June 30, 2009

kehidupan seorang student.. XD

hohoho..post kali ni agak menarik..ditujukan khas untuk semua yg still student ataupun extend macam aku nie..

post ni aku dapat dari satu website, tak ingat dah website mane..sbb dah berkurun lamanya aku simpan benda nie..

dan..tiada niat mengutuk sape-sape..sekadar peringatan kepada aku dan kawan-kawan aku..hehehe

mula semester baru
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lepas 1st week~
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lepas 2nd week~
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before test
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tika test
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after test
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lepas dapat tau result test
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7 days before final
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6 days before final
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5 days before final
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4 days before final
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3 days before final
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2 days before final
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a day before final..putus asa dah
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time final
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lepas abis final exam..pasrah
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masa result kuar
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time holiday break..hahahaha
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menusuk betul la gambar-gambar nie..hahahaha..inilah sebenarnya kehidupan seorang student..hehehe

thanks kepada yang bagi idea(dah tak ingat sape dah..)

June 28, 2009

1st impression

ok..for those yang tak tau..aku dah upgrade kepada Windows 7, bukan korang kisah pun kalo aku downgrade ke Windows 95, tapi yela..dalam dunia digital nie, at least kena la tau..

so..what on earth is Windows 7?well..a brief history to why its called Windows 7 is because of the following..

  • Windows 1.0 was Windows 1
  • Windows 2.0 was Windows 2
  • Windows 3.0 was Windows 3
  • Windows 95/98 was Windows 4
  • Windows 2000 was Windows 5 and Windows XP was Windows 5.1
  • Windows Vista was Windows 6
so its just normal if the next Windows be call Windows 7..simple jer..

a lot of IT guru already say that 7 will smash Vista, because of the simplicity and the speed of Windows 7..Ive been using it for 1 whole day now, and though more time are needed to fully analyze it..

but here's a quick simple Pros and Cons of 7 so far..

  • its really fast, faster than Vista
  • graphic is similar to Vista, but not as slow
  • every programs or software that can be run on Vista, can be run on 7 too..so don't need to upgrade
  • due to several reason, to install Vista you need 2GB of ram, but on 7 you only need 1GB of ram
  • boot time is much much faster compare to Vista
  • it uses Media Player 12, and a new Paint program
  • there are still lagging in some place, probably due to 1GB ram, better upgrade it to 2 or 3GB
  • the features is kinda like Vista, so the UI(user interface) is still kinda the same as Vista, with some minor adjustments of course..

here's a link where you can see all the features in Windows 7

Windows 7 Features

and here is a link to videos made by the Guru in Microsoft for you to see Windows 7

June 27, 2009


awal-awal pagi dah nak merapu..menganggu hidup korang jer..tapi aku tau..korang suka baca blog aku..WAH!

sebenarnya nak letak sedikit update kat sini, semalam aku dengan ayah TERCINTA(kena tulis ni..nanti korang faham) pegi la Low Yat..can u guess why?ada kena mengena dengan harddisk yang JAHANAM tu..hehe

ayah aku cakap dia nak pegi Low Yat beli external harddisk baru dengan harddisk PC baru..aku macam suka..sebab tu aku sayang ayah aku lebih..hahahaha..mengada plak

external harddisk baru aku ni..2 kali ganda size dari yang rosak dulu..yang rosak tu 160GB jer(JER?!) yang baru nie..300GB! hahahaha..aku macam kagum! 2 kali ganda movie leh isi dalam tu..abis jahanam lagi la harddisk tu esok2..hehe

nama jenama harddisk tu BUFFALO..a weird name don't you think?it doesnt sound high tech at all..but who cares..asal berguna, bergerak, berjaya(huh?) aku layan jer..plus..ni external yang paling murah..ape kisah kan?

on to another thing, kan aku cakap harddisk computer aku dah fried..hancur kan?so aku download la balik lagu-lagu yang pernah menduduki carta di dalam PC aku..tapi lagu-lagu baru ni memang takkan sama la macam dalam PC tu..

erm..if I were to compare from the PC to my laptop, dulu lagu-lagu dalam PC ada about 2500++ including english, melayu, nasyid, raya..sume la yang korang leh fikir..so 2500++ tu agak banyak la..but now, in my laptop, there's only 200++ so..its a fraction..about 10% jer yang ada skrang..

hmm..pengumpulan lagu-lagu tu dibuat sejak dari zaman matriks lagi..maybe i need that same amount of time untuk dapat balik 2500++ tu...nah~ not really..it would probably take about 2, 3 months kalo aku rajin..kalo tak maybe up to 6 months...the internet is my resource..

oh ye..im downloading Windows 7 now, since the PC is going to go on an upgrade..better try something new..will tell all the details later..

p/s: told you something good will come out of all this unfortunate events..

June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson, King of Pop passed away

today the world is devastated by the lost of a legend..at the age of just 50 years old, Micheal Jackson, child idol and multiple gold-award passed away today at his home due to cardiac arrest..

it was not confirm earlier, but now it was confirm by the coroner within the hospital where the legend was brought to

Im not a die hard fan, but Im a fan nevertheless..I remembered being introduce to his music as early as 8 years old by my dad, thru his movie Moonwalker..and at that moment, I was hooked

Im sure most of the people is sadden by this news, he was a great man, thru the end of his carrier, he made some mistakes but the fan still love him..and who can denied that he is a legend among us?making music that reach every corner of the earth..and an idol to even a child..he is and will be one in a million..

he will be miss..

more news on CNN here

June 25, 2009

Transformers = 1 word = AWESOME!


the movie is WAAAY better than the 1st one, with a lot of actions and the special effects is out of this world...I can see an oscar..

Transformers open in theater today and the cinema was full pack with people up til the front row..I guess after the 1st movie, they anxious for the sequel..I'm not goin to summarize the movie, it will just spoil whoever haven't watch the movie..

the action start as early as the first 10 mins of the movie..explosions, gun fires, swords(the futuristic kind) helicopters, tanks..you name it..and it doesn't stop there..the action are maintain thru out the movie, and it helps us not to feel bored with all the talking and drama..

and..the drama is not half bad actually..well..maybe just half good..hehe..but it is an action movie, what do you expect?

Megan Fox still hot, the bad guys still got the big guns, and the good one is kinda lame..seriously..the good one is small and the numbers is way fewer than the bad one..but they got the human..yeah us!hahahaha..the best thing about our firepower is that, it can also kill them..so why do we need the Autobots again?hehe

anyway..here's a movie that i gladly give a 4.5/5 just because of its awesome special effect, and a good written storyline..but not the talking and the drama..

p/s : this is my 600th post..how cool is that?

June 22, 2009

and this is why Megan Fox is the SEXIEST babe alive!

how bout that title?hehehe..

so Transformers is coming out in 2 days..thought I post some pictures here from the movie..and I have some news, its not confirm yet, but my mom said, she could get 4 tickets to the screening of Transformers this 24th June, WOOHOO~! now its not confirm yet..but I'll be bringing my 2 sisters and my bro..kalau confirm

thou my mom said she can get more than 4..but its too late now, thinking of bringing 1 of you lucky guys..tp apakan daya..hehehe

anyway..the title is referring to the picture below... delicious!

O_0 how's that for a pose?

ok..thats it..can't wait for the movie to come out..peace and out~

June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

hah..tomorrow is father's day..untuk sape-sape yang tak ingat..saje nak remind you all..so here's a post specially made for my dad~ the best dad ever in the entire universe!!(ayah aku..suka ati aku la)

thank you dad for..

  1. playing your part with mom, so that I can be here today..hahahaha
  2. teaching me everything I need to know about computers and all this gadgets stuffs..in a way, you make me a nerd
  3. teaching me about cars and all the things I need to know, so that I won't get cheated when my car broke down..hahaha
  4. teaching me about the most beautiful game ever played..golf..ok its not the most beautiful, but one of the most expensive for sure..
  5. taught me everything I need to know about Malaysia's politic...and how dirty it has become..hehe
  6. thank you for the money..and more money..hahaha..
  7. most importantly..thank you dad for your advice and taught me to be a better man..
so..saya sayang ayah saya..korang?

June 19, 2009

kuantanlah akhirnya

hari ni aku ke Kuantan dengan ayah dgn adik aku..kenapa aku pegi Kuantan?sbb adik aku nak masuk daftar kat kolej sana..kolej IKIP namanya..malas nak terangkan tu kolej ape..bkn aku yg nak masuk sana pun..korang google je..

kat bawah ada beberapa video and gambar..layan jer..

kabus di pukul 9..macam tak normal la kabus pukul 9 kat Kuantan sana..

ni bakal kolej adik aku..ni kampus je..asrama plak kat tempat lain..

lepas pegi kolej sana..balik la apa lagi kan?tapi singgah dulu cari keropok lekor..


ni asramanya..korang tak salah tengok..memang lot rumah kedai yg disewakan jd asrama..hahaha..sian

June 18, 2009

fallin in love is all bout breaking the laws of physic

you know Im goin to post this kind of thing at least once a month..hehe

to tell you the truth, I think everyone is alone in this world, we were born alone rite?and that's why we are always looking for someone, for a companion, for a relationship..

when 2 people fell in love, it is a feeling greater than any other..feeling of being with someone that we care about, and the person feels the same way..it brings forth the bad and good of you..you felt sad and happy, scared and brave, certain and uncertain..this is all normal, and one wonder..why do we fall in love in the first place?

people will always search for love, some will said love will never come in their life, some will keep searching even if its take forever, some already find it with their beautiful girlfriend or boyfriends..

and in the end, when we finally decide that this is the person that we want to spend what left of our time in this world, that is when 2 hearts become 1..how is that possible?how can 2 things occupy a single space?that is why falling in love is about breaking the laws of physic..

June 17, 2009

dance girlfriends..dance

I finished watching this movie, and the movie self proclaim itself as the funniest dance movie ever made...and it is!!

Dance Flick is a spoof of major dance and singing movies..they got spoof from High School Musical to Step Up 1 and Step Up 2, Hairspray, Save The Last Dance and much more..

the movies tell a story of Megan(Shoshana Bush) who dream of becoming a dancer and goin to Julliard, while auditioning for a dance performance, her mother died in a "terrible" car crash..sounds familiar?hehehe..so the storyline pretty much the same as in the Save The Last Dance, with added spoofs of course..

but..I don't know if this movie will hit cinema in Malaysia anytime soon..if it does hit the cinema..we gonna have to see a lot of cut scenes..hehehe..not suitable to watch with the whole family ok?ESPECIALLY if you have little kids

last verdict? a 3/5

the second movie that I have watched is Ghost of Girlfriends Past..

this movie is comedy romantic..its been a while seen Ive watched a comedy romantic movie..hehe..so this movie is about Connor Mead(Matthew McConaughey) who is a what the world who call a playboy or a player..or probably a casanova in some place..he broke girls' heart more than you can count your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends...

he did not become as he is because he were born like that..NOOO..he was train to be like that..by his uncle, who is equally an ass like him too..so during his brother's wedding in the weekend, his uncle came to him..oh forget to mention, his uncle is dead..his uncle came to him and told him that he would be visited by 3 ghosts of girlfriend past, present and future..kinda like the 3 ghosts of Christmast..

and 1 by 1 the ghost show him he's true error and teaches him how to be a better man..and finally found love in his heart..

this is a fun movie to watch with the whole family..the scripts are beautifully written too..and plus..it Matthew McConaughey!the women fall head over heels for him..

last verdict..a 4/5

June 16, 2009

Diablo 3 Trailer

actually the trailer has been out for several months..it just that i forgot to put it here..this game is the 3rd sequel to the popular franchise of Diablo, this sequel has got to be the most anticipated sequel after the success of Diablo 2

the game to me is nostalgic, I remember this is the first game that my dad and I played together for hours and hours just to get through the undead and the demons that will in all ways stop us with everything(ok..overdramatic)

yes..I remembered discussing with my dad, about secrets and tactics to use in the games..so this game actually make us closer..and who said, games are stupid?

here's their official website..

ok then..thats all..

firefox URL bar problem

alright..post kali ni agak..technical skit..saje jer..terasa macam nak sebarkan benda nie..kalo ada yang tak tau la..

I don't know how much of you guys using mozila firefox out there, I know Im am, since I hate IE for its lack of security..

anyway..for those whom are using mozilla firefox, did you guys updated it up to firefox 3?if you did that, you must have notice(or not) in the URL bar a.k.a the Awesome Bar(yes..that's what the guys in firefox called it) that the website which you visited or bookmarks cannot be remove..whatever you do, removing the history will do nothing..this is a 'special' features the firefox team put in for the new firefox 3..

now..this might come in a bit annoying to some of you..since you want to make sure privacy in the websites you went to..I know I want to..hehehe..don't want the sis to accidently open an adult websites rite?

so here's a solution..follow the link im gonna post down there..you will need to install an older version, since the addons is apparently for firefox 3.5..and once you install it, you will immediately see that the URL bar websites history is gone..

alright than..that's all..the link is down below..

June 14, 2009

sedih ke?

oh..sejak dua menjak ni beberapa perkara malang terjadi kat aku...like you guys care kan?aku tau aku ni sape(ayat minta simpati..hehe)

aku cakap malang, sebab last week, aku punye external harddisk rosak..bkn virus, tp hardware dia rosak..macam mane aku tau?aku lg expert kot dari korang...and korang tau sape korang..hehehe

so anyway..aku tak sedih pasal external tu rosak pun...yang ada dalam tu just movies jer...movies yang aku dah tgk la..kesian kat kawan-kawan aku dgn adik-adik aku yang tengok lagi..tp movies tu leh di..erm..."perolehi" balik dari sumber yang di rahsiakan..hahaha

sebab external tu dah rosak, ayah aku surh aku survey harga external baru..dia kata nak beli yg 300GB punye..aku layan je..bukan duit aku pun...

tapi yang buat aku sedih nie..harddisk PC aku plak buat hal..malam semalam dia mampus..hehehe..tapi memang dah expected pun...4 tahun harddisk tu dengan aku..memang dah kuno pun..tinggal tunggu masa je nak mampus..

sedih sebenarnya..sbb ada certain data yang aku tak leh recover..kalo setakat lagu dgn movies, aku leh je download balik..tp yg ni benda-benda private, gambar, videos...all that stuffs..so susah nak dapat balik..there is a way to recover benda nie..hantar kat expert and dia orang akan tolong recover, masalahnya...kos untuk recover tu SANGAT..aku emphasize SANGAT mahal..brape mahal?well...leh kata above rm500 below rm1000...mahal tak?hehehe

harga untuk harddisk baru plak just rm90 ke rm100 jer..so tak berbaloi plak rasanya..

tapi..sebab aku sentiasa optimistik dan berfikiran positif..aku tau mesti ada kebaikkan dalam kesedihan dan malang yang menimpa nie....AND I was right..ayah aku kata dia nak tukar harddisk yg rosak tu dengan harddisk dari PC famili, aku suka, sebab space lagi besar, tapi sebb harddisk tu guna Vista..aku benci..sebab Vista slow giler..

so I was thinking, kalo betul ayah aku nak bagi harddisk tu, aku reinstall je dgn XP..cepat skit..and ayah aku plak akan install Windows 7 kat PC famili tu..Windows 7 is rumours to be officially release by the end of this year..so ada lagi 6 bulan..before that, ayah aku akan install beta version, see how well it performs compare to Vista..

so itu je la aku nak cakap..takde pape pun..mengarut je lebih..adios~!

June 13, 2009

de templer ape?

semalam aku makan luar lagi..kali ni kat kedai de templer..tak pernah dengar kan?aku pun tak pernah dengar..hahahaha

de templer ni located kat Taman Melati, 5 mins drive dari umah aku...kalo bawak macam abang aku la..100 km/sejam...kat area Taman Melati ni ada satu kawasan makan yang memang hot..malam-malam mesti penuh..sama macam uptown Damansara or SS2 Shah Alam..tp sama cuma dari segi orang yg ramai la..choices of food still tak banyak macam kat dua area tu..

kedai ni located sebelah kedai makan Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru, untuk sape-sape yang duduk KL mesti kenal dengan Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru punyer..hehehe

de templer ni kedai seafood..or kinda like a seafood restaurant, sebab tengok specialty adalah ikan..malam tu kita orang order nasi putih(semestinya la kan?) lauk plak...ikan masak nyonya, ayam masak mangga, sotong tepung, udang telur, and sayur kailan..oh ye..untuk sup plak..kita orang order Shark Fin Soup..

lauk memang tip top la..sedap jer..tp yg tak leh kalah memang ikan dia..sebab rasa pedas and masam at the same time..sampai skrang terasa lagi..pergh! Shark Fin dia pun bleh tahan..panas..lemak..tapi agak mahal la..satu mangkuk untuk 10 orang makan rm50..satu orang dpt ambik satu mangkuk kecik jer..sedih..sbb sup tu tak la byk mane pun..

Seratus Harijadi

hah..tadi aku tengok drama kat Astro Ria, tajuk dia Seratus Harijadi..this is one good movie I must say...

cerita in dibintangi oleh Dira Abu Zahar as the leading actress, Zahiril Adzim (yang berlakon dalam drama Ghost) sebagai Amir, ada penampilan kumpulan Hujan , Tony Eusoff dan Radhi Khalid pun ada

the story is about Sara, a cocky, bitchy and arrogant young girl yang kerja sebagai hos tv di satu rangkaian tv ni..pada harijadi beliau, dia telah di beri kerja untuk interview seorang pengamal perubatan tradisional di kawasan kampung..dengan berat hati dia terima kerja tu..

tapi sebab dia ni berlagak diva yang dah lupa asal usul dari kampung, dia tak sabar-sabar nak balik KL..tapi apakan daya, kereta krew dia rosak dan kerana dah takde pilihan dia orang pun bermalam kat kampung tu di bantu oleh Amir, budak kampung yang memang innocent..keesokan paginya..rupa-rupanya Sara terbangun dengan hari yang sama..iaitu harijadinye semula...so dia terpaksa melalui hari yang sama setiap kali selepas dia masuk tidur..

mula-mula memang dia naik giler..tapi lepas semua rancangan dia untuk keluar dari kampung tu gagal..lama kelamaan dia mula berubah, dari seorang yang diva ke seorang gadis yang lemah lembut bak sutera..eceh!

selama 100 hari dia tersekat di hari yang sama..dalam hari-hari tu, dia dah berjaya selesaikan banyak masalah yang terjadi dalam kampung tu, dari kes ragut ke kes putus cinta ke kes orang hilang..dalam masa yang sama, dia pun belajar main gitar sampai pandai dari Amir dan secara tak lansung jatuh hati dengan Amir, tapi..Amir tak tau pape..sebab dia tak ingat

lepas sambutan harijadi dia pada hari yang ke 99..barulah dia terbangun pada hari keesokkanya..tapi setelah melalui hari yang sama selama hampir 100 hari, dia akhirnya berubah dan menjadi manusia yang lebih baik dan mengenali asal usul sendiri..

ending cerita ni expected pun, she ended up with Amir la...after rediscover herself, and the simplicity of life..

so that's it..TAMAT..

for more info you can go to diari Dira Abu Zahar, the lead actress dalam cerita nie di sini..

pictures belakang tabir pun ada..aku tak tau la kalo Astro akan tunjuk repeat untuk cerita ni, and I do hope ada orang upload dalam YouTube..its a drama worth watching over and over again

orait la..later..peace

June 12, 2009

iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G S...wow what a name..hehehehe..i guess everyone must have heard the all new iPhone after it was announced about 2 days ago in the Apple website..

iPhone 3G in Malaysia is still new and although the buzz has become somewhat cool down a lil, we all still remember the ever popular maxis ad about iPhone 3G rite?

so whats all this buzz bout the new iPhone?so here's a brief description according to Apple website here..http://www.apple.com/asia/iphone/iphone-3g-s/

  1. fastest iPhone ever!! - according to Apple, this must be the fastest iPhone ever, up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G, it has improve the time lag to open an applications, and the 3D in the iPhone has increase incredibly, 1 word to sum it all..faster
  2. video applications - this came with no surprise, for those that did not know, iPhone 2G and 3G has no video application install with them, although the system is there, the application was never given to iPhone users..however jailbreaking a.k.a unlocking the iPhone 2G and 3G will give the appropriate application..the video application can also trim the video and upload it to YouTube
  3. 3mp camera - i don't think this is something we can be proud of...i mean, handphone now has up to 8mp camera..however, this is an improvement from the previous iPhone, furthermore, the camera now is more stable..new built-in autofocus and you can even focus on the thing you want to capture
  4. voice control - new programs on iPhone 3G S that let you use your voice to call your contact or play a song..its just a voice away
  5. cut, copy and paste - this is a useful programs that iPhone fail to put in the previous iPhone..iPhone 2G and 3G fail to have the program to cut, copy and paste any documents and photos from applications and even the web..this will come in handy
  6. messages - better messaging system from iPhone 3G S, forwarding messages now possible, you can now also send contact info from your message
these are just some of many more improvement and upgrade from the newest iPhone 3G S that Apple offers..rumours has it that the new iPhone will hit the rack in the store in Malaysia at the end of July 09..

however, just like iPhone 3G..it cannot do any video call ok?so don't get your hope high..and the design is still the same..

p/s: kenapa drama-drama melayu yang baru sekarang ramai pelakon dia pakai iPhone?overrated ok...hehehe

June 11, 2009

entry untuk biha

pagi tadi aku pergi UM nak tengok budak-budak tesis sem ni buat presentation..aku takde benda nak cerita..tapi ada video..sorry tapi sound kualiti sangat teruk, sbb aku duk jauh kat belakang..malas nak duk depan..kalo tak dgr bleh la kuatkan suara ye?

and kenapa entry ni tajuk untuk biha?sebab biha minta tolong rakam and tangkap gambar fidz buat presentation arini..

ada juga gambar dua orang yang paling comel aritu...fidz and eja..

presentation fidz yang berjalan dengan lancar..hehehe

fidz berterima kasih pada semua peminat..SAIKO

nina ber-presentation

farid yang lemah lembut ketika presentation..tgk time saat ke 47 ..dia main kayu

seri berbaju merah menyala ber-presentation

semua pun sendiri punye..KECUALI kasut tu biha punyer..

antara student yg byk kontroversi..hahaha

June 10, 2009

its finally complete!!

woohoo~! this came in today...not to my house..but in the internet..do you guys remember a few weeks back i wrote a story about a life size, 1:1 scale of Gundam?its finally complete~!!!yeah!!

im a fan of Gundam for a long time..im not a die-hard fan, but i keep up here and there..anyway..here are photos taken from the internet on the life size Gundam...Im so gonna go to Japan one day..

however, the official opening of the Gundam is not until July, and it will stay open until the end of Auguts, I don' t know what they gonna do after that...probably start thinking a way of making it move I think..hehehehe

here are the photos...check out the details..very cool

June 8, 2009

kenapa fidz comel dalam gambar nie?

a short update now..

sabtu lepas pegi Cheng Ho..kedai Amy Search tu..makanan memang sedap..tak tau la plak order ape..sebab parents je yang order..tapi the seafood is tip top..memang kena rasa...makanan lain pun ok..cuma dah biasa rasa la..tomyan dia still perlu improvement, sebab aku pernah rasa tomyam yang jauh lebih sedap..

here are some pictures..

lepas tu tengah hari tadi pegi jabatan jumpa budak-budak yang buat tesis semester nie...sume bz jer..sian pun ada..actually pegi sana nak jumpa fidz..sian dia dok citer yang dia kena tinggal dgn kakak dia, so kena dinner sorang-sorang...pastu dia citer lagi yang rumah dia blackout la..aduhai..sedih..

bawak kembar tu sebab dia orang tengah cuti skola..saje mengada nak bawak kua..lagipun dia orang dah lama nak makan Old Town lagi..

bawah ni ada gambar..kena letak gambar fidz, sbb biha kata dia rindu kat fidz, hehehe...tp kenapa dia nampak comel dalam gambar nie?hmmmm?

oh ye..on a side note..daftar subjek baru je mula pagi tadi...aku takyah daftar banyak pun..tapi aku still tak ambik ko-k lagi..tapi ramai kawan-kawan aku yang ambik membina karisma, aku punye la malas..kalo setakat pegi camping redah lumpur 1 ari, pastu ade persembahan..terbina ke karisma tu?hahahaha...lagipun..aku membesar kat skola dengan bercamping jer..malas dah..

so aku decide ambik pengurusan acara, menguruskan pesta ko-k nanti..aku tak tau la nak expect ape..just hope the experience will be a great one, and hope i could use it later..

orait..tu ajer..bye