September 28, 2009


there is a lot of question in life..starting with "what?"..

and here's a story of when the "what?" question is being ask...

so last year, Seri gave me this present, a mug...I put some pic a year back, but I never really put a "nice" pic of the mug..hehehe

if you haven't notice it the last time, here are 2 pics of the mug...

sooo...notice something? hehehe..I've censored a certain part on the's there, believe's there..

so, the question of "what?" here is...WHAT DOES MR.P STANDS FOR? I think you and I know..hahahaha

ah...take care! au revoir~

September 27, 2009

after balik kampung to do list

so I've got 1 hour before I've done downloading Heroes Season 4, yeah yeah...Im still watching it!! so what? the series is's in tune with my since I've got an hour to kill, I decided to write a post..

ok, so here are a few updates I've did after I'm back from JB, 1st of you guys might have noticed, I've changed the blog's theme..yea!!! not that it's a big deal, but changes are good...especially after so long..

next thing in list when I came back home is to get all the series that I've failed to watched during my absence, 90210, GG, Supernatural..and Vampire Diaries..which is still downloading..

and here's a best part, I've got How I Met Your Mother Season 5, 1st episode..hehehe..Aysha might have gotten her hand on the this already..can't wait to watch it tonight..or in the next couple of minutes!! (>.<) twin sis birthday is today, they turned 10 this year..can't wait for them to turn 21 and have their own life somewhere, and stop bothering me..but being a brother, its kinda like a curse, haish(T__T)..I put up some that you guys can see and awe, hehehe..I don't care..I got my whole life to make their life miserable..

orait then..stay cute, stay beautiful, stay AWESOME! (damn! I love Barney, not in kind of awkward way, and not the purple dinosaur..)

September 26, 2009

peak of raya

so, most of you already knew bout my cousin's engagement right? most of the pics can be seen in my FB.. I won't be posting anymore pics here...Im just too tired to do that again..

anyway...lets get into the story..

so my cousin, Tasya, gets engaged to this guy..oh wait, maybe I will put up a pic with the guy in it, I don't have a pic of them together..but I do have the guy in the background of this 1 pic..hehe

orait, back to the story...

this guy is a security officer (as told by my aunt) in a building where my cousin works..FYI, my cousin did not go to any colleges or universities after the next thing for her is working somewhere...I think she's a clerk..

I heard stories from my aunts that they've been dating for a year..and decided to get engaged~!! what a's what I think, a security officer and a clerk?for real?how is that this guy gonna support my cousin? aunt thinks he could get a house in 2 years, before they get married...oh did I mention they getting married in 2 years?

she could deserve better, but hey..looking at all her's previous ex boyfriend, I think he's the best one yet..hehehe..

and 1 more thing, why do people get engaged? I mean..yeah sure its like telling someone, she's someone's future wife, but it just a waste, I cousin's engagement was supported my her mom..and she's a single mom...why can't they just go and get married? her mom spends thousands on food, "hantaran" the decoration, rent the canopy..everything..and it gets worse when you prepare a meal for 100 peoples, but they were only 20 people came..and its all because the guy said 100 people will come..yeah sure, you don't care, because it's not you who prepare everything!

the idea of getting tied to someone for 2's's really can't flirt with any single girls, you can't look at any hot girls..I mean, you probably can't even friends with any girls..hehehehe *ehem*

the worse part during the big day is the tardiness the guy's family shows..imagine making a promise to arrive at 1 pm, but they arrived only a little before 5 pm?!! what do you guys think we are? just a bunch of "kampung" family?! it really gives the 1st bad impression buddy! all the family members were talking of how late you guys's like you're not serious about this engagement...

the real positive side of this big day, is how happy my cousin was...just hope it stays until the wedding day..

that's the guy, in the red circle..

au revoir!

September 25, 2009

most confusing raya yet here's a first look of what this raya that I like to call, THE MOST CONFUSING RAYA YET~!

there are gonna be few confusing facts that I wish I won't have to explain again..hehehe

for those that haven't got a clue yet, my family celebrate raya between Kelantan and Johor, since my dad's dad at Kelantan, and my mom's families at Johor, so we switch between the 2 states, this year Johor, next year Kelantan, next one Johor, unless if unforeseen troubles come...

fact num 1: we will switch our raya's theme every 2 year, which mean everytime we get back to Johor, we will wear something new, and this year..its yucky GREEN..why yucky?because it mom picked it, and she's like having this urge to have everything in GREEN..she even want to paint the house green..but I think it will wear off.. this is the confusing part,

fact num 2: when my mom was a baby, she was adopted by my biological grandma's sister, which make my mom has 2 moms and 2 dads..later my biological grandma died, and my biological granddad married another woman..which make my mom has 3 moms and 2 dads...hehe

fact num 3: everytime we went back to Johor, we will celebrate raya mostly with my step grandma's side of the family, and with my mom's siblings..the craziest aunties and uncles you could ever wish for..I never get really close to my biological granddad's family, maybe because my mom was never close to him since a little child..

fact num 4: this year, I don't know why, we decided to celebrate raya with my biological granddad's side of the family too..and as you can relate, I don't know any of them..and I'm not great with any of them..but they cooked very great foods..hahahah

fact num 5: the only living grandparent now is my biological biological grandma, step granddad and step grandma, and the new wife of my biological granddad has all long died..I only knew my biological granddad, step grandma and new wife of my biological granddad

fact num 6: another confusing thing happened while we were visiting family members from my biological granddad old relative, said this to me " yang ni lawa kan? " while her eyes scanning all my siblings..hahaha...LAWA? maybe I was a bit jambu that day..hehe

fact num 7: I didn't mention yet my step granddad's side right? hmm..that side is a little out of our league..why? because they are all rich rich people ma~ hehe..though they live in KL, they never visit has always been us visiting them...snobbish rich people..hehehe

fact num 8: every time we went back for raya in Johor (which is every 2 years) there will always be some new cousins popping out of no where..this year, there's a new girl, next 2 years, a boy maybe, another 2 years, twins much duit raya will I be giving out in next 5 to 10 years?! oh the HORROR!

fact num 9: my most closest cousin, Tasya was engaged during the 4th day of a guy, which I think work as a security officer in the same building as my cousin works..and they are both Johor..again..why can't she married a nice decent guy from KL or Pahang or Perak..hehehe..well, they will be engaged for 2 years before they get married..I will post more about the engagement later..

fact num 10: guess what we did on the 2nd day of raya? we watched the Emmy..yes..the best one yet..this is mostly due to a great host they have, Neil Patrick Harris who plays Barney in How I Met Your Mother was the host, and may I add, the best one yet..

so they you go...all about raya this year in Johor..I really like this year, with new DSLR, I managed to snaps up to 1000+ pics..and the usable ones are only about 500+ pics..hahaha...get to know new family members, eat new food..taste long lost dishes..

in one word, this year is AWESOME!

pics will be uploaded later ok?500+ pics, how oh how will I upload it all?hahaha..most of the pics can be found on my facebook


September 24, 2009


there will be many parts of after balik kampung posts...well, maybe just 2 or 3 posts..not many...anyway..

there are fun stories to told...ada sepupu bertunang, melawat rumah sedara yang tak kenal sape..dan ade orang cakap aku lawa...lawa ok..bukan hensem..hahaha..

ok..mula-mula kita start dengan balik kampung..sebab adik-adik laki aku balik ari Jumaat, so kena la balik ari Sabtu, dan memandangkan Ahad dah nak raya..highway obviously akan sesak gile punye...kita orang stuck dalam jam dari pukul 9 pagi sampai pukul 11..tak sampai Seremban lagi..slalu 30 minit je nak sampai Seremban...dan apa puncanya?kereta rosak kat lane belah kanan...pergh! tapi jam sampai berpuluh-puluh kilometer tu~ takpe..puasa sabar je la..

fast forward ke 1st raya..tiada yang menarik..just dialog antara aku dan ayah aku time minta maaf pagi raya tu...

aku: ayah..maaf zahir batin, minta halal makan minum...ermm....iPhone, kamera....hehehehe

ayah: duit raya takde la..buat bayar kamera..

aku: *erk*...ok2...

ade ke dialog macam ni pagi raya?haish~

1st day tu jugak melawat kubur nenek belah ibu..erm..I should say...nenek-nenek belah ibu..kenapa?sebab ibu ada 3 ibu..complicated?haha..nanti aku terangkan..

ibu aku ada 2 orang ayah gak..dan tahun ni kita orang pergi kat famili belah ayah ibu yg 1st...aku tak rapat pun dengan dia orang..ada la reason..tapi best la...makan sedap2..walaupun duit raya dah tak dapat...makanan still dapat..hehehe

time raya ni pun sepupu aku Tasya tunang..aku tak faham kenapa nak kena tunang..nape tak nikah terus? ni pun bersebab...dia tunang 2 tahun, lepas tu baru masuk nikah..pergh..dugaan tu~

dan raya tahun ni bertambah lagi sepupu aku..ntah dari mane datang ntah..aku raya Johor 2 tahun skali je..tapi tiap kali balik sana mesti ada kazen baru..ape kes?!

orait ade skit gambar-gambar..walaupun korang benci baca blog aku..aku still akan tulis full story nanti~ hehehe
cukup korum..hehehe

ni dia cousin yang bertunang tu, Tasya namanye..sume tu hantaran sebelah perempuan

dari kiri tu haziq dgn aishah cousin anak pak ngah aku, yg baju itam tu yg bertunang, yg debab tu adik aku la~ takkan tak kenal lagi

ok..korang dah kenal sume orang dalam gambar ni kecuali yg baju oren tu..tu kazen aku gak tu..sangat HAPPENING! duk lepak dengan perempuan je..hahahaha..nama dia Fiz...

September 18, 2009

last update before balik kampung

oh oh oh balik kampung..oh oh oh balik kampung..excited tak pasal-pasal..hehehe..

esok aku dah balik JB..yeay!!!kenapa excited?suka ati aku la nak excited ke taknak(leh tak macam ni?) takde sebab pun nak excited..tapi balik JB lagi best dari balik KB..sebab kat KB takde sedara mara yang rapat..kat JB ada la 2,3 aunty yang tak sabar tunggu kepulangan anak buah paling disayangi di alam semesta..AKU..HAHAHA


ni post terakhir before aku balik kampung, doakan aku dan satu famili selamat tiba, dan aku doakan jugak kepada mereka yang balik esok supaya selamat tiba di kampung masing-masing..kalau panjang umur..kita sambut raya ramai-ramai...

ucapan raya tak bleh pendek-pendek, takde feel la..macam tak aku listkan orang yang aku nak ucap AIDILFITRI

saya ingin mengucapkan SALAM AIDILFITRI kepada
  1. rakan-rakan rapat, pembloggers sekalian,
  2. famili-famili tiri(hehe),
  3. pengendap blog ini,
  4. yang singah sahur di sini,
  5. tak lupa juga kepada BAKAL ISTERI, BAKAL MERTUA saya walau di mana anda berada dan siapa anda semua(hehe)...
  6. mohon maaf zahir dan batin atas kebodohan, kesalahan, kesilapan, kebebalan dan kekurangan yang telah terjadi sama ada secara sengaja atau tidak..
  7. dan tidak lupa juga kepada yang kurang bernasib baik tahun ni, yang kehilangan orang tersayang, semoga tabah sentiasa,
  8. tak lupa pada yang baru kahwin, akan kahwin, baru beranak, dah beranak-pinak..moga tahun ni lebih bermakna..
  9. tak lupa juga kepada budak-budak beraya di hospital sebab hilang jari main mercun..
  10. kepada mat rempit yang bercuti at least seminggu dari merempit...
  11. salam aidilfitri juga pada mereka yang menyambut di perantauan..tak balik tahun ni balik tahun depan..
  12. terakhir sekali pada anggota-anggota keselamatan yang bertugas pada hari raya tahun nie..terima kasih sebab buat negara ini aman...

kan aku dah cakap..ucapan ni panjang..hahahaha...itu je lah..SELAMAT HARI RAYA SEMUA!

Megan + Susan + Leona

this update has got nothing to do with Raya's season ok? I've got some stuffs I want to post here, from Leona Lewis to Susan Boyle to Megan Fox...

first let start with Megan Fox...the new Rolling Stone October issue has Megan Fox as its cover, and she looks AMAZING + SEXY..not that she isn't sexy 24/7...

here are couple of photos from her photo shoot with Rolling Stone, and all the photos belong to Rolling Stone, and more of it can be seen in this link here

on to Leona Lewis and Megan Fox, both of them performed on the finale night of America's Got Talent..I don't know who won this season (not like Im following any other season for that matter)...but I love the performances from this 2 superstars..

Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle gave their new hit singles from their new album that will be out in near future..Leona Lewis sang "HAPPY" while Susan Boyle sang "WILD HORSES"

you can watch it in the video below...let me know what you think..

September 15, 2009

girls, post code, and the undead..what do they have in common?

ok here are some some updates..all the previous dirty CW series are now back on TV, Gossip Girl, 90210 and the new The Vampire Diaries are now filling your night..or my night...

Ive watched Gossip Girl, 90210 and the new series The Vampire Diaries today, and I must say here that 90210 is different, much more drama..and Adriana is BEAUTIFUL! much much more beautiful...

The Vampire Diaries opens with 4.8 millions viewers!! how that's for another vampire franchise?this is due to the success of the popular Twilight(which I don't know why its a hit)..but if you like stuffs like Twilight, you will probably like this new series, with vampires..scarecrows...fogs(WAT?!) but nonetheless this series seems worth something to wait and see..

as for GG, the new season starts with a lot of problems..not that its a surprise...each of them has their own new problem with Serena having the biggest yet..or is it a blessing?hmm..seems like a blessing..hehehe..all of them seems older though..with Chuck being the biggest D**K like always..hehe..and Blair..lets not start with her...I never understand Chuck and Blair relationship..its fun yet...strange..

okla..that's all for updates..

Kanye West is a douchebag

its been buzzing around the blog world and the twitter about last night MTV VMA 2009 awards, where Kanye West HUMILIATED Taylor Swift after she won the best female video award..

the story is as she was about to give the acceptance speech, Kanye West went up there and tell everyone that Beyonce's video was much better!!WTF?!

if you have something in your mind, you don't need to go up there and tell the whole world, and to make matter worse, Taylor Swift was left dumbfounded up there with nothing to say and just walk sad~

but to make things better, Beyonce, after winning the best video of the year award, call Taylor up to the stage to give her acceptance speech once classy!!

anyway, if you guys happen to go to MTV VMA website, it is said that after Kanye gave that disrespect speech, he was asked to leave the VMA..on your FACE!

however, Kanye did make a apology letter, but later the 1st draft was subtract..due to technical reasons(WATEVER!) the 1st apology letter was said to be taken out because of what he wrote on his blog, here is the first apology letter

“I’m sooooo sorry to taylor swift and her fans and her mom. I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would’ve said. She is very talented! I like the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she’s in the bleachers! …………………… i’m in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!……………. beyonce’s video was the best of this decade! I’m sorry to my fans if I let you guys down! I’m sorry to my friends at mtv. I will apologize to taylor 2mrw. welcome to the real world! everybody wanna booooo me but i’m a fan of real pop culture! No disrespect but we watchin’ the show at the crib right now cause … well you know! i’m still happy for taylor! Boooyaaawwww! you are very very talented! I gave my awards to outkast when they deserved it over me… that’s what it is!! i’m not crazy yall, i’m just real. Sorry for that! I really feel bad for taylor and i’m sincerely sorry! Much respect!!”

the second apology letter was then post after his blog crashes due to the amount of people getting into it, and the 2nd one was much better, but I don't think he learn his lesson, maybe his career will do down like Chris Brown is a video of Taylor Swift performance on MTV VMA 2009 last night..ENJOY!

September 13, 2009

berbuka pula di felda

tahun ni aku berbuka lagi sekali dengan famili aku, surprisingly kat tempat yang sama, dan dianjurkan oleh company yang sama..ALAM Maritim...

buka puasa ni kat Dewan Perdana Felda, aku tak tau la kalau korang pernah pergi, tapi mesti korang pernah dengar kan? aku rasa kat Jalan Semarak...

makanan sama macam tahun lepas, cuma kali ni ada spaghetti yang sangat sedap..aku tak tipu...aku tambah dua lain macam biasa la..kambing bakar, daging, ayam, nasi, ikan, laksa, mee sup, sup, tomyam, buah, kuih, kek coklat, kek get the picture kan?

and another thing different tahun ni adalah kedatangan orang tahun ni..lagi ramai dari tahun lepas, sebabnya tahun lepas dia ajak verbally or thru SMS jer..kali ni dia anta kad kat jabatan ayah aku..ramai la yang datang..sampai ada yang takde meja...nasib baik kita orang datang awal...

sebelum pukul 7 lagi orang dah beratur nak ambik makanan, dasar tak ingat dunia dah tu..lapar dan nafsu menguasai diri...hahahaha..padahal aku sama gak..

so here are some pictures...

dewan perdana felda

ambik ko..berkerumum macam semut jumpa gula

September 11, 2009

twitter term

this is kinda cool..don't get me wrong, I wont be caught having a twitter account...

if you guys a twitterholic, meaning someone that really addicted to twitter, here are some terms in the twitter world that you guys might known...

2.newetter : a new tweeter
3.twaiting : twittering while waiting
4.twalking : twittering while walking
5.tweet : post on twitter
6.tweeter : a user of twitter
7.twitanoia: phobia to twitter
8.twelepathy :knowing what they gonna post before they actually post it
9.twitdiot : a tweeter, but can't make a simple sentences
10.mistweet : a twitter post send in error and later regrets
11.tweetard : a twitter retard
12.twhiner : a twitter user that only post negative comments
13.twoingtwoing : to twitter about wonderful things
14.twitsomnia : twittering due to the inability to sleep
15.twitterrhea : an act of sending too much twitter messages

so there you go, just some of the twitter terms I found on the internet..happy twittering everyone..

September 10, 2009

annual meeting/iftar

today is post 09/09/09...or better yet, today is 10/09/09..why do I write this thing?I have no idea...

so anyway, I had a great iftar with Hana today, its been a year since Ive seen her, it was on the Ramadhan month too..and she looks gorgeous as don't get me wrong, she's just a friend ok? I know most of you will start to talk about it...but the real deal is that she's just a friend...

the place was The Apartment at The Curve, Fina when there a few days back, but Fina went to the KLCC one...

the food was great, and not to mention DELICIOUS..there are satay, ayam percik, chicken spaghetti, nasi briyani, and a whole lot more..and the ever beautiful thing I love about the dessert is that its all about CHOCOLATE..there are chocolate cakes, chocolates mint, chocolates sponge cake, chocolate..chocolate and more chocolate..

well here are some photos...

this is hana..kenal masa dia 1st year

just the tip of the iceberg..

so what did you do today?

September 9, 2009

09/09/09..what did you do today?

today is 09.09.09...a date that come around once in a lifetime..what did you do today?

today..was a lazy day..1 class in the morning, and another in the in between, takde buat ape-ape..buang masa dengan layan internet, main game dan bergosip-gosip sambil mengutuk-ngutuk..

oh ye, Aysha brave herself untuk tengok cerita Shutter (versi Thailand)..tapi nevertheless, dia still terjerit-jerit to the horror of the movie..hehehe..ada la gambar dia, tapi tak terasa nak letak la..sian kat dia..but the screaming last for about a good 1 hour gak..and I swear I could see tears from her face..hehe

and since the afternoon class ended up at around 6.30pm, we(aysha, niza, me, farid, jaja and seri) decided to break our fast at the department..Aysha wanted to buy this delicious nasi ayam from Sek 17 bazaar..memang sedap pun..ayam madu dia THE BEST (kat bazaar tu la)

anyway..dalam kelas Ko-K kita orang kena buat satu projek yang bertemakan 1Malaysia....kalau korang tak tau, kelas Ko-K tu kelas asas seni fotografi, and kena tangkap gambar tuk dijadikan poster...

idea yang telah dipersetujui akan di tontonkan dalam blog ni..hehehehe

apa-apa pun takde benda yang menarik terjadi hari ni....esok aku akan berbuka puasa dengan FAVOURITE JUNIOR (self proclaim by herself)...aku akan cite psl tu esok plak..


September 7, 2009

Moonwalker, no I dont walk on the moon...

I have no idea why, but I downloaded Micheal Jackson's movie Moonwalker, go Google it..

Im sure most of you never heard of it, it never was a big hit movie, but it was entertaining..watching him dancing to all his moves kinda brings back memories when my dad first brought this movie home..hahaha

the best part of the movie has got to be when he was singing Smooth Criminal, where you can see the popular Anti-Gravity Lean...yes this one.. in peace Micheal..

September 5, 2009

the ugly, the funny and the attic?

alright! movie updates..after weeks of silence...of..movies..updates..well you get the pictures..

so the first movie is the Ugly Truth, coming out this September on your cinemas nationwide, star Katherine Heigl, and Gerard Butler...this sweet but sarcastic comedy talk about the ugly truth about man and woman..and all the s**t out there bout relationship and all that you call LOVE...hehe

the movie is cleverly written, the dialogs are sarcastic and hurtful at a time, and it struck us, that " hey this is the ugly truth " on to top with a great casts and great acting by both Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler..

however, the shortness of the story takes away a lot of the emotions and dramas that could possibly be elaborate and shown further..

so with this i give this a 3.5/5 stars..

the next movie is Funny People, stars the ever popular Adam Sandler... this movie revolve around Adam's character that is a comic for his whole life, one of the best actually, until one day he receive a news that he might be suffering from a fatal disease..and this gave him a different perspective in life...

here come Leslie Mann (guy from Knocked Up, Zack and Miri Make A Porno) come in, his character is a also a comic, well an amateur that want to be fate he's given a chance to work for Adam, and there is when the drama start..

don't get me wrong..this movie is FUNNY!! you guys just have to understand the dirty and complicated jokes..other than that, this movie deserve a 3/5 stars

the last one is Aliens in The Attic, yes..I know what you guys might be thinking, but don't let the title fool you..this is one funny movie! although the only known cast is Ashley Tisdale, however the rest of the cast are also popular, if you remember them from somewhere..try Google one of them..

this movie is about an alien invasion (duh!)..but not an ordinary one, a group of aliens landed in what seems to be a normal house, but with dark the story goes, the reason for the whole invasion of the house is reveal..

the movie is full of laugh and the story is well written i give this one a 3/5 stars...

is time travel possible?

question that has been around for centuries..IS TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE?

here's an explanation of Michio Kaku, a world known Theoretical Physicist, the title says is theoretical, but its fun to know there's hope

September 3, 2009

hacked, hates, plagiarism..where's the love?

entry in didahulukan dengan PERINGATAN atau WARNING dari aku sebagai sole author blog ni yang ingin mengatakan bahawa post kali ini sekadar padangan peribadi aku dan kalau ada yang tak suka..boleh tinggalkan komen atau BERAMBUS dari membacanya...kalau ada yang suka plak..aku galakkan komen..hehehehe

dan kali ni SANGAT baca pelan-pelan yer

aku tak sure berapa orang yang tau pasal benda ni..tapi pada 30 dan 31 Ogos lepas beberapa website Malaysia(lebih kurang 120 website) di hacked oleh satu kumpulan hackers dari Indonesia...

dan kalau korang google pun takkan dapat trace website yang di hacked tu, sebab dah kembali pulih..

tapi tu bukan reason aku tulis, tujuan aku tulis ni adalah untuk menyatakan satu persoalan..KENAPA? kenapa tiba-tiba nak serang website-website tu? kalau takde angin, takkan pokok bergoyang kan? sebenarnya beberapa tahun lepas dah ade kes yang sama..tapi tak sebanyak macam nie..

ada beberapa sebab yang boleh kita ambik dan fikirkan kenapa mereka secara berani menyerang website-website ni...salah satunye adalah kerana lagu kebangsaan kita Negaraku yang dikatakan dan di dakwa di ambil dari lagu Terang Bulan dari Indonesia...memang tak dinafikan melodi kedua-dua lagu ni sama, tapi lirik berbeza..Terang Bulan hanya melodi yang diambil dari lagu yang popular di Perancis pada kurun ke-19..

jadi kita tengok pada sejarah yang tercatat...lagu asal di cipta pada kurun ke-19di Perancis, dan kerana begitu popular, ianya sampai ke Kepulauan Melayu kita,..pada 1901, apabila Sultan Perak sebagai wakil Raja-Raja Melayu dipanggil ke England untuk petabalan King Edward VII, lagu kebangsaan negeri perlu dimainkan..tapi memandangkan negeri Perak tiada lagu kebangsaan ketika itu, setiausaha Sultan pada ketika itu memilih untuk memainkan lagu dari melodi tersebut..jadi lagu tersebut pertama kali dimainkan di England pada tahun tersebut, dan secara lansung menjadi lagu kebangsaan negeri Perak yang dinamakan Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan dan seterusnya dipilih menjadi lagu kebangsaan Malaysia, lagu Negaraku..sumber dari sini dan dari sini

pada tahun 1920(hampir 20 tahun lagu tu pertama kali di mainkan di England) bangsawan Indonesia memainkan lagu yang sama di Singapura..menjadi begitu popular, seterusnya dinamakan Terang Bulan..jadi tak pelik la bile Indonesia cakap Terang Bulan lagu dia orang..

apa masalahnye di sini? satu, kenapa lagu Negaraku dan lagu negeri Perak dan lagu Terang Bulan di ambil dan diadaptasi dari lagu dari Perancis tu? takde komposer lagu yang berbakat ke masa tu? kedua, kenapa Indonesia benci sangat dengan lagu Negaraku kita?walaupun sejarah menunjukkan kita yang mainkan lagu tu dulu, memang kita yang curi dulu, tapi dari original composer la..hehehe

lagu negeri Perak tu adalah satu kesilapan dan juga sikap bangga dan tak mau kalah setiausaha Sultan ketika melawat petabalan Raja Edward VII, yang mahukan lagu kebangsaan negeri Perak dimainkan di England..jadi dia pun mainkan lagu dari Perancis tu..and the rest is history..sumber dari sini..baca betul-betul sumber tu, ade satu perenggan yang jelas menyatakan setiausaha Sultan yang tak mahu mengaku kalah...

jadi kedua-dua negara pun salah dari segi sejarah, kedua-dua rakyat dari dua-dua negara yang cetek pemikiran dan hanya melihat pada satu sudut memang tak layak nak memberi pendapat..Terang Bulan atau Negaraku, kedua-dua lagu ni diambil dari lagu yang dua-dua pun pencuri..hehehe..(abis kena saman aku ni)..tapi kalau dah semua kata macam tu, maybe Taj Mahal tu pun cetak rompak dari England engineering maybe?hehehe

baca petikan di sini dan di sini yang menyatakan lagu Terang Bulan pun diambil dari komposer Perancis ni..

masalah yang terbaru dari segi iklan di Astro siaran Pendidikan yang ada Discovery Channel dengan National Geographic tu..sekarang ni ada satu program namanya Enigmatic Malaysia, yang menjadi masalah(pada Indonesia) bila ada satu tarian yang dinamakan tarian Pendet

tarian Pendet yang berasal dari Bali, telah diletakkan dalam iklan program tersebut, dan menyebabkan kegeraman pada penduduk Indonesia..kenapa?obviously la akan marah..ko bayangkan kalo tradisi negara sendiri digunakan untuk iklan negara lain...

tapi penjelasan telah dibuat dan boleh dibaca di sini dan di sini...jelas kat artikel tu Malaysia tak harus di persalahkan..tapi kalau dah buat silap..bermaafan kan lagi elok?tak perlu la benci-benci, serang website la..

banyak lagi sebenarnya rasa tak puas hati di kalangan kita..contohnya, Indonesian claim lagu diaorang lagi bagus sampai kita sume pun dengar..jawapan aku, lagu tu universal la..kalau sedap dengar la..kalau tak sedap takyah dengar..aku dengar lagu dari US, UK, EUROPE, ARAB, JAPAN, KOREA, INDIA, SOUTH AMERICA..TAKDE MASALAH PUN!!

yang Malaysian plak cakap Indonesian tak dapat hidup kalau kita tak upah orang gaji dari negara dia orang..masalahnya..kita pun tak dapat hidup, dah kalo dari pagi mengejar kekayaan dunia, anak tinggal dengan bibik je..takde bibik..anak campak kat nurseri..haish~

lastly, kita Malaysian ni ada masalah dalaman sendiri, tak perlu la nak fikirkan pasal masalah luar atau burukkan lagi keadaan, betul tak?...pandangan antarabangsa kat negara kita bukan seelok dulu..

aku tau kalau negara lain yang buat macam tu kita pun akan marah gak, tapi sampai tahap hacking ni memang tak bleh tahan..kita manusia, serumpun bangsa pun kita sebenarnya..yang penting agama yang sama..

so fikir-fikirkan..aku sertakan lagu Mamula Moon yang dikatakan datang dan di ciplak dari lagu Perancis tersebut untuk tontonan umum..nak cari lagu asal memang susah skit

p/s: maybe we could have a competition untuk cari lagu kebangsaan baru..just a thought

September 1, 2009

lepas 4,5 bulan boleh makan short post je..takde gambar-gambar...

aku baru je melalui satu lagi dialog pelik dengan ayah aku..kalau korang tak tau la(which you guys memang tak tau) ayah aku sakit sekarang nie..sakit tak serius la..cuma dia ada pantang larang bile time makan..

1, dia tak leh makan daging..
2, dia tak leh makan seafood..
3, dia tak leh makan sayur...dan macam-macam lagi..

tapi yang dia boleh makan dengan banyak adalah ikan..walaupun ikan tu salah satu kategori memandangkan ayah aku kena makan ikan je untuk sebulan ni, dia asyik surf net cari menu-menu yang leh masuk dengan perut dia..and dia asyik cari ikan-ikan yang sedap-sedap je tak termasuk mahal-mahal..aku tak kisah...KALAU anak-anak dia dapat makan sekali..hahahahaha

tapi yang aku tak faham berdialog kejap dengan dia tiba-tiba tau..takde angin ke..tiba-tiba

ayah(dengan tiba-tiba): anip kita beli akuarium besar nak?letak ikan talapia dalam tu, lepas 4,5 bulan dia dah besar leh la masak...

aku: hah?!satu jenis ikan je dalam akuarium tu?bosan betul...

ayah: yela..bukan nak buat hiasan nak buat makan...tapi kawan ayah cakap, kalo nak bela ikan untuk makan jgn bela dalam akuarium, yela dari kecik kita bagi dia makan..sanggup ke kita nak makan dia?sian plak rasanya..

anip: adik la masalahnya..kalau ayah dah beli ikan mesti dia bagi nama..pastu ayah bayangkan kita makan ikan tu..nangis adik tu...hahahaha

conversation tu tak end kat situ..aku cakap la kalo dah ada akuarium, baik letak ikan perhiasan yang colourful tu..kalo takat nak buat makan ni...betul gak..rasa kesian la plak..baik bela dalam kolam ke..tak dapat tengok muka..dah besar, tangkap, and makan...

haish..sampai bile la pantang larang nie..raya ni confirm tak ikut lagi dah.. (>.<)..adios