May 31, 2007


hahaha...great post for my fellow not to overspend everything..

so what to do when u realize that in ur bank account,u have just enough to eat through 1 week?hahaha..that means that u are overspending..

overspending is dangerous..especially to people who doesnt have a permanent job or still relaying on others money(father and mother)

so this is some tips to help u overcome it..

1.understanding ur spending triggers..
everyone has their own spending triggers..understand urself and and try to overcome it with positive attitude..

2.mind ur spending...
One way to rein in overspending is to keep track of where you are spending money.

3.investing for long-term...
Paying for college and saving for retirement are two of the biggest financial anxieties.To help you get your finances in order, meet short-term, interim, and long-term financial goals

4.understanding ur spending habits..
Psychologists have identified a handful of rationalizations we use to justify our spending habits:
• Stress relief
• Pleasure
• Entitlement
• Overcoming feelings of inadequacy
• Demonstrating our own importance
If you want to keep your spending in check, trying first keeping your emotions in check

now this is just a few's the link overspending? to more on how to spend wisely..

i would probably listen to long-term..wives(plural?!)and my college..

Pirates of The Caribbean..aye matey!

1 word to express everything..awesome!

this 3rd sequel of Pirates Of The Caribbean(POC) is really mind has a lot of explosive action and not to forget the laughter and humors along the story..

the story so far is about capt jack sparrow who is now dead..and his crew(including his enemies)must rescue him from land of the dead in order to defeat davy jones..or the guy with tentacle..hehehe(blurry?see the 2nd movie first..)
so there was a lot of conflicts and loves..err?haha..anyway the lines was awesome..listen to it very carefully..

though the end was not what i expected..there was still room for 4th and 5th sequel..but they decided to stop the movie on this one..well..i wish all the best of luck to all the cast!

i give this movie 4 and a half star out of 5..

affan and his..err...7 alter ego!

ah...this is a special post for affan....the link is next beside there..check out he and his 7 alter ego..kinda weird at first...hahaha

here's the link if u cant find it..affan's blog

and affan u have to buy me at least two lunch for this!hahaha!

May 30, 2007

teratai bunga indah..

staying a whole week in ALAM is really tiring and well..its like living in a minature hell..hehehe..the first thing that really bugs me is the strict rules..i kept asking on earth the cadets were able to live there?hahahah! not talking about the place talking about my frens..

so wanna go 1 by 1 like affan did?sound gud...

starting wit the boys..

amir..quite guy..i neva heard him say a lot..but during the last day we were there..i can really see that he really in to computer..just like me..heheh not that close to him..well..not becoz of wat people said about him..but wat he did and said during the whole stay there..hehehehe

affan..not affana..this is another geo in UKM..really funny guy..has some weird jokes tat makes everyone laugh..he's kinda quiet to..maybe becoz of the english talking all the time..hehe

pedu..why his name pedu?its a place in for it..hehehe..really really really funny guy..he's really nice too...wit the bad boy face..but a soft heart..hahaha

rizal..quite passive..dun noe why..but he is ok to me..

syed..i agreed wit affan tat he has a model look..he should really consider making into the modeling world..who knows rite?front page for kamdar?hehe

next is amin..he's a real natural leader..not to strict..not to lame..hehehe,he has gud sense of humor and really doenst like his picture to be taken..i wonder why...

next is affan..since there were 2 he said we should called him we called him tat..he's a real nice guy..really amaze me wit all the stuffs he knows inside his little head..but mostly gosips and entertainment stuffs...he's like E! news..hahaha..anyway..during the whole week he's really fun to be wit..because we can gosip for hours..hahaha!turn out to be my closest fren there..hehe not talking about ben..he's my coursemate..i noe him better then he knows himself..huh?

fuad..quiet but funny guy..he's nice that all i can say..

next is nasir..he's really cute..hahaha!coming from a guy's mouth is disturbing...but yeah..its true..he's real nice and really kinda nerd looking..but that wat make him so special..heheh..

afiq...hmm...kinda weird really..i dun noe why..i cant get into his head..maybe becoz im not that close to him..

azhan...another nice guy..can really give idea bout sumthing..but im not that close to him there's a lot i dun noe bout him..hehe

next must be the girls..

shasha...she's kinda funny actually..has a gud sense of humor...really gud in netball..she's really kick man's butt in the field..hahahaha!

tehah...really cute really small girl..i can say one thing about her..cheerful..she's gonna make a gud kindergarten teacher..well if u wanna go into education area..hehe

fatin...devilish cute..hehehe...she's really fun to be with..she has this accent..only ma and affan gonna miss it..hehe quiet..i neva got to know her that much..but she look like a nice girl.. and her..always argue..even the smallest things..i wonder why...

Ana..errr...scary girl..she can really be bossy when it comes to makeup an artist like me..but the gud side of her is that she's extremely nice..she has gud personality too..people would feel comfortable just being beside her..

ina...hahaha..she's is one funny girl..kinda blurry at one time..

wawa...another nice girl..but her brain kinda wicked...she is really funny sometimes..most of the times she's just a quiet girl..hehehe

putri..ah..wat to talk about her?she's the most popular...maybe becoz of her gud speaking or maybe becoz of something else?me and affan thought she's just a another boring girl..but actually she's a real crazee in mind..when she spoke her mind..she really spoke it out loud! thing im gonna the smile..hehe

lela...i noe her from previous camp..i wont see her anymore...becoz she's goin to skip the 2nd camp and straight to 3rd camping..she's really one gud girl..wit a lot sense of gonna miss the laugh of course..

farah..i noe her only during this camp..she's like lela,im not gonna see her anymore..anyway..she's one smart person..i envy her sometimes..and she's really the lay back type..hehe

niza and arissa is same U as im not gonna talk about thing they have in common..they both totally different...hahahaha!

well..that's about my group..this is too tiresome..probably best if i let you guys decide urself....

im gonna miss you all are 1 bunch of extraordinary people..

oldest guy climb Everest

Katsusuke Yanagisawa..a 71 years old japanese guy has been comfirm to be the oldest person to go on climbing the Everest..

but why did this story interest me?its the determination tat the person shows that even old guy like him can climb the highest mountain..

i wonder if i can even climb a 500m hill?hahaha..

more story here

case of Lina Joy

so..lina joy cannot change her status to christian after all..

hmm..i this a gud thing..or a bad thing?for some point its a gud thing..but on the other can be view as a bad thing..

but im not here to make judgement..the court did that already..more on the story here


welcome ALAM..hahaha! was a warm welcome..for like 10 minutes or so...but after that..all hell break lose...wanna noe why?

well...we were given a lot of rules about ALAM and all the things to do and not to do..kinda sucks ok!we are not ALAM students or cadets..we are petronas scholars..not that im saying that we cant take the adventure..but please be reasonable wit the rules..

telling us not to walk on grass is kinda pathetic ok...we are 20 and above..and not walking on grass on a like not walking on a pedestrian tat were meant for walking!stupid!

and telling us to wake up early to sing wit the cadets is just tiring..we were asleep around 1 or 12 am..and expected to wake up around 6 or not telling this is not good...but we had to rush for showers ok?if we were water!the place was horrible!

the toilet was terrible..the whole damn place is big..there was nothing that i would want to remember on that place..except maybe for the jetty...tat was the most beautiful place i could think of..we took a lot of pictures there..

anyway..enough about time im talking about my frens and the activities and how they be the true memory of the place..ok?


ah..feeling kinda sick after week at ALAM(akademi laut malaysia)..

ive told affan tat after the camp i would most probably be demam sampai 1 minggu kot..hahaha..guess i was rite..

well..demam2 pun..this blog need to have an author rite?so im not gonna stop rite now..i have a lot to tell..not now..maybe later..k?

May 29, 2007


i dun noe if i spell it rite...aftermath...

before i talk about ALAM or Akademi Laut last post on the weeks that was..

after getting in and out of confusion i finally able to settle down and trying to enjoy wat left of my sanity at that moment..but problems after problems keep piling down on me..and im starting to felt a bit breathless..

wit no one to hear myself scream..i climb out of the confusion myself...wit wat left inside me i pulled myself together..and start to walk again..

i can neva be the same person i was..i dun even remember the 1st person i was..i dun remember..

that is why now i accept anything that was put on me..if i were meant to live alone..than so be it..and let me live a lonely live..but if i have another life to look forward to,that best suit me..i would like to go there..

after wat happen in last few im putting myself together..

life can neva be easy..but we can live a perfect life in this imperfect world..rite?

months of...

well..i was about to wrote..months of suffering...looking back at wat happened few months back...i can neva say everything was all bad..some were really gud..

but yeah..all and all i can say tat few weeks after i started to stop whole life turns dark...its not about the blog..but its about me and myself..

a lot has happened since i stop writing life was completely upside down..there was a point when i just want to give up...becoz of the way i felt at that time..i realize that i should stop blogging..i was so down and just pathetic

then i stop and realize that i have a lot to look forward in the life should not end like this..

ah..people like to see other suffers..still not everyone..that gud..i was so in a dark place when i started to felt down and alone..everytime i felt this way..i always calm myself and i was the only person that can help myself..since i dun have anyone to talk to..and no one to turn to..

kinda pathetic reading it here..but it really the truth..i realize that i have been alone since i can neva remember..

anyway,the moment i realize that my life need to change it was too exams almost over..the feelings of loneliness and unacceptance really gave a big impact to my studies and exams..damn!

and theres no way i can undone it..i can just heal to make it try and sew the wound..

wat done is done rite?

what happened in season 1?

haha..well i dun want to write this before but i think everyone deserve to know..wat really happen to my first blog rite?

well..there was nothing wrong it was the people reading it..hahaha..i said something controversial tat ended up to be true..and that really pissed me off..haha.

a person that can neva be trusted is someone u need to keep tat when they betray u..u can stab them rite in the heart..hahaha

anyway..that wat really happen..just some guy tat cant accept the truth and now he is living a lie and in the world of deceive he is killing himself..slowly..well..let tat be a lesson to you!

im starting all over so that my thinking can neva be subdue and i will have my right to talk and write as an independant person i am..(getting a lil bit energetic..haha)

orait then..since that gonna start now..starting wit wat happen the past few months that i stop writing..and wat really goin on in my head..

opening new chapter..

so...i start bloggin again?hahaha..i neva thought that tis would happen..

the real question is..why did people blog in the first place?do they really like to tell everybody about wat they thinking..or they just bored and needed something to ease their boredom?

watever the reason..blogging has become somewhat of a phenomena..

i can neva blame anybody who just want someone to notice what they think and all the creative and maybe a lil destructive thought should be channel by blogging..

well..then..i just wanna say..welcome to my world..and be careful of wat u can really take u to place where ur mind neva dare to go..HAPPY READING!HEHE