March 30, 2013

Christina Aguilera ft Blake Shelton - Just A Fool

why I bought her sister a new phone

Hei all,

I've got a confession to make. Most of those reading my blog are my colleague and my friends. Most of them already knew what I did last week. But I want to write it here anyway.

Last Friday, I bought Liza's sister a new handphone. For those that have no clue who's Liza is, she is both my muse and my poison.

So, the reason I bought Liza's sis a new phone is because she just had her SPM last year. Liza bought a new phone last year for herself and told her sis that she could have it if she got straight As, but she didn't. This is where I came in. 

Yes I know I'm not her boyfriend, this is the kind of stuff that her boyfriend should have done. But this is also the reason why I am writing here instead of trying to explain it over and over again to everyone.

I bought her sis a new phone in a once in a lifetime thing, this is not a regular thing. I have extra money, and I've decided to spend it on her. Yes, some said I should have spend it better on my families or friends, but I've done all that or will do it eventually, if you know me, you know I'm one that won't make empty promises easily. I've also one that love giving things more than receiving.

And yes I've bought it because I care about Liza and her family but that is all. I am in no position of still chasing after her. I may still have feelings for her, but I will not wait for her that's for sure. She also make it perfectly clear that she can't open her heart for me. So we have this understanding, like a mutual agreement of some sort.

I also like to point out that she nor her sister was the one asking for a present. It was all my idea, so please don't think of her like she's after my money. 

Don't worry guys, although this may look like a stupid decision to you guys, but I know what I'm doing. I appreciate your concern and advices, but I would like for you guys to respect and understand where I'm coming from.

Don't tell me you guys would never do something stupid for someone you care about (walaupun dia bukan milik korang).

So there you go. Thanks for reading and understand my point of view.

March 17, 2013

Cloud Atlas A Must Watch

Cloud Atlas. One of the most beautiful and intricate movie I've seen in a long time. There was sadness, joy, suspense, action, all bundle under one title, Cloud Atlas.

I can't describe in writing how beautiful the movie is. Please, please PLEASE watch this movie. If you truly love a good movie, this is a good movie to watch.

A fair warning, read about the movie first or else you might get yourself totally confuse in here.

March 16, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4, and why I won't buy them.

Hei everyone,

Last Wednesday, Samsung launch their most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4. The marketing was superb, the rumours were many and the hype were definitely there. But does the phone live to all this great expectations?

What I'm writing is what I've gathered from news, blogs, websites and other sources in determining if the S4 is really the next best thing.

For those that haven't lay eyes on the S4, please refer below picture. 

Yes, it does look kinda like Galaxy S3. There are minor difference in the design. It is thinner but larger than S3. The display is a 5inch while the S3 with 4.8, a minor 0.2 inch difference. The back design however differ more from S3.

On to the hardware. I will compile a very short summary, as you can also find a lot of resources on S4 in the internet. So basically it has a full HD display, which is truly magnificent when you watching a HD movie. The processor is quad core / octagon core which is way faster than Note 2 or S3. While the battery only slightly bigger than S3 with 2600mAh compare to S3 with 2100mAh.

The software however is way cooler than S3. There are tone of new things, that needed to be explore. Such as Air Gesture, where you can scroll the phone without touching the screen. This is new, however a lot of expert out there say most of us won't be using it in everyday situation.

The camera is 13MP, and has a lot of new things to try. See video below.

There are also better Eye Recognition software. You can scroll with your eyes, play games with your eyes, pause video when you're not watching. Want to know what I meant? See video below.

Somehow, I think this made human that much more lazy...

Anyway, there are a lot more to explore with S4. The software are incredible, but the hardware and design are mediocre at best. Sound isn't that good, the design feels "cheap". I also doesn't like the idea of it looks kinda exactly like S3, it defeats the purpose of wanting to show off your new phone.

Here's a video introducing S4.

 In summary, will I buy the S4? I don't think so. Sure the software are good, but in time phone maker will just make it better, I still believe a good phone should be both well design and have a great inside. If Samsung can change the way their phone looks and feels, I might reconsider them again, but now I would rather choose HTC One or even Sony Xperia Z. Check out their video below.

Don't trust my judgement 100%. If you a kind of guy that love software more than hardware, than S4 is definitely a good phone for you. There are pros and cons with most phone. Again, it's up to your preferences.

March 3, 2013

James Morrison - Right By Your Side

This song is dedicated to her, I know you hate me now, but know this, it was me who was there when you needed someone

Where was I when your tears were falling?
Where was I when you needed a friend?
Where was I when your heart was calling?
Do you not remember
Well I’ll tell you then

You know I remained right by your side
Push through the rain and into the fire
Coz when I said I loved you
That’s just what I meant
So when you asked me where was I when
Every time I was right by your side

Where was my love when your heart was bleeding?
Was it not enough just to be your man?
When you had no feeling where were my hands?
If you don’t remember well I’ll tell you then

You know I remained right by your side
Push through the rain and into the fire
Coz when I said I loved you
That’s just what I meant
So when you asked me where was I when
Every time I was right by your side

Well don’t you know that I’ve given the best of me
I’ve done it all but you still don’t want to see
That I remained by your side

Push through the rain and into the fire
Coz when I said I loved you
That’s just what I meant
So when you asked me where was I when
Every time I was right by your side

Right by your side
Right by your side
I was right by your side

March 2, 2013

worse feeling


The worse feeling than falling out of love is the betrayal from someone you care so much, that you would do anything to make sure he/she is happy always. But you are treated like dirt. No appreciation ever.

This is the worse feeling