January 30, 2012

Anugerah Juara Lagu ke 26, 2012


Anugerah Juara Lagu 2012, or the 26th of its kinda ended last night, with some surprises and expected results, here are the full list of winners and the review for that night (personal reviewed by me, not a professional one).

Juara: Awan Nano
Naib Juara: Beribu Sesalan
Ketiga: Karma

Vocal Terbaik: Hafiz

Persembahan Terbaik: Kisah Hati

So, are the winners what you expected? I did not expect Kisah Hati to win the best performance of that night, I really thought either Sungai Lui would win it.

Anyway, Hafiz clearly won the night, taking home the champion award and best vocal of the night. Which can't be dispute if you see last night show, he clearly got this one when he got on the stage.

Beribu Sesalan was another surprise to me. From last night performance, Ning was over the top, Jac was pretty much holding back, maybe tired from singing Sedetik Lebih that night, and Shila was the only one that looks professional to me. But somehow they won the 2nd place spot. Congratulations anyway, I know you guys work hard for this, however, I have seen you guys performed the song better and give it justice more than tonight, sorry, but this is a personal opinion.

Kisah Hati was another contender for me for Best Vocal. Although Hafiz won, Alyah clearly give him a run for his money. With her powerful voice and control, she could easily won this if Hafiz wasn't in the final tonight. Though, Kisah Hati did won Best Performance, congratulations to her and whoever think of the idea that night.

Yuna, who entered with 2 songs lost both of them. Why? Well you have to ask the judges for that. However, in my personal opinion, her song was mediocre, and her performance was too much. Please don't hate me, I said this because I've seen her singing waaay better than last night. Anyway, if it was not meant to be, it was not meant to be. There will always be next year.

Kekanda Adinda, and Kalau Berpacaran is a cute song for me. I'm surprise it even made it to the final. From the get go, I can clearly see that they won't be able to won anything, perhaps Best Performance, but the songs lost to Kisah Hati that night.

Cinta Muka Buku was never a contender for the top 3 spots, however, for a 16 years old, she clearly has an  amazing voice, and on the right track to become one of a great singer in Malaysia.

Sungai Lui deserve a mention here, although did not won anything, the performance was good enough, you have to see last night show, if you miss it.

Karma that won 3rd place is another surprise, of course he has got the voice, but the song for me was not that good, I don't know how the judges took place, but again..weird

Other songs that was not mention, Wanita Seluruh Dunia and Sedetik Lebih was push aside by other powerful contender. Wanita Seluruh Dunia was lucky to be in the final, while Sedetik Lebih need the original singer to get a better chance at winning.

So there you go. Again, this is a personal opinion and reviewed. Don't like it? Don't read.

Till next time.

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f i k r i f a d z i l said...

Spot on! I agree with your opinion. Surprises and unexpectedness - pretty much sum up this year's AJL. Nevertheless, I'm happy that the quality of the industry is improving! I have faith now on our preciously dying industry... Oh yeahh!

I was kinda sad though that Yuna doesn't win anything... :(