August 30, 2007

what merdeka to me?

  1. peace
  2. prosperity
  3. family
  4. life
  5. people
  6. love
  7. happy
  8. sad
  9. friends
  10. sacrifices

August 28, 2007

this is me..waaaaaaaayy back then..

i upload my photos when i was just a cute,handsome kid..hahahaha..

this is all my twin sis mesti la tak lahir lagi kan?

hahaha...wearing baju raya..dont remember which raya though

why did he kiss me?

told you i was sooooooo cute!hahahaha

i think this is me...i think...

well...i put another batch of files next time..

August 26, 2007

a lil bit..

i think im gonna write a lil bit of my history...i dont think people really know me that well...

well..there gonna be 3 part or maybe more..hehehehe..well until next time..

but for gonna write about something else...what is it about?hmm...well let see...yesterday i was messging wit ayol..about munirah and wat i felt about her...ayol said that she didnt really wanna be out from the loop from all my crushes..hahahaha...but it hit me rite there,that i do actually has a lot of crushes..

this is really not healthy for not a playboy or casanova..or anything near that..i just love to flirt..its who i am..but some may feel a lil bit uncomfortable when i do that..well i try to keep it minimize..ok?

but being call a casanova is normal for me i think..even my family member call me a mother said that i shouldnt be too naughty..but that just like can be naughty.. not handsome..but i do think i have my own attraction and personality...but my twin sis dont think so..they think im super handsome!!hahaha...those little devils has a plan to get me buy them sweet and choc...always..
here a photos of my twin sis..there somehow fill in the gap in my life...just a few holes are left takes time to find the rite objects to fit it in..well then..later..



enjoy the video from the new original disney movie..HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2...

its airing on disney channel September dont forget to tune in..

August 23, 2007

bz sgt nie

im busy wit test all day..sorry if i havent update anything..the last test is i will be bloggin back..see you then..

August 18, 2007

ni citer psl seri..ngan kwn dia nina

ok..mula2..tgk dulu gamba kat bawah gamba repot polis..sebab ilang purse..seri punyer purse..

so sape seri?

ni seri!!!eh..silap gamba..hehehe baru seri..

ni pun seri gak..

ni seri mode rajin..

ni kad atm baru seri..

ni kwn seri..nina

so ape yang special tentang seri?kena la tanya syahir(bf seri)sebab kalo tanya seri nanti seri suruh tanya syahir..hahahaha...

oh link blog dia ade kat sebelah..pegi la tgk..hahaha..seri mmg ayu...

August 17, 2007

who is it?'s post is about something really weird..

today..a fren of mine ask me,did i ever known a particular girl and disturbed this girl from my fac..and i said no..

and a few weeks back..another fren of mine asked the same question..did i ever known and disturbed any girl seniors from my previous college..and i said no...

this is serious..could there be another person out there that are impersonating me?giving me bad name throughout the university?

i just hope this is the last time i hear 'myself' do this kind of stuff..

August 15, 2007

to think

ah..think before u write anything ok?

this goes to a fren of a fren of mine...he think im soooo evil that he had to write something that really stupid..but then after realizing his mistake..he apologize..well i dont not a really easy to forgive guy..but i can be really revengeful person too!so think before u write..dont get all jiggy up!(if only there's such words!)

today i had classes until 10 pm...and i will have the same classes tomorrow till 10 pm again!this is killing me...i need my thinking now of goin to langkawi..why?i dont know..just love beaches!and women in bikini...hahahaha

jaja had the best time about thinking the best type of man she wants...last 2 weeks...she would like someone rich..last week,someone nice...yesterday,she wasn't thinking about any today..she wants to get married ASAP!hahaha..jaja=pipi montel!

well..i settled my problem wit fina yesterday..she said sorry and i said sorry..but its really my fault..never gonna do the same mistake twice..affan..dont say a word!

oh and i just realize why i hate staying in college all this was because of the tension i can feel all around me and the never ending announcement i have to bare...its not healthy for my brain..

got 4 test..1 report..2 week..die die!write again later..penat dah nie!

later revoir!

oh yeah..seri and nina if u read this..i write about u girls later k?it has to be special..hehehehe..

August 12, 2007

day out

had a fun day wit affan was not plan though...affan was suppose to met his fren today...but he canceled the last he invited me of course..

we watch disturbia..which is pretty disturbing..but you have to watch it..i gave it a 3 and a half star out of 5 star,because of several things in the movie that was left hang..

but the ending and starting of the movie was was really heart pumping....

and then we ate burger king..which is not for whoever that wants free refill..every fast food has it own distinctive specialty rite?and for burger was the free refill..hahaha..well..just telling you guys..especially affan!

anyway,when i was in the train...there was this guy next to me..that keep swearing..i just wanna asked him wats wrong..than i saw that the guy's hp was giving him a headache..hahaha..poor him..he has to turn off and turn it back on,just to get 1 msg through...and after he send a reply..he has to turn off and on the hp again..poor man..(ingatkan marah duk sebelah dia..hehe)

yesterday i went to lowyat to buy a new printer..since the last one kinda sucks now..we've got the cheapest price there(after surveying for like 2 hours)hehe..

i met another girl while i was out buying the new printer..she was with her parent i she talked to her mom..she kept looking at me..i smile..and she looked the other way..wit faces all red..hahahaha..i dont mean anything though..i smile becoz she kept gazing at me..

cant be help if im too hard to resist..rite?huhuhu gonna stop here b4 anyone started vomiting..need to study now..later..

August 10, 2007

how things turn from better..

so..ive decided to stop pausing bloggin today...let clear the air from all the speculations and all the toxic gas..hehehehe

first of answer some unanswered questions..why did i pause from bloggin?the real reason was that..i was confuse in life,i dont know what i want in life..and why did i blog in the first time..but now my head is clear..i have look all the probs in my life from different point of view..and now i have really understand few things in life..

i dont like talking about my probs to anyone..becoz i have trust issue..hehehe..and for those that really understand me,know that i dun like talkin about my life..

but that doesnt mean that i dont appreciate what they they help me when im really in dark..thank you...especially affan and ayol.. getting all emo here..let stop here..i have another post to write tommorow ok?

au revoir(gud bye)munirah ajar..hehehe

August 2, 2007


i will be stop blogging for a while..pause of this life..

i dont know why..this morning...when i was in the train..all this words..came to falling brick...all that my mother's said.."anip je la harapan famili ni nanti..".."jaga adik2 nanti..nak harap adik2 awak tu..susah..".."anip jaga perangai..jgn lupa ingat Tuhan..doa byk2"

and then..all the other words my frens said.."anip..ko tu konfius je dlm idup nie..".."anip ko still in a doubt dlm idup ko".."anip ko ni baik sangat..kadang2 tak elok".."anip..jangan bimbang..hidup semua org dah ditentukan"

ah..and then all the things i said to myself.."anip dont trust anyone again..".."anip..what matters is other happiness"..:anip..dont cry..dont ever cry again"..."anip..if you die alone..make sure you die happily"..

all of this words come crashing hard brick..1 by 1...makes me think about life and myself..all this burden that i have been carrying..its hard to lift it anymore..i just i want to stop all this for a while..keep myself on my own feet again and make everythin clear again..

i will stop blogging for a while..clear my mind a bit..until next time..PEACE

episod lelaki

Syed Azmir - Episod Lelaki

Ku harus mengerti apa yang terjadi
Lantas ku tahu sebab sebenarnya yang terjadi
Ku tahu diriku ini sentiasa
Menanti walau hati ini akan disakiti

Mengapa harus ku bersabar kekasih

Kerna ku tahu ku sedaya menanti dirimu
Kini ku sudah benarkan fikiranku
Tak ingin lagi ku ikut kata hatiku ini

Kini ku sedari kasih

Tiada guna ku begini
Ku harus korbankan semua
Demi kebahagiaanku

Ku tak ingin jadi begini
Ku tak pernah terfikir kasih
Walau ku tahu hati pedih
Itu sudah suratan takdir

Akan ku cekalkan hatiku
Akan ku menyiapkan diriku ini
Kerana diriku lelaki

Hidup tidak semestinya akan gembira
Suka duka harus ada pada kehidupanmu
Semua manusia harus alaminya
Saat itu hadir kita harus menghadapinya

Kini ku sedari kasih
Tiada guna ku begini
Ku harus korbankan semua
Demi kebahagiaanku

August 1, 2007

im not frustating! starting this blog with an announcement...DINI SUKA LUK!!!hahahaha...ok for those who dont know..or dont want to know...or want to know..ask dini..she can answer everything..rite DINI?(hope she doesnt read my blog..hehe)

alrite the 2nd announcement is,im not frustating about munirah(my junior)having a bf ok?if only u guys know..i noe you guys just playing wit me..but some might consider it a serious thing..

aisar..a fren of mine..feeling really sympathetic wit me and was telling all the single girls he could name..hehehe..seri another crazy girl make a very LOUD announcement during class...

i was not hoping anything wit munirah..i like beautiful girl..i just like watching her..

this is the truth..i like flirting..i like the adventure of flirting..hell!i flirt wit anyone that beautiful..but that doesnt mean i LIKE not a nice guy..its hard for me to be loyal to someone..if i like a girl,i will chased her..and when i have her..i would go and search another beautiful just like that..IM JUST LIKE THAT..

please dont look at me and say..'sian anip tak dpt munirah'..i dont care...ive lost any hope of ever finding any true love..because,im the one that choosed this path.. writing this in my blog,so that some,not all of my frens can read it..and i i am trully inside..PEACE