants were chosen from this 12 districts. The game is a tribute or punishments made by the Capitol when all 12 districts orchestrate a war against the Capitol but ended up losing to the Capitol. Now they have to pay, by sending 2 tributes to fight in a game to the death until only one remains.

Watch the movie when it will be release internationally this Thursday!

2 years old singing Adele

I just have to share!

March 11, 2012


Harini aku dapat surat, kalau korang perasan surat-surat rasmi ni mesti ada pilihan kat belakang sampul dia. Ada satu pilihan ni yang aku rasa sangat pelik.


Macam mane pilihan ni boleh masuk sekali dalam salah satu pilihan sampul surat? Sebab kalau sampul surat ni dah musnah..macam mane kau nak pilih yang ni betul tak? Lepas tu perkataan "TER-". Ape yang cuba disampaikan dengan meletak TER- depan perkataan musnah tu? Ni mesti posmen ni nak salahkan benda lain, taknak salahkan diri sendiri...sebab tu letak TER- depan perkataan "musnah", so posmen ni boleh salahkan cuaca, kebakaran, kemalangan, kehilangan beg, hehehe.

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