April 30, 2008

KL freeze unison 13 April

dont know how many of you guys know about this..

just enjoy the vid...

Anak Faizal Hotfm Meninggal Dunia

ni citer baru tau pagi nie..

anak Faizal Hot Fm, Adam Haikal Iman berumur 12 hari meninggal dunia pukul 5.30 pagi tadi akibat masalah kesihatan..

cerita ni dah disahkan oleh Farah Hot Fm di laman blognyer..


April 29, 2008


look at this one...see it to the end..where darth vader kill em' all!muahaha

April 26, 2008

kembar 3

muahahahaha!!saje letak gamba nie...kembar 3 yg seiras..yg hanya berlaku dalam 200 juta kelahiran..

ni ambik dari kosmo pagi tadi..hahahaha..comel!

April 25, 2008

just a short one..

i want to post a drama that i recently downloaded and watch..

it was recommended by seri..a fren of mine..and it caught like wildfire among my frens..


its a drama of school kids(more like teenagers) of Upper East Side of NYC...

its suitable for someone that like...dating,romancing,family disputes,gossips,and most of all the dreams of ever being rich and young!

been in the cover of Hot Magazine and New York Magazine..and was said to be Best Show Ever!

for more info click below...and i put some pics for you guys..oh rite,first season of Gossip Girl air on 8tv,wednesday..okla..later


April 22, 2008

I Need To Wake Up

just watch a movie about GLOBAL WARMING,The Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore and it was really disturbing to see that the earth has suffer too much...

this is a video for all..a song from Melissa Entheridge, I Need To Wake Up

do your part..even though it as little as taking a train to your work place..


today 22nd of April is International Earth Day..

so what Earth Day about?mostly it's about helping Earth to help us..it is a call for climate change..

for your info,we have been destroying earth for as long as men has walk on earth..now almost 80% of earth's destruction are due to human

i know that the consequences of what we do to earth today can only be feel after 100 years..but shouldn't we think of our children?

i like here on earth..

for more info..click the link below..

Earth Day Official Website

April 20, 2008

BBQ + solat hajat

another boring post about my department..tp at least dpt mkan BBQ..muahahahaha..

oh ye..bkn tu je kita org buat..mlm tu ade solat hajat and bacaan yassin....see im wearing kain pelikat in the photo?and look at my new hair do..muahahaha

okla..till next time..

April 19, 2008

secret images in google earth

just nk bg tgk video ni je..

April 18, 2008

men do think about it..

ok..so this post is just blabbering jer..

there's nothing interesting happened to me in this past few days..except studying..

ade satu benda my fren told me before..

"anip,kita kena la rancang masa depan..at least ade idea nk buat ape nnt"

i agree with her..but i dont think we need to overburden ourself too much..i have always go with the flow..i never really plan anything in my life..

but im lucky enough that its turn out to be ok..

for me..we plan the future..but Allah has already set everything up to us..I can only pray that Allah set good things for me..

i realize that women usually have everything plan out..betul tak?and sometimes they felt that the men are too lay back too think about the future..

well for ur info ladies..men do think about this stuffs..wonder why they never told it to u ladies?sebab dia org taknak takutkan korang..and taknak korang freak out ke ape..

guys can be really a pain in the ass..tp that what women are for sometimes..utk ajar kita org utk jd a better man..hehehe

okla..just talking nonsense..later..

April 16, 2008

chasing a dream..dream girl...

so i did promise nk buat post psl my dream girl kan?its just a dream..tp..tak slah kan berharap?

sume org pun nk kebahagiaan..

this girl..i like her physically..because of her mid east face..her eyes mostly..and kalo i have a choice dlm memilih perempuan bertudung..i would choose her..

if i would to choose a body..i would choose a body this hot..but im not really looking for anyone hot..

i always have a thing for chinese girl..dunno why..maybe because i have a chinese ancestors?but if i have a chinese gf..i might choose someone like this..

i want to meet anyone with this kind of hair..

tp in the end..i would rather settle down to someone that would be a mother to my child..

now everyone kat atas tu..sume just physically je..i must look at different things too..mcm perangai and budi bahasa kan?

so ape perangai and budi bahasa yg i like?well..

  1. hormati ibu bapa
  2. hormati adat dan budaya
  3. hormati harga diri
  4. manja dengan aku je
  5. sayang semua makhluk tuhan
  6. tau masak
  7. love everything i love or at least try to love
  8. be there to advice me on fashion or food or anything im no good
  9. jgn buat perangai tgh2 org ramai..hahaha
  10. romantik(kadang2 la)
  11. matang and certain area of expertise..
tp in every relationship pun ade give and take..kan?so untuk berlaku adil..i would do and be everything that my love would like me to be..just to be fair..

okla..its getting weird talking about something i dont think would be a reality in this near future(or any future for that..)

in the end..who would be my dream girl?


April 15, 2008

jgn jadikan isu la...

im writing a new post here..its about the issue on bahasa melayu..untuk kali ini..biarlah dalam BM

ok..so ape cite dia?mcm nie..ade org ckp yg bahasa melayu skrang dh hilang dia punye maruah..dh tak digunapakai dlm ape2 hal..

ade org ckp lagi..yg sains and math patut diajar dlm BM semula..tak perlu dlm english..and dia org kata lagi..sebab sains and math dlm english la BM ni makin dipinggirkan..

ok..ni pendapat aku je la..dun take it serius ok?

aku rasa..math and sains patut diajar dlm english..sbb kita dlm era yg global skrang..how do u expect malaysian untuk berjaya kalo kita still just jd juara kampung..

aku rasa..BM patut diguna dlm acara2 formal..dlm makhamah..dlm parlimen..or dlm functions..i dun care..

tp itulah melayu..bila hal2 mcm ni bertabur ckp..mcm2 la fakta and info nk digunakan..padahal,bila isu kaum lain..dia fire gak..nk gak masuk campur..dun be a racist ok?

dgr sini org2 tua yg still berfikiran sempit..dlm dunia ni ade 2 jenis manusia je..yg terus maju,and the one yg terus statik duk satu tempat..aku takmo jd yg statik tu..aku nk terus maju...

aku tak kata yg BM tu tak elok..tp tak patut la kalo nk digunakan dlm math and sains..mcm mane anak2 masa dpn negara ni nk maju?dunia ni tak berpegang pada satu org je..kita kena la sacrifice and move on..

aku still nk BM ni berkembang..tp bkn dgn cara menghancurkan masa dpn anak2 muda yg lain..

ni pendapat aku la..

April 14, 2008

amazing connie!

this is connie..she's an amazing singer..she's a contestant in British Got Talent,and she's 6 years old!!

click on the video to see she wow simon cowell!

April 13, 2008

my dream

nk tulis psl mimpi..

couple of days ago..i had a dream..pretty normal one at first...how do u define a normal dream?dont ask me..

anyway..it started as any regular dream i had before..i was walking as usual..till i came to this workshop..pretty normal workshop..then there was this girl..somehow we are together..as a couple i think,how do i know this?well..the moment i see her..i was like all over her..hugging and being all sweet(yuck!)yeah i know..the not so normal thing here is that she's so bossy and really naughty and not so..the "ayu" type..hehehe

then suddenly..i the dream skip a few scenes....parental guidance i guess..hehe..it skipped till i was at the university doin my thing,which is studying of course..then came another girl..and i think we are a couple too!but this time..the girl was soooooooo sweet and girly..in other word..sgt "ayu"..this is sooo weird..well not really if u really know me..

but the ackwardness(is there such word?) does not stop there..it seems that both the girl know about this..but doesnt seem to care..weird..but im loving it..hahaha

i think i know what the dream means..its goin to be on my other post ok?its about my dream girl..orait then..later..

April 12, 2008

ma and pa

i wanted to write a lil bit something on what both my ma and pa taught me..

lets start with my dad
  1. everything about computer
  2. everything about internet
  3. everything about car
  4. everything about tech gadget
  5. everything about golf
  6. everything about tennis
  7. everything about how to spend my money better
  8. everything about responsibility
  9. everything about politics
  10. everything about history
pretty much nothing..hahaha..ok..next is my mom
  1. how to cook
  2. how to eat properly
  3. how to dress properly
  4. how to drive properly
  5. how to act properly
  6. everything about food
  7. everything about fesyen
  8. how to be a good bro
  9. how to be a good friend
  10. how to always listen to your parent
so..basically...ini je dia org ajar..so where did i get all the other accessory attitude?well..i learn it from my friends..hehe

April 9, 2008

just blabbering

im goin to update this just because i have nothing better to do..

nk cite pasal ape?my frens?my life?my studies?i dont know..let just start with anything...

hmm..my personal life has been really secretive this past few months..i know some might said that im a 'jiwang' or drama guy..but i tend to think that im a sensitive guy..hahahahaha

ok..lets start with why im not like any simple guy(farid dgn aysha mesti kutuk ni)

1. growing up with no big sisters,i learn a lot about the opposite sex from my frens and mom..this is incredibly true..i would understand them better than i understand myself..why do i do this?no particular reason..i just love to understand human better

2. i dont like guy that think that they are better than women..seriously..today's world..its all about gender equity.

3. i love to have a place of my own,so that i could decorate it to my own taste..i love to read magazines about room decorations or house design.

4. im easy to fall in and out of love..this is bad..but its help to ease the pain of love..heee

5. sometimes i think to deep that my frens think im thinking to far..i would love someone that could think like me..if only

my personal life has never be more beautiful than now..im thankful for this..

April 7, 2008

a day with them..

gamba kat the gardens mid valley..saje mengada tangkap kat tangga..

tu jer..

April 6, 2008

change again

change my blog...

tak tau nape..

saje je kot..

okla..tu jer..

April 3, 2008

pesta KOKO UM 08

gamba ni time lepas aysha and nabila menari..mane satu aysha(yg slalu comments ntah pape dlm ni)?...yg baju kuning tu..yg pegang kain merah..

yg lagi sorang tu..nabila..okla..tu jer..

April 1, 2008

i had a birthday cake

photos masa potong cake..u may notice there are actually 2 cakes..well satu lagi utk abang yg akan sambut this 4th april..sbb taknak buang masa..so sambut terus dua2 skali..