May 30, 2010

Fullhouse Cafe..was it fulfilling?

ok..for today's post, I would like to introduce a place introduce by Jaja after maybe weeks even months of searching in every corner of the internet

the story start with Jaja's craving to eat at this place for months, maybe years after watching it in Awan Dania...which is pretty impressive, after so long..finally she found the place!!

FULLHOUSE is a cafe/'s located in 3 different places, KL, Ara Damansara and Sunway Pyramid, now this isn't a food blog, but because we were a customer there for today, so I'm actually bound to write about it

I will only judge the KL branch, since we ate there, the place isn't too hard to find, go to their website or their Facebook's profile to see the full address, and google it to find the place in google map, it's near to KLCC, so it's not hard to get there

however, the area is kinda shady..a little out a place if you ask me, I don't know about the other branch though..but the KL branch is like I said, kinda shady and secluded..and somehow seems poorly manage in some area of the cafe, and what bad luck we got today, the air conditioner does not work, so it was hot in there, people were complaining and changing tables

seems nice right? don't let the picture fools you..

about the food, well the food for me was mediocre at best, it is not the best food in town compare to other cafe/restaurant that I have been, but I didn't get to taste ALL the food, there are other choices, but since I'm new to this place, I have no idea what to recommend, I guess you just have to try it yourself..the worst part is how SMALL the portion was, NOT recommended for those with BIG appetite! LIKE ME!

like I said, mediocre

although, this can be explain by the price, 1 person would normally need about RM15-25 for a single meal here, I'm not gonna say that's cheaper than eating at a food court, but like everybody else says "it's oklah"

about the service, the KL branch has a bad service, if I could give a ranking, I give it 2/10, with 1 being the bad and 10 being the best..there were only 2 waiter/waitress, even the manager have to be the waiter, that's how bad this place was, the food we ordered only came after 1 hour of waiting..we had to remind the waitress when she came to clean our appetizer plates..I have no idea how the other branches are..I hope it's way better than this one

nonetheless, this place is beautiful and cute (if you into that kind of stuffs), suitable for baby shower or celebrating new babies or birthday parties..

cute huh?

forget to mention this, but the place also a boutique, yes it sells stuffs from clothes to pillow to everyday thing that have a price tag

everyday stuffs, I wonder if the bathtub for sale

anyway, here's more photos of Jaja (ok..maybe just one) since our current narcissist residence can't join us..

and no..the car is not her's nor for sale, the car can be found everywhere in Fullhouse cafe

so there you go, if you decide to eat at Fullhouse, I recommend other branches..or if you in a good luck, try the KL branch

May 26, 2010

Transformers get new babe!

We all know about Megan Fox leaving Transformers, so the production team has to find someone to fill in the gap..that someone has to be, according to the fans, able to act more than 15 minutes and hot as hell..

BUT..that is not the case here..

although this is still a rumour, the new babe for Transformers is Rosie Huntington, she is a Victoria's Secret model..and that's all about her professionally..she is hot, of course, but she has no ACTING experience at all!

sure she's HOT, but can she act?

at least Miss Fox had an acting experience before being cast in Transformers, remember Teenage Drama Queen?

if this is true, than there is something seriously wrong with the production team, sure the movie is about robots fighting robots, but we need ACTORS too! preferably someone who can act..not just standing and running around looking hot! well that's fine too..but we need more than that..

something is seriously wrong with Transformer's production team if this is true..but we can't judge it until the movie is out, we just have to wait and see..

anyway, more on this here and here(NSFW photos, so be careful)

p/s: if you're not happy with this, here's a video of a real Kungfu Bear, well I don't know if it's real, but it sure does look real to me..

May 24, 2010

1001 things has been a while since I last posted something, this time around I am gonna list 1001 things you don't know about me..well, maybe not 1001..more like 20 or 10 or 2 things..but let be honest, I made this list a couple of times every year, and you like reading it, because you know a lil bit more about, next time when my birthday come around, you wouldn't have to think sooo hard to figure out what to a way, I am helping you guys..

there is always something new we learn everyday, and today it is about me!

1. For those that didn't know already, I LOOVE eating! I would try new things, new places, new recipes..I just love it, it's not a surprise that I am over 100kg now..*sad*

2. I am health conscious too, I know I'm slightly overweight, (slightly seems soo an understatement) ..but that doesn't mean I don't care what I eat, my dad always said that you can eat all you want now, but when you old, you will pay the price..that's scary and in some way want to make me eat more before I get old...hmmm

3. I LOVE sweet things, who wouldn't right? oh yeah, there's "that" SUCKS!

4. I hate the dentist (what gave that away?), why? because they are the most overpriced doctor! RM400 for a simple check up..pfft! (to all my dentist friends..we cool?)

5. I am a geek, as most of you can figure out by my geek look, but what you don't know about me is that I was not born this way..I was born AWESOME (photo evidence below)

see?! I was AWESOME in my own way..

6. When I was a kid, my friends kept asking me, why do I look chinese, I hate to explain about my grandma being chinese, so I lied, saying that the power from my spectacles causing my face to change to look like chinese, they are so dumb to believe dumb

7. I was born AWESOME! I wrote it again, in case you missed it the first time..

8. I think golf is GREAT..there I said it! I know lots of you people hate it or just doesn't understand it, but just like an old malay proverb "tak kenal maka tak cinta" right?

9. I was born with great view in different perspective and details, hence the LOVE for photography..

10. Most of you don't know this, but I like chinese-like woman..I think they are cute..

11. I am a superficial type of guy, I see the surface first before I dive into the great unknown..

12. Quick question, how do you know the unknown is great? maybe it's the not so great unknown? (not a fact about me, just want to ask)

13. I love traveling, although you guys don't see it much, but if I have the money, time and no responsibilities, I would probably took a midnight KTMB train and head up to the last station up in Perlis or the great? not so great unknown?

14. I love the environment, you know this already, but what you don't know is that I'm planning to leave this planet the first chance a new sustainable Earth-like planet is found..why? I have my reasons

15. I think some of the world's celebrations are over rated..Mother's Day?pfft! I know my mother is AWESOME! because I'm AWESOME!

16. When I talked about woman, I can summarize it into someone spontaneous and fun with great hair and long leg, personalities of a bitch, but heart of a saint...if only one of God's beautiful angels fall crashing down my roof..can the angel still be bitchy?

17. Making this list make me hungry, so here my favourite food according to a 3 course meal, appetizer; garlic bread + mushroom soup always works
entree; steak would be nice, but I LOVE a good ol' Cheesburger and fries!
dessert; let make this simple, cake, any kind, cheese cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cupcake..

18. 3 most precious possessions that I have right laptop, my iPhone and my DSLR

19. I'm not good with name, but I'm very easy with faces..especially a beautiful one

20. When my sisters were born, my dad called, and told me they are nonidentical twins, and I was like..OK, cause I was like in a middle of a very intense computer games! a geek gotta do what a geek gotta do

21. Last one in the list, I have this rules, that boys become men when they bought their own place to live, I don't know why...

so there you! there are so much things you don't know about me, you know me a lil bit better..I just completely waste 10 minutes of your life and I feel good about it!

May 22, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris in Glee

first of all..did you guys saw the latest episode of Glee? Neil Patrick Harris was AWESOME!! didn't get the chance? here's a video of him duet with Matthew Morrison, singing to hit song Dream On from Aerosmith

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May 21, 2010

Megan Fox out of Transformers 3

sad news, Megan Fox won't be coming back to Transformers 3..why God? WHY?!

but....let be honest here, she didn't actually act for more than 15 minutes in the movie and who's to blame on that? who cast her on the movie in the first place? IDIOT

sure she's hot and sexy and pretty and gorgeous and..well you get the picture, but maybe by not having her in the Transformers franchise, it could get better, and also maybe helps her career growth (not like it need any growing)

the real reason is sketchy at most, the director's said he wants to find new love interest for Shia Lebouf, but Megan said it was her decision, maybe a formal news press will be release, more on this here

I just hope they find someone as hot BUT have the ability to act for more than 15 minutes to be Shia's new love interest..

anyway..Transformers 3 set to hit cinemas on 2011, so watch out for it, I'm sure gonna miss all he time she run around with that bouncing boo..erm..alrighty then..

p/s: while on the subject of Megan Fox, here's 10 reason why you would NOT want to date Megan Fox according to Megan Fox

May 19, 2010

Blake Lively's Vogue Photos is HOT

new pics from Blake Lively in the June edition of Vogue magazine, for those that don't know her, you could check Gossip Girl or just Google her name ok?

in the June edition of Vogue, she is being taught how to surf by legendary surfer..full stories and more pictures on Vogue's website..

May 17, 2010

Brazil will win 2010 World Cup

now, how do I know that Brazil will win? actually..I don't, but some people said they know...according to UBS Wealth Management Team, they have created data and percentages of world cup teams, up to the winner, and the predicted winner is Brazil!(woohoo!)

you might ask who is the UBS Wealth Management Team? to hell if I know, all I know is that they successfully predicted Italy as the winner at the previous World Cup, even before it began!

read the full story here,

you can also see from the table they put out, England only 4% chance of winning this year World Cup..pathetic, but don't go jumping up and down just yet, the UBS also had record of failing to reach to the other teams might want to prove the UBS wrong

well then, other than that..are you ready for the world biggest football match ever?

May 14, 2010

Sony Nex3 and Nex5

so here's a good gadget for all those crazy photographer out there!!

Sony unveils the new Nex3 and Nex5...I have no confirmation that this has landed in Malaysia..but it's a new addition to the growing popularity of compact camera with capability of changing lenses..



now, the both Nex3 and Nex5 are of Alpha series from Sony, although that doesn't mean that they can be equip with all the lenses..the differences with Nex3 and Nex5 and their specifications can be read in the full article Nex3 and Nex5

the best part of the camera is how SMALL it is build, you can see in the comparison below, with the lenses equip, the camera is bulky in comparison with other camera, one of its' downside

Nex3 compare to other camera in market

Nex5 comparison with Lumix GF1

smaller means easier mobility, compare to the big DSLR, however, smaller doesn't always mean good..

another thing lacking, is probably the screen is not a touch screen, other than that, this is a really compact, fun, and dynamic digital camera, great for beginners or even advance users., or even those that enjoy making memory last forever..hope to see this in Malaysia real soon

May 12, 2010

Maxim's 2010 Hot 100

a few days ago I wrote about FHM's Top 100 Hottest woman, well now it seems that Maxim has already finished its' 2010 Hot 100 list

and the number 1 hottest celebrity is...KATY PERRY! YEAH!

here's the Top 10, and the full list is here

1.Katy Perry
2.Brooklyn Decker
3.Zoe Saldana
4.Blake Lively
5.Megan Fox
7.Elisabetta Canalis
8.Olivia Munn
9.Kim Kardashian
10.Marisa Miller

so there you go, I don't know how they do the judging, but most probably by just PURE HOTNESS!

Windows' future phone look pretty COOL!

got this on the internet today..don't know if its significant to you guys..but it's totally is too me! because this is totally AWESOME!

this is a concept of future phone release by Windows..the full article is here us not ask questions like where the battery goes..or where the sim cards go..let just enjoy the possibility of AWESOME phone..

May 10, 2010

green thought's my point of view about the idea of having a nuclear power plant on our backyard..but before that..the policeman that shot the 15 year old boy has been charged NOT convict with section 304(A) inculpable homicide not mounting to murder..more stories here The Star

back to the main story here

so most of you if not all of you already heard the plan of having a nuclear plant by the year 2021 or something? that's pretty damn soon if you ask me, and I've wrote about this in here, the plan has been talked and discussed for more than a year now, and I personally think it's a good idea..I know it's against what I stand for, which is green and sustainable energy BUT I'm looking at a long term view here..sustainable energy for 50 years, now..that sure beat petroleum reservoir we have that rumors to dried in 2030 and gas reserve only up to 2047..

there are some interesting questions that are being asked, like..where the hell are we going to build this thing?it's not like we have thousands of acre of land that aren't being use for, I list down a few possible places to build the plant,

1. top of Titiwangsa Range
2.on the most top of the country (Perlis, Perak, Kelantan)
3.on some island somewhere, preferably with no tourist interest
4.on opposition party's led states(Selangor, Perlis, Kelantan) HEHEHE

either way, the idea of building it has already drew some attention, no other ASEAN countries have the capability of building a nuclear power plant, not even Singapore!

I still hold my ground to find green, renewable and sustainable energy..we are located in the middle of South East Asia, we have winds, waves and tides power from South China Sea, solar power all year round, and this power last for millenia, why can't we harness this energy instead?

whatever the reason, I just hope we have the expertise and the security to handle nuclear, because IT'S NUCLEAR WE TALKING ABOUT, have you forget Chernobyl? or do you need pictures to remind you?

that's my two cents..for more info on Malaysia's nuclear program, visit the official website


May 7, 2010

who's at fault in shooting incident?

I don't know if you read it already, its about the shooting of 15 year old kids by policemen, here's the latest on the story, its in The Star yesterday, the title says that Minor at fault in shooting incident, expert says

here's the link to full article

so here's what I think, the expert gave a believable reason that the cop did nothing wrong, and that the kid did drove a car even without a license, but that doesn't make it OK to shot someone, you will read in the report by the deceased's friend that the police shot the car while in chase, is that the real procedure in dealing with this kind of situation? aren't you suppose to stop the car without shooting..and shoot only after you have positive confirmation of a weapon or in self defense? BUT I'm no police..if this is the right way, than its obvious who's wrong, but if this is the wrong procedure, than we better rethink and redesign the whole procedure..

and the expert says the police are overwork and underpaid, it normal to make mistake, yeah I can take that, but saying that the police is underpaid, is like blaming the government..and the blame game continues...

there are 2 sides to this story, the deceased's friend's side, and the still-innocent-until-proven-guilty police officer's side, let us look back at the situation here, cause the official report is not out yet, and both the kid's friends and the police report contradict each other, let us review the reports

newspaper report said a police patrol shot a 15 year old kid for suspected of being a criminal, after the police asked them to stop, it also stated that a machete was found inside the car, and that the friend was took down and beaten because he threaten the police, and all the shots were fire because the car started to reverse towards the patrol car

while the kid's report stated that the there was no machete, and that the police beat him right after he gets out of the car, and that the police shot him while in pursuit, the car never reverse towards the police, and that the police never warn them about stopping

the newspaper reports and the friend's statement can be read here and here

so who's telling the truth? and who's to blame? it will take time before we know the truth, one thing we do know, is that a 15 year old kid, with a lot potential and endless possibility will not have the chance to grasp it..that we know

May 5, 2010

videos videos videos

I'm gonna put some videos here, first of all is a video from Afdlin doin his rendition of Kantoi-Watever, a response to Zee Avi's Kantoi

the second one is a video that cannot be confirm of its sources, but some said its true, the video is the original Telephone that was sang by Britney Spears before Lady Gaga and Beyonce sang enjoy!

this one is from the opening of The Simpsons, singin Tik Tok from Keisha, its really cool..

the last one is a link to Miley's new video Can't Be Tamed, which is a really sexy sexy video, but what is sexy? anyway its different from the Miley we all knew, back when she was a she's evolving, growing up, that's what I see when I watch the video..anyway enjoy it here

May 3, 2010

FHM's 100 sexiest women

this may not come as a shocker to most of you, but I read men magazine, spesifically the NSFW-type..hahaha..anywaaay

since we're on the subject here, FHM UK just release its' list of 100 most sexiest women, and there are some shocker..the biggest yet must be Kristen Stewart (the blank chick from Twilight) is number 6!! WTH?!

Cheryl Cole won the top spot 2 times in a row, congrats to her, followed by Megan Fox(no surprise there) and Marisa Miller took 3rd place(God is an artist)

Cheryl Cole FTW!
here's the complete top 10 list

1.Cheryl Cole
2.Megan Fox
3.Marisa Miller
4.Frankie Sanford
5.Keeley Hazel
6.Kristen Stewart
7.Kelly Brook
8.Adriana Lima
9.Jessica Alba
10.Abbey Clancy

May 2, 2010

Iron Man 2 review

Iron Man 2 is out now in cinema.. since Friday and I have been among the lucky first who got to watched it in cinema today

my sisters been nagging me all months to take them to see the movie,so I did, glad I decided to to a very early booking, you can't believe the line the in TGV KLCC today

anyway, the movie was AWESOME! new storyline and new twist are introduce, and I find it really intriguing and very smart..not just a superhero movie that battles bad guy, the movie also introduce new problem for the hero and with a very details story about the hero dilemma involving him, the people around him, and the situation his in (you will need to watch it to understand it, don't want no spoiler)

for those that absolutely LOVE and I mean REALLY love the Iron Man franchise, you would also notice that there's an Avenger Program being mentioned a lot in this movie, this will relate to The Hulk and Captain America, how? by SHIELD and Nick Fury..but that's another movie that still in progress

Iron Man 2 however lacks the long battle between the hero and the villain unlike the previous movie. This time the battle ended in less than 5 minutes..which is understandable, because the other actions took most of the movie, which is pretty good, if the actions weren't so damn fast! hehe

and Scarlett Johansson is deliciously pretty as always..not to mention soo HOT with that tight black dress *ehem* what?!...but I love Gywneth Paltrow acting the most..she seems convincing enough and it seems real..

anyway, this movie is a great way to start your May month, it a definite 4/5 stars for those that love action movies..adios

p/s: here's a photo of the twin at KLCC park

May 1, 2010

Doomsday Vault

yes, Doomsday Vault...sounds like a pandora box huh? but don't worry, the name actually is a modern day Noah's Ark, but instead of animals, it stores plants, more accurate, seeds..

the official name for Doomsday Vault is the Svalbard Globe Seed Vault , build for one sole purpose, to store all the seeds in the world to prepare human against starvation in case of a cataclysmic event (why it was nickname the Doomsday Vault) that will affect the whole world, man made or not (e.g: nuclear war, global warming, meteor impact, zombies infestation, alien invasion WHAT? it could happen)

the construction of the vault started in 2006, the location? near the freaking North Pole, now there are reasons why it was build there, and yes, one of them is to keep people away, mainly the bad people

entrance, no guard? no problem

the other reason is the stability of the location from earthquake activity, other than that, the low temperature is needed in order for the seeds to last for hundreds of years, there are massive aircond that help kept the temperature low, if that fail, with permafrost in the rocks, the temperature can be kept under 3 degrees all year round

one might think, who in their right mind would work here? but the truth is personel only come to check the vault at least once a year, because the scientist believe that it is important that the seeds can survive with very limit intervention from human as possible

the exact location is known to only a few people, but the vault is generally located at the Norwegian Island, at the Svalbard Archipelago, hence the name..but if one would know the location, that does not mean its easy to get into the vault, it is protected by 4 massive door , that can only be open remotely

no one gonna reach the doors anyway with the killing frozen winds there

to date, the vault already stored 500 thousands seeds, and with capacity of 4.5 millions seeds, it's a long way to go, may we don't need to use the vault anytime soon.