May 14, 2010

Sony Nex3 and Nex5

so here's a good gadget for all those crazy photographer out there!!

Sony unveils the new Nex3 and Nex5...I have no confirmation that this has landed in Malaysia..but it's a new addition to the growing popularity of compact camera with capability of changing lenses..



now, the both Nex3 and Nex5 are of Alpha series from Sony, although that doesn't mean that they can be equip with all the lenses..the differences with Nex3 and Nex5 and their specifications can be read in the full article Nex3 and Nex5

the best part of the camera is how SMALL it is build, you can see in the comparison below, with the lenses equip, the camera is bulky in comparison with other camera, one of its' downside

Nex3 compare to other camera in market

Nex5 comparison with Lumix GF1

smaller means easier mobility, compare to the big DSLR, however, smaller doesn't always mean good..

another thing lacking, is probably the screen is not a touch screen, other than that, this is a really compact, fun, and dynamic digital camera, great for beginners or even advance users., or even those that enjoy making memory last forever..hope to see this in Malaysia real soon


Affan Azami said...

all these makes DSLR looks sooo last season

arenip said...

it does doesn't it? but for me, it actually create 2 different groups of camera..

DSLR untuk profesional, compact camera macam ni bagus untuk casual use..